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Is Animedao safe or legit for the users?



If you are an online streaming kind of anime-lover, then Animedao is one of the best websites for you. The content they offer is amazing and it will give you complete entertainment. The website offers a notables range of anime with English dubbing that available for online streaming.

It was a great platform to watch free anime online and people loved this site, but now it is shutdown. Recently two major changes came to this site. They have an ad block now and they are requiring people to watch YouTube videos or wait for some time before they can watch the actual show. Because of this issue, users are shifting to other online platforms to watch anime. But now the site is shut down because of providing illegal content.

The safety aspect of any site depends on the website. The genuine website that holds licenses to stream website legally. The other goal of these sites is to provide their audiences with the pleasure to watch the anime for free. Although there might not be any legal repercussions to watch free anime on such websites, they are still illegal and safe to watch shows.

AnimeDao is a free anime streaming site that approaches users in creating a community of online anime fans. For this purpose, they are offering easy access to free and latest anime content. It is simple to navigate, and has a clean interface, and possesses loading speeds.

Similar Anime Streaming Websites Like Animedao

Looking at all these reasons one can understand that It’s not a legit website and unsafe for the users. Watch these similar anime streaming Websites like Animedao to get an amazing experience.

1. Anime planet

Anime planet is a top-rated free site for streaming anime similar to Animedao. You may stream over 40,000 legal and industry-supported anime episodes online for free. The major feature of the site is that you can create your own anime list at this site and they will keep in your place when you eager to watch them. You can make lists of anime you have watched, want to watch, won’t watch, watching, dropped and stalled etc. which a time is saving for the users. It even holds a record of what episode you are on.

You can even rate the “anime and Manga” you have watched so far. The most popular content at these sites is read manga and one shot. Over ten thousands of “Manga “are available there. The site is a great platform to get information about all kinds of anime.

If you are interested to watch something new among plenty of collections of anime, browse one of them recommended by other users.

2. Animeultima

For an anime-lover, Animeultima is the best website similar to Animedao. Animeultima is one of the best websites for streaming free anime with a massive collection of stuff. It does not require any registration process or sign-up formalities for an account.

A single platform of anime is enough for watching all kinds of anime movies, dramas, series, and the latest episodes, all in one place. Despite watching all these episodes, they also allow users to download anime episodes and that too for free. They have the best attractive interface, so easy to navigate.

3. Animefreak

AnimeFreak is a free anime online streaming website similar to Animedao. The site offers the users to watch the latest anime series, movies, and shows. A simple user-friendly interface will help you browse through this website by using its amazing alphabet list feature. It is very effective, and indeed. If you are a genuine lover to watch anime, this site is a paradise for you.

4. JustDubs

JustDubs is a prominent top-rated anime streaming website similar to Animedao. The site is a popular platform to watch all the top dubbed anime content. Its vast library featuring a variety of genres like Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, One piece and many more to watch. HD quality content provides a mind-blowing experience.

Over 700 episodes are available on this platform. All major features they offer are great, user-friendly interface, a dedicated forum, the dark theme of the site and fencibles design of the site. The body part of the site is quite extensive and filled with thumbnails. The site has three thumbnails in each row, all of them containing ongoing shows such as ‘Double Decker’, ‘Lupin’, ‘One Piece’, and ‘Beastars’.

5. Chia anime

Another authenticated and best site similar to Animedao is Chia Anime that offers you the opportunity to anime online for free. They regularly update anime and cartoons for the users. From anywhere you can access the site. Their database has a vast content of anime, movies, episodes and many more. All the servers are compatible with ChiaAnime.

But for complete entertainment, you must have a strong internet connection to enjoy the stuff.

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Adding appeal to the candies with pillow box packaging



Adding appeal to the candies with pillow box packaging

Candies are something that attract everyone from every age group. They are one of the hottest selling products as people keep coming back for more. And we all know the reason. 

Why pillow box packaging?

Custom pillow boxes are the ultimate packaging solution for most of the industries. They are very much in demand as they are capable of holding a vast range of items regardless of their size and weight. The material used for manufacturing pillow boxes is mainly the custodian of protecting the contents it carries.


The feature of customization allows you to design the box according to your needs. The more creative and limitless you go the more chances are there that your product will be grabbed from the shelf. Custom printed pillow boxes cater to the need of candy makers letting them print and customize according to their candies. You can always add colors or give information about the ingredients or flavors on your printed pillow boxes

Use of High Standard Manufacture Material 

Pillow box packaging uses high standard manufacturing material. Uncompromised quality of packaging material is equal to uncompromised originality of edibles. They keep them fresh and protected from all the wear and tear of transportation hence increasing the shelf life. 


