Is Dog Insurance Worth the Money?

If you have a dog, you know just how much you love them. Even when they track mud all through the house, bark at the poor mailman every time, or simply never want to leave your lap (even when you really need to get some house chores done), there’s nothing in the world that we wouldn’t do for them.

If you’re the kind, caring dog parent that we know you are, you’re always searching for ways to make your pup’s life better. You want them to be healthy, happy, and completely taken care of. You probably go to great lengths to make sure that this happens, investing in the best dog food, making sure that they have all of the toys and sweaters that they could ever want, and yes, taking care of their medical and health needs at the vet.

But those vet bills really start to add up. When you consider all of those check-ups, vaccinations, preventative measures, and the occasional emergency visit when they get into something they shouldn’t have, you’re easily spending thousands of dollars on your furry best friend.

That’s why many people are interested in ways to reduce the costs of your dog’s health needs. One of the biggest things that can help reduce the cost of these vet bills is pet insurance.

If you’ve looked into pet insurance, you probably have quite a few different questions. How much should it cost? What all does it cover?

Most importantly, is dog insurance going to be worth the money?

We know how confusing this can be, so we’ve compiled this guide to finally answer the question that’s been burning in our minds: is dog insurance really worth the money?

Let’s Talk About Cost

First, we need to address the elephant in the room: the cost.

The main, and probably only, reason why you would get pet insurance is to save money on vet costs. But when you compare the costs of dog insurance to the costs of possible vet bills, how does it stack up?

It can also be difficult to understand the monthly cost that you will definitely have to pay vs the possible cost of medical bills in the future.

Let’s look at what sort of things your pet insurance may cover and whether those savings are worth it to pay a deductible on your pet’s insurance ahead of time.

For Regular Check-Ups and Preventative Measures

Something that you will be paying for no matter what is regular check-ups and preventative measures to keep your dog’s health in good shape. Vaccinations, wellness checks, and the like are all a part of having a dog. Though those bills usually cost $50-$250 per visit, after time, those costs really add up.

If you find the right pet insurance brand for your dog, your payments can cover most of these costs. Of course, not all pet insurance brands are created equal, so you do need to find one that will cover these costs up to 90%. When you think about it, that really adds up.

For Emergencies

One of the biggest blows to our bank accounts comes when our pets find themselves in a bit of a predicament. Let’s say they take a tumble and break a leg. Maybe they manage to contract some sort of parasite.

When they encounter serious issues, there are so many costs associated with these circumstances that go well beyond the pain that your pup is in. You need to pay for everything from X-rays to diagnostic tests to blood labs, and that’s not even including the treatment for whatever the problem may be.

The thing about emergencies is that you never get time to think and plan for them. They come out of nowhere, and if you don’t have a hefty savings account, you could be left with the tough decision between your pet’s well-being and your financial abilities.

Pet insurance is perfect for instances like this, but only if you get the right brand. If and when you do find yourself in those tricky situations where your pet’s health is on the line, the right pet insurance will have you covered.

Getting Dog Insurance Can Give You Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, whether or not you get dog insurance is entirely up to you. If you want to take preventative measures to make sure that your pet and bank account are safe if anything should go wrong, getting the right dog insurance is definitely worth it for the peace of mind it offers.

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