Is Sofa So Good Or Sofa So Bad? How Do You Know When It’s Time To Buy A New Sofa?

We love to spend time choosing minute things to adore our new home. However,  the most significant and important items like a sofa set for the living room are overlooked by most of us. You will be surprised to explore the infinite options available in the furniture industry when you do shopping for a sofa regardless of buying them online or a physical store. However, your lifestyle and room décor will play a vital role while making the choice. This blog will give you an insight into some useful tips when it’s time for you to replace your old sofa in your living room. Here are some signs that you need to look for a sofa replacement:

When the Sofa has been used for Several Years

The average lifespan of a sofa is seven to fifteen years. However, there may be some warning signs before the arms fall off and cushions become flat. If you use it hard to the core then seven years is a considerable time. A leather sofa might last longer if you are fortunate.

When the Sofa doesn’t suit the Room Space

We all buy our first sofa after college days, maybe for the rented home after getting the first job. Once you are settled in your life and moved to a new home, this might look lost in a large living room. Now it’s time to replace your sofa with a bigger one that suits your living room furniture. You need not dump it simply. The old one can be moved to a bedroom or study room. But for smaller rooms, this should not jam between other furniture and block the free walk around space.  

When you Hear Creaking Noises

As we get older, our capability to react becomes low and we strain ourselves making noises while moving ahead. This applies to non-living things too. Experts from Wakefit say that if your sofa starts squeaking, creaking, or popping while you sit down these are the signs of structural damage that has happened to your sofa in usage over time. This can be a problem in the joints or a loose metal spring or screw. This is a noticeable sign of the sofa framework breaking down and it’s time to replace it.

When you get the Sinking Feeling

When you sit on the sofa and if it gives a sensation of swallowing you, it indicates that the cushions don’t support you any longer. When the sofa is used regularly, it is important to swap the cushions often to evenly distribute the wear and tear. However, this can withstand only for a limited period after which it becomes lifeless. If only the seating is damaged and cushions on the rest of the sofa are in good shape, adding new filling will extend the life of the sofa for some more time. Seating can be filled with solid foam cut into the correct size or pillow inserts.

When the Edges become Frayed

The frayed edges on the sofa creams ‘old’ more than any other noticeable signs. This wear and tear happen over some time. This will leave you with an option to search for a replacement.

When the Colour becomes Dull and Stained

If your sofa is placed near the windows, you are more likely to replace it quicker than expected. The sun can be extremely harsh causing colour loss. Based on the fabric type, you may even notice cracks on the sofa. Therefore choose a spot away from windows to set your sofa in the living room. If you have a high-quality frame, staining or fading the colour is not a genuine reason to replace it, instead, you can think of reupholstering the old one.

When it’s Itchy and Omit an Unpleasant Odour

If you have pets and kids playing around with leaky diapers in the living room, your sofa will build-up with an unpleasant smell. The same is the case with family members who can’t take their sweaty bodies and feet off the sofa. Regular cleaning and vacuuming can help to an extent, but ultimately the odour might win your race. If the room doesn’t smell fresh even after vacuuming, it’s time to get a new sofa.

When the Style is Outdated and your Decorating Taste has Changed

We can completely understand that the fashion trends change often and so is your taste to decorate your home with new style and trends. Getting updated with trends doesn’t mean you should buy a new sofa the minute new fashion trend launches. However, having the same old sofa at your grandmother’s time may need a retirement now. So compare what’s new in the market with what is in your living room and plan accordingly to renovate or replace with what will be economical for you.

Now you can figure out how often you should replace your sofa considering the above-mentioned points. The sign of ageing of your sofa is an indication that you and other family members enjoyed its presence in your home. Eventually, when you are ready to replace and get a new 3 seater sofa online, start your search well in advance. Look for shapes, styles, and customization options available in the current trend and make a wise decision.

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