Is It Possible To Get A Diploma In Astrology?

Are you fascinated by astrology? Do you find reading horoscopes and astrology books fun? Then you’re just like me. Growing up as a little boy, I was intrigued by puzzles and patterns, constantly trying to find and make meanings of every pattern I find. Felt that way before? Then you have the basic drive to become an astrologer. 

Astrology has over the years become one of the world’s most popular aspects of spirituality. Many people turn to the stars for guidance about their futures, relationship choices, and information on other people’s personalities. Sounds amazing right? Astrologers explore the significant relationship between man and the wider cosmos, understanding the connection between movements of the planetary bodies and the inner world of human consciousness and morals. 

Many people often ask “can I take astrology as a career choice?” while others ask “ is it possible to get a diploma in astrology?” The answer to both questions is yes! Astrology is a good and lucrative career path to take with many institutions offering Astrology diplomas.

Becoming an astrologer is not an easy feat to achieve, it requires a great deal of time and patience, but because you have landed on this page, you’ll get to know the required education and practice needed to go from an astrology novice to a certified professional.

How to get a diploma in Astrology

The Internet has made it easy to achieve a lot of things. Depending on your location you can enrol in an academic organization to learn more about astrology and bag a diploma while you are at. 

How do I do this? You can register and learn about astrology on any of the top ranking schools you find on the Internet but gaining admission into some schools isn’t as easy as you may think because they have some set eligibility rules so if you happen to meet them you can as well study astrology in those schools. For some schools, you’ll have to pass their institutional test, undergo a personal interview and excel in different tests related to work experience, fitness, and publications.

Depending on the institution you enrol into, you’ll learn how to read daily horoscope, the building blocks of astrology, the zodiac signs, history and development of astrology and a whole lot of other things.

Where to apply for a diploma in Astrology

As I earlier said, there are a lot of institutions to bag a diploma in Astrology from. If you don’t already have an institution in mind, take a look at some of the most popular institutions in astrology.

The Centre for Psychological Astrology 

This institution is located in London. Their degree program focuses heavily on how our personalities are being influenced by astrology and how you can easily understand the subtle movement of star signs.

Debra Silverman Certification 

If you are into astrology or a fan of astrology then you must have heard the name Debra Silverman at some point or another. Debra Silverman is a top astrologer in the world of astrology so it comes as no surprise that she owns an institute that teaches people about the study of star fortunes and how to deal with astrology.

The Professional Astrologers Association 

This is another top-ranking institute where you can learn about astrology and also earn a degree. This esteemed astrology institute offers its students four different degrees and certifications in astrology.

Final thoughts

If you have a strong inclination towards Numerology or Astrology then you should consider bagging a diploma in Astrology. After obtaining a diploma in astrology you can forge ahead to become an astrologer, face reader, numerologist, tarot card reader, etc.

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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