Custom pillow boxes provide the ultimate shield of protection to the candies inside. They are responsible for keeping the freshness, taste and effectiveness of the candies intact. Pillow boxes also act as a barrier that doesn’t let moisture intervene with the candies that are packed inside.

Sign of brand consistency

Custom printed pillow boxes with a logo are your ticket to building a brand image. The brand name printed on the pillow box will convey to the customer your popularity that you provide nothing less than the best. It surely will make many hands reach out for your product on instant sighting.

Showcasing the right way 

Custom window pillow boxes are preferred over other custom boxes for showcasing the candies because they give an attractive visual display to the customer and let them have a glimpse of the candies which makes them crave more for them and influence their purchasing decision. With the custom pillow window box packaging you entice a buyer’s desire straight away and then who has those nerves of steel to deny a perfect mouthwatering box full of candies.

Highlights your product

When you deliver a good quality customized packaging you are giving yourself an edge over the competitors. For a new buyer your packaging is the reason why you should be chosen from the numerous products that are showcasing along you. Assume you walk in a candy shop. There are tons of options. What will you choose? Obviously, you will pick up the one that attracts you the most. That’s why candies are stored in those beautiful pillow boxes so that they can be as impressive on the outside as they are on the inside.

Multi-Dimensional Boxes 

Printed Pillow boxes serve a lot many purposes. They not only hold their product intact but also advertise you along with being a storage box. They can be reused for storing other household items too. 

Perfect Gift Boxes

Candies packed in a custom pillow box are a quick remedy for an instant gift that pleases everybody. They are highly attractive and presentable and don’t require much efforts. It saves you from the hassle of buying a new gift packaging. 

Most Appropriate Giveaway Option

We all know when it comes to events and occasions thinking of giveaways is a hefty job. Candy boxes can be used as an instant giveaway option. All you need to do is buy them off the shelf, put up a ribbon with a personal message and you are good to go. Afterall who doesn’t like receiving candies? 

Connects you with the customer

A customer wants to be taken care of. You can do this by taking care of the product he has to buy. You get additional emotional leverage when you try to interact with the customer through specially tailored window pillow boxes. Etch up a line that conveys your concern. By this packaging, you increase the value of the product. Adding up a window is like giving them a feel that you are connecting with your customers. When you display the contents openly, it helps the customer in making decisions more easily.  Putting it all up in a nutshell, candies are a luxury and not a necessity. To give the customers satisfaction while buying candies it is a must for the product to provide a high-end quality outlook. You not only add to the perceived value but also ensure that your product speaks for itself while just laying on the retail shelf competing silently with all other similar products. Life is a competition. It all comes down to the survival of the fittest. Don’t bound yourself with in the standards set by someone else. Raise yourself to the levels that make others follow you. This are exactly the lines halfpricepackaging aim at!

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Print SMS messages from Android with SMS EasyReade & Printer



Say hello to a new feature available on the Google Play Store – SMS EasyReader & Printer. The app lets you send simple text messages to people without having to install a third-party app and with no data plan required. 

The free app is easy to use and allows you to send text messages and send emails on your device.

Once the app is installed, you can start sending texts through the dialer with any registered contacts. 

Sending text messages is not a new concept, but most people still prefer sending texts via SMS apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Facebook Messenger to their contacts. With this app, you can send texts without those apps by adding them to your contacts.

But that’s not the only interesting feature that comes with SMS EasyReader&Printer. The app also lets you print or convert your text messages, the only requirement being an active internet connection. 

When you receive a text message on your device, you can choose the desired option – convert it to PDF, JPG, or QR Code.

The app has more features than that, like an option to send location information from a notification, and the ability to add people as contacts from their profiles on social media apps like Facebook or Twitter.

Besides, you can also customize the app to suit your preferences by selecting the send/receive options, from sender name, number, message, photo or image to some other template.

If you are looking for one such application that would do exactly that, then you will be happy to know about SMS EasyReader & Printer. 

This is yet another popular Android application that allows you to send and receive SMS messages by saving and retrieving them through the built-in file transfer function. 

All you need to do is scan a QR code, go to the app’s home page and enter the code to perform a text message transfer. There are two versions of the app.

There is a free version that has limited functionality and data storage. And there is a premium version that offers all the features of the free version and more. 

