Is Fishing Possible Without Fishing Reel?

Fishing rods and seahawk reel are considered the basic instruments essential for fishing. Most of the modern-day fishing is done with the help of reels which are available in several forms and with different features. These features and strengths are designed to enhance the fishing experience and make it smoother and easier for you. Spinning reels are amongst the most commonly used because they are suitable for fishing at shores and piers in shallow waters but also in deep waters on boats.

Fishing is undoubtedly transformed into a more sophisticated and smoother process with the help of a best fishing reel, however, is fishing possible without a fishing reel? Turns out that yes, it is. There is an ancient method of fishing hailing from Japan known as Tenkara. It is a method for fly fishing that is relatively simple unlike other complex forms of fly fishing and it’s just as effective. This method is significant and exclusive for the absence of reels in the process.

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Let’s delve a bit more into this particular fishing method to properly understand its workings and process.

Tenkara Method

This form of fishing originated in Japan nearly two centuries ago when the fishermen and local anglers started using it to catch fish in the freshwater streams amongst the mountains in that area and found it very effective. This method however was not brought to western states until the late 19th century. It is used now worldwide especially for catching trout and other freshwater stream inhabitants fishes. This is to date a popular fishing method for anglers because of its simple process and effectiveness.

The Process

The Tenkara rods do not have reels and have fishing lines which you can find multiple on a discount code directly attached to the rods. The rods most suitable for Tenkara fly fishing are the long ones. The long lengths help the anglers in the accurate casting of the line. The rods have a flexible tip towards the end which serves the function similar to the reels. It helps curb the fish’s resistance and it slipping back into the water because of the fight.

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This method also helps keep the line steady and it can be properly controlled and directed even if you are quite a distance away from where you have cast it. It helps the line not be dragged or drifted away by running water or strong waves. The anglers applying the Tenkara method also use tight fish lines because they help hook the fish better and make it easier to catch them.

The tenkara method is also quite convenient to learn and has more of an intuitive nature and feel. You do not need to spend a lot of time learning to cast like it is with other forms of fly fishing. Trout anglers also need to properly survey the waters to identify the parts where fish are likely to be and the Tenkara method helps with that as well.

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