Istanbul Became the Capital of Rhinoplasty

Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS; “With the courses we organized and the high-level surgeries we performed; Istanbul became “The Capital of Rhinoplasty”.

Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS, who has become famous for the courses he organizes in the International Community without slowing down for the last 5 years, stated that from abroad many patients get the best rhinoplasty results, and many rhinoplasty surgeons learn how to achieve the best rhinoplasty results continues to come to Turkey increasingly.  Dr. TAS attributes how Istanbul became the capital of rhinoplasty to these 5 factors:

1. Surgeon’s Experience and Results

After the high-level super-micro surgery training we received, being the institution that performs the most rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in the world gives us a unique experience. This experience is achieved not only in one type of nose but also in noses of various ethnic origins. We do our best to meet the realistic expectations of patients.

2. Rhinoplasty Results That Attract Patients From Abroad For Rhinoplasty

It is known by everyone that the reason for the operation of the patients who come from abroad and have surgery in a country they do not know is not the cost, because when health comes into play, money will always be in the background. In order to get the best results, thousands of patients come to Turkey every year to achieve a high level of satisfaction. Patients share the good experiences they had with their family and friends; the word-of-mouth effect ensures more patients come to Turkey. The most common operation under the 40-year-old group is rhinoplasty. Patients mostly come from countries with high economic status such as America, the United Kingdom, and Europe, and have rhinoplasty.

3. Hosting Rhinoplasty Meetings

Every year, we organize many academic and scientific meetings on a regular basis. We openly share our knowledge and answer all questions from the participants. These meetings take on a festive atmosphere with live rhinoplasty surgeries. Hundreds of doctors from abroad attend these meetings physically and have the chance to watch them online. Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS has been organizing rhinoplasty course in the international community for 5 years. Today, on November 20-21, 2021, Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty Course 3 is held in the capital of rhinoplasty, Istanbul, and is watched online from 27 different countries. Honorable faculty speakers will share their knowledge and 5 live rhinoplasty surgical operations will be performed.

4. Doctors and Hospitals Providing the Best Service with the Latest Technologies

We perform rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in hygienic and sterile environments with the latest technology. We perform rhinoplasty not with the old methods, but with the latest technological tools. We aim to achieve the highest level of results with the patented devices and tools we have developed for the points where technology is insufficient.

In addition, we perform detailed examinations and blood tests on patients before surgery. This gives serious confidence to the patient. Surgical environments are regularly inspected and requirements are met. With quality patient reception and hotel management services, the recovery time of the patient is shortened.

5. Istanbul’s Magnificent Location and History

Thanks to Closed Rhinoplasty surgeries, patients can return to their social and work life 7-10 days after the operation. During 7-10 days of rest, patients have the chance to experience many historical, cultural, and food richness and beauty in Turkey without spending a lot of energy. There are also many places to shop. There are agencies in Turkey that provide services in this regard. These agencies make personalized travel planning.

The Future of Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey has seen rapid growth in the last ten years. Although a high percentage of the candidates are Turkish, the number of patients abroad is increasing rapidly thanks to the quality we provide above the standards of developed world countries.

In addition, the competition between us and the surgeons in the USA, United Kingdom, and Europe has enabled us to make a difference thanks to the techniques we use and the patented equipment we have developed. We are trying to develop a unique surgery to provide the most satisfactory results for our patients according to their individual characteristics. The most striking thing is the emphasis on meeting cosmetic and health concerns in the same surgery. This approach provides a unique rhinoplasty result that is compatible with each individual’s other facial features.

Prof. Dr. Suleyman TAS is a World Wide Known Plastic Surgeon who has successfully performed 10.000 rhinoplasty operations with 15 years of experience. Dr. TAS has more than 50 international publications, 5+ Patents, 5 Best Plastic Surgeon Awards,s and has published a rhinoplasty book, “Rhinoplasty in Practice: An Algorithmic Approach to Modern Surgical Techniques”.

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