If you have been having issues with the functionality of the free version, then you should give the premium version a try as it offers a more modern interface, additional features, and more storage space.

To use the free version, you will have to send a test message to it to verify the free app. When you successfully send the message, it will give you an option to send the link and send the same to all your friends. You will be given an email to the source for the message and you can also remove the links through a clean update. The app has many smart features, and you should check it out if you want to do text message transfers from Android.

Never miss a message again with these print SMS services on Android. They offer you an easy way to transfer data to your mobile phone through a very simple, easy to use platform.

What is Print SMS ?

Mobile numbers can be used in the form of SMS. You can read and write any message to the mobile phone of the mobile number you have registered, whenever you want. 

You can Print SMS messages from Android and send photos, videos, documents, etc. through the SMS service. This is an application developed and used for sending messages, SMS, images, and phone calls.

The developer of this application is always updating it so you can always get the latest version of the app. If you are an Android enthusiast, then you will definitely like this free app. SMS EasyReader&Printer features:

– Drag and Drop of PDF files is supported.

– Copy / Paste of existing SMS.

– SMS Send and Receive options.

– Send audio, images, and video.

– Multiple languages supported.

– Download to SD card.

– Some advanced SMS features and many more.

– Send files from the app using a file transfer function.

– App plays some musical notes when you send or receive SMS.

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Advantages of Hiring IT Consulting Services and Strategic Consulting



Digital Services Provider

The strategic consulting and technology consulting services for companies arise from the need to automate and make profitable the productive processes of companies by an external IT recruitment agency, who can analyze the strengths and opportunities that arise, but also the threats and weaknesses of way that risks can be minimized.

Need to Hire Strategic Consulting and IT Recruitment Agency

The need to hire strategic consulting and IT consulting services may arise when a company faces the implementation of new business areas or computerized management activities. That is to say, that the need for a process of digitization of the company arises.

The need to hire a technology recruitment agency consulting service may also arise due to the detection of lack of improvement in the activities that already existed in ISO quality management systems, improving internal work processes or the need to save costs to achieve results. Delan is an IT recruitment agency with more quality and more efficient.

Through qualified, valid staff with expert knowledge in the field of new technologies, such as an IT consultant, business opportunities, process improvement and cost savings are detected, which are very important factors to achieve benefits in medium and small companies. .

The figure of the IT consultant, key in technology consulting, offers an impartial external view of the company’s situation in the global framework.

Main objectives for hiring an IT consulting service or strategic consulting for companies

The main reasons that motivate companies to hire business consulting services are:

  • Technologically boost companies to accelerate the development of the organization.
  • Have the external and global point of view of an IT consultant to visualize results in the short, medium and long term.
  • Detect and modify the organizational paradigms that prevented the company from improving its position against the competition, which makes companies more competitive.
  • The company has a 3.0 partner personified in the figure of the IT consultant, impartial, professional and experienced, who can be consulted and receive continuous support.

Advantages of hiring an IT consultancy

Technology consulting companies offer solutions to make profitable and maximize profits. The main advantages of hiring an IT consultancy are:

  • Analysis of the situation of the company: Through technology it is possible to better analyze the operation of the company and propose possible improvements.
  • Improved efficiency and economy of scale by focusing its efforts on technologies, being able to provide the business with efficient, fast and economical solutions.
  • Take advantage of the specialized knowledge of IT consultants which, if carried out as an internal process, would be much more difficult to develop and maintain. For many companies it can be a great effort to achieve a degree of flexibility and qualified personnel in technological environments. The IT recruitment agency consulting company offers access to specialized IT teams, providing the technical service they need.
  • Improved productivity of companies. It allows communication, collaboration and knowledge exchange on the network. These capabilities are delivered through file technologies, connectivity, mobile platforms, email, or databases.
  • Maximizing uptime is a priority for all businesses. If an organization aims to position itself as a leading company and a benchmark in its sector of activity, it cannot allow Internet connectivity problems, suffer problems with communication via email, data corruption or failures in computer systems, since cost per hour Faced with all the unforeseen events, it would be very high.
  • Saving time is one of the best advantages that an IT consulting service will provide. Training to correctly use computer systems aimed at workers is directly related to the most efficient performance of tasks. By automating processes and improving the execution of tasks, more productive employees are achieved through very beneficial cost savings for the company.
  • Avoid information loss: Own cloud or cloud files are one of the tools that can be used to avoid information loss.

Do you need to hire IT consulting services or strategic consulting?

