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Is a smart sprinkler controller worth the investment?

An irrigation controller is a device that controls the sprinklers that water a landscape consisting of turf, shrubs, and/or flowers. Between the controller and the sprinklers are the valves, which are wired to the controller. Much like a faucet, the valves are opened to allow water to flow to the sprinklers and onto the landscape. The valves are then closed when the water to the landscape needs to be stopped. The opening and closing of the valves are controlled by the irrigation controller.

Traditional irrigation controllers turn valves on and off based on one or more pre-programmed schedules. Basic information programmed by lawn sprinkler specialists agree in the schedules includes start time or times, which day(s) of the week, and how long each valve should run and allow water to flow through. These schedules then proceed to control the water flow without regard to what water is required by the plants and turf. This simply means that, like people and animals, a landscape needs more water with warmer weather and vice versa.

These schedules may be adjusted, but this involves an actual person making the change at the device itself. Given this extra labor and the fact that weather can change frequently, such schedule changes are made very infrequently, if at all. This means that traditional irrigation controllers chronically water too much, way too much.

An alternative “brain” to the traditional type just described is controllers that respond to weather conditions. These controllers include a variety of data on such things as plant types, weather conditions, and soil moisture to calculate when to water and how much. The significance of this is that the watering schedules are adjusted automatically based on actual water needs, which results in substantial water savings.

These types are often called Smart Controllers given how they theoretically adjust the amount of water scheduled to run based on climatic conditions. Such controllers can have a weather data source or soil moisture device directly attached to provide the needed data to change the irrigation schedules. Or these controllers can receive weather data transmitted through some medium like a paging system or some other wireless method.

Sprinkler controllers can make using your sprinkler watering system even easier and can save water, which is good for the environment. Saving water is an important step in conservation and using sprinkler controllers can help you to use the water in a more environmentally responsible way without sacrificing the growth or your grass, greenery, or crops. From timers to zone controls to sensors and more, sprinkler controllers can give you more control over your water usage and the way that you care for your lawn and garden.

“Smart” controllers have many great features that will help lawn sprinkler specialists agree make watering your lawn or garden and controlling your water usage easier. Separating your yard into zones based on the water that the particular zone needs and then programming these zones into your sprinkler controller will allow you to customize the watering for your plants and greenery. This can save money in the long run and can help your plants to grow more quickly.

Another feature that is found in “smart” sprinkler controllers is the ability to know whether the yard or garden needs watering or not. Two basic methods are used for this purpose. One method is when weather information is received by the sprinkler controller and the other method uses sensors that are placed in the ground to monitor the soil to determine if it needs watering. Both ways help to keep your water usage to a responsible level, because your land or garden is only watered when it is needed, such as when Mother Nature is not cooperating.

The ability to program your sprinkler controllers when you want your entire lawn or just parts of your lawn watered is another very valuable feature. You will be able to set the timer to water your lawn as frequently or infrequently as you wish and for the exact amount of time that you wish. Multiple programs will allow you to run different watering programs to make the most of your sprinkler watering system.

Keeping your lawn or garden watered at an optimum level will allow your plants, grass, or crops to grow strong. Sprinkler controllers can give you the ability to keep your land watered exactly the way that it wants and needs, which is difficult to do if you are watering manually. The zone controls, timer function, and programming function will allow you to customize your sprinkler system to water your lawn exactly the way that it needs.

Sprinkler controllers will make watering your lawn or garden as easy as programming your VCR or DVD player. This ease of use is a great benefit that can make watering your land less stressful and less time-consuming. The fact that the sprinkler controllers also help you to save water makes you more environmentally responsible and allows you to cut down on your water bill. You will be delighted with the many different features that are available with sprinkler controllers that will make your life easier and your lawn or garden flourish.

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