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Is Batman Finally Dead or will he survive the apocalypse!!

Batman: Gotham Knights will be the latest in Batman Games in order of release. It has been a while since the trailer and few minutes of gameplay ( in pre alpha mode) was released at DC Fandom 2020.

The game is created by the same studio that developed the Arkham Games. It is not a sequel to the Batman Arkham Series, the game is purported to have an original story line. 

 What about the storyline?

 From the trailer, it appears Jim Gordon has been dead for a while and the heir of Wayne enterprise’s body is found in the wreckage of a building that exploded under mysterious circumstances. A pre-recorded encrypted Code Black message is delivered to all the protagonist of the game.  The protagonist would be the Bat family namely Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Redhood .

The Code black message instructs them to use the Belfry located at Gotham as the base of operations(Batcave destroyed by Batman)  The heroes would have to take on the mantle of the caped crusader. Fearing that the villains will find out the Batman is not there to hold them; Bruce leaves them a message to act as guardian and protect Gotham. The villains that the heroes would be facing off are Mr. Freeze (shown on game play) and The Court of Owls and their brainwashed group of assassins known as the Talons.

Don’t fall for baseless rumors!

The news and wild speculations so far suggest that the game would be an Open world game. Players would have different options to finish.  It can be played solo, without connecting to the internet as was the case with Arkham Series of batman games. This feature of the game has long been queried by the fans and recently confirmed by the studio.

There is the Co-Op option as well, where other players can join to complete a mission. But a player can complete the mission objective without the support of an AI character. There would be other side missions, where the player has to use their detective skills to solve and track down the villain.  Moreover, the information includes the arsenal/gadgets that will be available to the heroes. There is the Co-Op option as well, where other players can join to complete a mission. But a player can complete the without the support of  an AI character.

Does this mean Batman is dead?

There has been no news about the story of the game so far and why is The Batman dead or what happened to Jim Gordon. There has been no  update on the whereabouts of the Caped Crusader or what the story would be like. Going by the looks and other information available, Batman will not be a playable character. In the long list of Batman games in order of release by the same studio, this would be a first that The Batman will not be playable. The other heroes in the Batman family have been given the center stage. Many are of the view that Bruce Wayne is not dead. Instead, he is trying to put the four heroes to test and see if they will be able to protect Gotham in his absence. Alas, there is no definite answer. We all hope all the questions and mysteries regarding the disappearance of the Batman is answered on the games release.

Batman: Gotham Knights is being developed by WB Montreal studios and will be published by WB interactive Entertainment.  To be made available for Windows, PS4, PS5 and Xbox series gaming platforms, it is likely to be released in the year 2021. However, the dates are yet to be confirmed.

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