If you need the advice and consulting that an IT consulting company can offer, we are the option you need. We have professional IT consultants with extensive experience in the sector and with knowledge of the latest technologies that appear on the market. Delan is the it recruitment agency in technology consultancy you need.

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Top 5 YouTube video editor tools for Mac in 2021



YouTube to MP3 Converter

Macs are tremendously highly advanced computers that are built to be able to perform specialized tasks. Along with the powerful processor, video editing on Mac devices at the peak level becomes easier, and for this reason, there are a plenty of video editor for Mac available in the App Store. In this blog, we are going to talk about the most common ones and their characteristics.

Here we are going to introduce some professional video editing software for Mac users:

Wondershare Filmora

If you are one of those people who spends a lot of time surfing the web, you have definitely noticed other users’ clips that they share, videos that are created by combining different elements and have background music. Beautiful filters, texts with animation effects and…. We offer you Filmora for Mac from Wondershare company to prepare this category of clips.

Wondershare Filmora X is used by professional videographers and movie editors. It has crossed the milestone of 50 million downloads from 239 countries. It is suitable video editing software for beginners as well as intermediate users. With spontaneous operation interface, it is bestowed with 1,000 specially designed motion elements including texts and images, easily to embed VFX graphics, and carefully selected music from musicians active around the world, you can watch videos in various scenes. 

Filmora comes with the most amazing features used in professional movie editing such as Motion Tracking, Color Match, and Audio Ducking. Moreover, the new 14 filter effects, 120 new animated title templates and 50 new transitions have been added recently to enhance your video editing experience.


IMovie has been operating officially for over 15 years. The first version of this wonderful Mac video Editor was announced in 2003. A year later, the company introduced an updated program for which the requirements of the operating system were established.

For example, many applications are designed for a specific type of device. A huge number of programs can be found on Apple devices, including iMovie. How to use this software and what it is for, we will consider further.

The iMovie app, part of Apple’s iLife suite, is brilliant in its simplicity. It allows you to quickly and easily edit video files captured with an iOS device. To edit a movie in iMovie, you do not need professional knowledge and skills as a professional editor. All you need is a few taps on the touch screen and successively following the instructions displayed in the intuitive interface.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is an application designed by Apple itself to be able to edit in a professional way with a very simple interface. It includes a whole series of external add-ons that can be purchased to be able to make much more professional editions. It allows working with videos in 360º and of extremely high resolutions.

This program is famous for its optimization for Apple equipment, where even on super-mobile MacBooks it can easily handle many effects and a movie in 4K. It is also not as complicated as other video editors, so novice creators should easily find their way in it.

What are the possibilities of this program? Suffice it to say that Final Cut Pro X was where films such as The Social Network from 2010 or the winner of 4 Oscars (+ nominations for video editing) were edited (This is not a country for old people from 2007). As you can see, this is a program that will work even in professional productions.

Adobe Premiere Pro

If you are a professional video editor then you must have know about Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro. Both Video editors are available for Mac devices and are amazing when it comes to video editing, but there are important differences. Adobe Premiere pro is a direct competition to Final Cut on Mac, but still is not able to beat it. Adobe Premiere pro includes all the functions you need to prepare a totally professional project and many add-ons that can be purchased separately.

In addition, Premiere Pro offers a smooth workflow and an accommodating interface. The program also has extensive tools to assist you with your project, whether it is a short 30 second clip or a full-length feature film.

Virtually every editing program allows basic color grading. Personally, most of the video editors use Adobe Premiere Pro, which also has such a tool and it is quite advanced. Adobe Premiere is also loved for its detailed color correction, slider panels for audio enhancement and excellent basic video effects. The program has undergone numerous improvements over the years based on suggestions and needs of its many users. Hence, every new release or update brings new features and improvements. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush is a new member of the Adobe family. It is intended for creators who share their work mainly on YouTube, Facebook and other social networks.

It is not a program as simplified compared to its desktop counterpart as Photoshop Express. Adobe prefers to describe Premiere Rush as an “enhancement” for creators to make it easier for them to assemble their movies and share them online. The app gives you access to templates, filters, sounds, and more. It also remembers what parameters and formats are best for social networks, so we will not have to set them ourselves.

Premiere Rush works primarily thanks to the cloud, so it does not only rely on the computing power of the smartphone or the resources of video files stored on the phone. This makes the app a cross-platform device – it is already available in a version for PCs, Macs and iOS smartphones. After starting the project on one of the devices, you will be able to finish it on another.


