Is It Possible To Retrieve Your Money From Scammers – HECK YES IT IS!

One of the major and most commonly occurring scams through online dating apps and websites is money fraud. The scammers make profiles and approach people to make the most out of the victims’ money. The reports have mentioned that there has been a $547 million loss through romantic and dating scams, an immense increase in fraud cases has put each person at the risk of being insolvent. Additionally, the people who joined online dating websites and apps to find soul mates and life partners have, according to reports, a loss of 1.3 billion per year in the past five years. 

The immensely large values indicate how people would risk their source of life, their bread, their financial assets for the sake of their love. Love makes humans lower their heads and be ready to give up anything. Thus, the statistics demonstrate that in the last five years, the average person has lost $2400.

The influence of the Netflix series and movies, which are based on online dating, leading to people living together happily ever after, has impacted people’s way of perceiving relationships. A high number of online dating scams are being reported worldwide, especially with the consequences of financial loss in the end.

Scammed Girl Lost 100K, She Recovered Them with The Claimers Database 

 A US citizen, Rebecca D’Antonio, was using the online dating platform for the very first time, without the exposure and knowledge of online dating along with its scams. Rebecca, following her friend’s steps, decided to build a profile online. As she had been dating for a while, she was not aware of the toxicity and cold gestures of the people on the online dating app and websites. She shared an absolute truth about herself, which also included the bitter truth of her biologically unable to give birth, however, her affection for kids is not lessened or diminished due to this. She happened to meet a man whose wife was no longer alive with a young son. 

According to Rebecca, the scammer was a pretty expert with his words in trapping her. Now, the question of trusting and giving money to a person you met online, never got a chance to meet him in person. Rebecca stated that he asked her to meet him after a business trip that he was taking with his son, taking advantage of her soft and sentimental aspects towards the kids. He was constantly coming up with excuses to help his son. She came up with questions about his relatives helping him with the financial crisis, while he came up with the excuse that he is a contractor, his reputation makes it difficult for him to ask his relatives for money. Thus, he always had an answer to convince her. He then asked her for 100k to assist him, by emotionally blackmailing her in the name of his kid. She did what he said, and later he ran away with her money, leaving her bankrupt. 
However, this wasn’t the end of her story! Rebecca did not become a victim of her circumstances so she got back on her feet and looked into fund retrieval websites. To her surprise, many of them were trying to take advantage of her situation, but then she came across a database that was like no other. The Claimers was a database that had all the relevant materials she needed to file a retrieval case. Then within a month, Rebecca had recovered 70% of her amount!

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