Is it Worth it to Buy Italian Tiles?

The Italian manufacturer of our tiles invested in research, design, and production. In this way, a tile is better designed, more accurate, and a greater representation of natural materials like marble or stone. Because these tiles have many faces and variations, it is less likely for the pattern to repeat, giving them a more realistic appearance.

It’s a great idea to invest in high-quality Italian tiles even in an era where you can find Chinese replicas of almost everything. When deciding what tiles to choose for your new house or renovation, you will want to choose Italian tiles from a trusted tiles company. They’re worth it for the following reasons.

1) Italian Tiles are a Result of a Great Deal of Research

Italy’s tile factories undergo a lengthy, methodical research and development process. There is a lot of innovation and design that goes into every tile you get. The price of Italian tiles is therefore greater than that of Chinese tiles. In addition to the latest designs, you’ll also enjoy the finest materials, giving your space a richly aesthetic look.

2) They Make Natural Materials Look Exceptionally Good

Its convenience combined with the elegant appearance of natural flooring materials such as wood or marble makes Italian tiles an excellent choice. Incredibly beautiful results can be achieved and they are easy to maintain for a long time. The flooring or walls in your home will look like real wood if you use top-quality Italian tiles.

3) Italian Tiles are Highly Liquid-Resistant

A tile’s primary benefit is that they can withstand a great deal of daily use without becoming permanently stained – and that’s exactly what Italian tiles do. Ceramic tiles are porous, but porcelain tiles do not allow liquid to penetrate as deeply. The tile will still look just like new in spite of the inevitable everyday accidents, which is a great advantage especially if you have young children or pets.

4) Extremely Durable

Italian tiles are known for their robustness as well as their durability in addition to their stunning aesthetics. No other tile type offers the perfect combination of strength and looks. You can put them anywhere, and they’ll handle the stress amazingly well. It is possible to use them in high-traffic areas of the house and expect them to last for a long time with little maintenance. They are very easy to fix if there is ever a crack or break.

5) They Resist Fires Well

If you want your house to be fireproof, then Italian tiles are a great option. A fire will be contained by the tiles by preventing the flames from spreading further in the event of a fire accident. Italy’s tile industry is recognized worldwide for its quality, so this is a powerful reason for the popularity of Italian tiles. Myron’s installation service makes justice to the goodness of these tiles by providing you the best of both worlds.

6) The Italian Tile Makers are very Concerned about Preserving the Environment

As part of the trend towards employing cutting-edge technology for making tiles, Italian manufacturers invest a great deal of time and effort into developing manufacturing processes that reduce the harm done to the environment. You should choose high-quality Italian tiles for your home if you are concerned about your carbon footprint and use environmentally-friendly products.

MTC- Italy’s Made Tiles

Since the 1950s, the Italian tile industry has been a leader in innovation and design, producing over 600 million square meters of tiles each year. Italian products are recognized for their state-of-the-art technology and are known for their “Made in Italy” label. Tiles made of ceramic and porcelain are especially susceptible to this. To fulfill their social responsibilities, Italian tile suppliers also utilize eco-friendly, recycled materials.

The cost and distance involved make Italian Tiles out of reach for many Indians up until recently. The best Italian tiles are now available at International MTC at the best rates.

Whenever you decide to change tiles, look no further than Myron International MTC. Italian tiles of the most exquisite designs and installations by the most experienced and trusted professionals are sure to impress!

Our tiles company supplies one of the largest collections of Italian tiles available in India at prices you will not find anywhere else. For more information about the technical details, delivery times and availability, please contact us.

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