Is It Possible for Authors To Self-Publish Business Books Today?

If you started or manage a business and are looking for a way to share your experiene with others, one of the best ways to do so is to write a book. At the same time, the problem with writing a book is that people need to be able to read it. How are people going to know that a new book has been published? Typically, people have relied on an agent to help them publish a new book. At the same time, there might be alternative options available. Is it possible to self publish a book today? There are a few key points to keep in mind.

Publishing a Business Book Without an Agent

Yes, it is possible for people to self publish a book today. What this means is that a book is published without going to a traditional publishing company or relying on an agent for help. In essence, the power of the internet has made it easier for authors to get their books published on their own. Therefore, it is important for everyone to understand how this is done and a few of the advantages that come with this option.

The Advantages of Publishing a Book Without an Agent or Publishing Company

When it comes to publishing a book without an agent or a publishing company, there are a few advantages that are going to rise to the surface. One of the biggest advantages that has to do with creative freedom. Often, authors are forced to write a book that fits with the motif or theme of the publishing company. This can limit their creative liberty, pigeonholing coming to ascertain genre or style.

Second, when people decide to publish a book on their own time that they are going to be entitled to a greater percentage of the royalties. Authors can lose a significant amount of money from their books if they decide to partner with an agent or publishing company. Typically, the self-publishing platforms take a very small fraction of the royalty compared to traditional options. Therefore, authors might be able to make more money if they publish on their own.

Finally, authors are also going to retain all of their rights if they decide to publish a book on their own. They do not have to surrender any of their rights to a publishing company, ensuring that they are allowed to do whatever they want with their work down the road.

Consider the Self-Publishing Route

These are just a few of the biggest advantages that come with publishing a book without going through a publishing company or an agent. With the option to self publish books today, authors need to think about if this is the right move for that. Depending on the genre, the experience of the author, and the comfort level with the editing and publishing process, it might be a good idea for authors to skip the publishing company and try to publish a book on the road.

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