There are many video editing softwares but we prefer to use these tools as they are also used to edit the Hollywood movies. These professional tools are perfect for YouTubers, content creators, and professional videographers. Among these five tools Wondershare Filmora for Mac sets the bar high when it comes to professional editing software, and at the same time, more cost-effective.

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What are Different Types of Radio?




Radio is a mass communication medium that continues to be very present in our homes despite the digital technologies actively entering our lives. However, the term radio can be used extremely broadly these days as there are analog, digital, and internet-based radios these days. 

At the same time, the adoption of mobile applications (Apps from your radio station that you download from the Apple store or the Android Play Store) has putten an immense pressure on conventional, small-size radio receivers. 

On the market, there are home, office, and pocket digital radios for walking. Gone are the 2000s when MP3 and MP4 players had an integrated radio to appeal to the broader audience. At the same time, the functionality and use of the traditional and latest radio technology go beyond being used purely for entertainment. Our world and markets are flooded with different types of radio gadgets, so before venturing out and buying them, consider checking all types of radio reviews and comparisons out there to make sure our opinion is unbiased and objective.

1. Portable Digital Radios

For a few years now, radio has been able to be listened to over the Internet, and digital radio receivers have even been created that play stations through an Internet connection without the need for a PC, but with digital quality.

The combination of radio and the Internet has given rise to “podcasting”, which is the downloading of radio broadcasts (podcasts) from the Internet to create personalized radio.

2. The Conventional Portable Radio

In the portable radio system, the cable or battery-powered radio receiver is an electronic device with which signals transmitted by a transmitter using electromagnetic waves are recovered.

A conventional radio incorporates an electrical circuit that filters an electric current that is generated in the antenna, by the effect of electromagnetic waves that are transmitted through the air, and then amplifies that current and sends it to a speaker that transforms it into sound.

3. Radio Alarm Clocks

In many bedrooms, on the nightstand, we are reluctant to give up having a digital clock radio. Although they are a bit anachronistic and rigid in their functionality in front of the mobile alarm clock, these small and cheap devices (you can find them for 20 euros) allow you to see the time with large digits in 12 and 24-hour formats. You can also select its brightness in the dark or set an alarm that turns on your favorite radio station.

Among the drawbacks highlight that the power is usually by cable, although they have a compartment for AA or AAA batteries. On the other hand, if you are one of those who do not want to disturb, find out before buying if they have a jack (jack) for headphones since the cheapest models will not.

4. Internet Radio

If you have a computer with a broadband Internet connection, you can already listen to around 20,000 radio stations from more than a hundred countries, and the number is increasing.

There are both free and paid stations on the network. Some broadcasts may appear to be like a traditional radio station being broadcasted through the Internet, through the system called “webcasting”.

The webcasting is radio broadcasts (and television) over the Internet using the system of “streaming” to broadcast live from a central station and do not allow you to record the contents.

Other stations broadcast “on-demand” and one can choose which program to listen to and at what time (” Listen Again ” option).

And finally, for some years now, we have had online services based on listening to unlimited paid music (the user pays a monthly fee and can listen to music unlimitedly) or not (with advertising). We are talking about paid music services like Spotify.

In the payment method, Spotify Premium, you can download up to 3,333 music songs on various devices (basically mobile) that you can enjoy without an Internet connection.

As for audio files, there is no standard format, so each station or download app is adapted to the most popular audio players (Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, WinAmp, iTunes, KMPlayer, AIMP, etc.).

5. Digital Terrestrial Radio

Digital terrestrial radio, also called “DAB radio” (“Digital Audio Broadcasting”), allows a radio signal to be transported digitally using a single frequency for the entire national territory.

This technology has not yet taken off in Spain because analog receivers (conventional radios) are not prepared to receive the digital signal and it is necessary to have a special receiver, which is compatible with analog radio by including FM support.

The sound quality of digital terrestrial radio is similar to that of a CD, but the reception is free from interference.

In addition to the audio signal, data that is displayed on the digital receivers in the form of textual information complementary to the broadcast (such as the station, the song title, related news, etc.) are sent.

Another difference from analog radio is the single frequency: digital radio will not produce “analog blackout” because digital radio uses different frequencies than analog.

6. Satellite Radio

Satellite radio offers CD sound quality and good ad-free programs using electromagnetic waves, but for now only in the US.

Satellite radio stations are paid, you have to subscribe to a service provider (XM or Sirius) and pay a monthly fee, and you need to have a special receiving device that must be compatible with the provider.

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