Is Autologous Fat Grafting For Breast Augmentation Ideal For You?

Fat grafting has become one of the most highly desired cosmetic procedures nowadays. Women love to lose some inches around their waist and also having their cup size increased. However, when it comes to implants or any foreign substance, they feel a bit reluctant. Fat grafting also known as autologous breast augmentation is a completely safe and non-invasive procedure that can enhance the breast size without going for implant surgery.

What is Fat Grafting?

It is a process that uses your own body fat to improve the contours of your breast and gives them the desired shape and results. This innovative procedure has mostly ruled out breast implants all over the world to give women the desired aesthetic look to their breasts and body.

It involves the removal of fat from target sites like the inner thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and love handle. The fat is then purified and grafted into the breasts to get the desired results.

For fat grafting in Mumbai, Dr. Siddharth Prakash is a renowned Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon practicing at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. He is an alumnus of KEM Hospital, Mumbai, and Harvard Medical School, Boston.

Pros of Fat Grafting

Injecting or grafting fat into the body is the best option to increase the size of breasts because fat is one of the most tolerated substances in the body. In India, women are loving the benefits of this process as it gives a natural look and is completely safe. The fat is removed by liposuction and then purified and cleaned with antibiotic solutions so that only healthy fat tissues are grafted into the body.

The plastic surgeon injects the fat cells very slowly and precisely to get proper volume and shape. After the injections, he will massage the breast area gently so that the injected fat cells are distributed evenly and result in a uniform and subtle appearance.

Recent beauty trends are all about natural looks, so women are no longer looking to have dramatic looks from their makeup to their bodies. Another best thing about fat grafting is that you won’t need to have replacement surgeries as in the case of silicone implants. In short fat grafting can help in:

  • Cup size increase in breasts
  • Fix symmetrical issues and saggy breasts
  • Optimize or correct the results of silicone implants
  • Spot weight loss from body parts
  • Improves the cleavage

Who are the ideal candidates for fat grafting?

Fat grafting for breast augmentation is an ideal procedure for women who want to improve the look of their breasts without everyone noticing them. Here are the ideal candidates who are perfect for getting fat grafting:

  • Their breasts are naturally smaller
  • Have asymmetrical breasts
  • Had significant weight loss or gave childbirth
  • Aged women having saggy breasts
  • Having good health and not smoking. (In the case of smokers, your surgeon will advise you to quit smoking before the procedure, so it won’t interfere with the healing process)
  • Have ample fat reserves in the body (your doctor will remove a lot of fat from target sites and half of it is lost in the preparation). So, it is important the candidate is not very skinny.

During your consultation, your surgeon will assess everything, and determine whether you have enough fat for the procedure.

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