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The iPhone is the most popular smartphone worldwide because it is well designed and considered more secure compared to Android based smartphones. Many people in Singapore only prefer to use an iphone because of its better user interface. They would like to purchase the latest model of the iphone available like the iPhone 12 pro . However purchasing the phone alone,especially the latest model is usually expensive,many potential buyers do not have the funds for down payment. so many are preferring to purchase the iphone bundle provided by telcos in Singapore. Users who purchase an iPhone plan online, pay for the iPhone and internet, phone connection monthly in installments which are far more affordable.

Phone specifications

One of the reasons why many people are interested in purchasing the iPhone12 pro is that it uses the latest technology developed. Apple claims that the A14 bionic chip used in the smartphone, is the fastest CPU which is available for smartphones. The smartphone has 6 GB RAM for faster switching between programs and 128 GB memory. The memory can be further expanded to 128 GB using external storage. The smartphone is using the latest ios14 operating system from Apple. For high quality images and videos, the iphone has 6.1″ super retina display . It uses a ceramic shield which is tougher than any other glass. Additionally the phone is IP68 water resistant so that it is less likely to get damaged if water or other liquid will spill on the phone.

Another reason why many people would like to purchase the phone are the excellent high quality front and rear cameras .The iphone has a 12 MP Ultra wide, wide and telephoto cameras.The rear camera has 4X zoom for better images, night mode for taking photos at night, 4k Dolby vision HDR recording. The phone also has a front camera with 12 MP resolution, true depth, night mode and 4K HDR recording. The Lidar scanner used in the cameras ensures better augmented reality experiences and also night vision. The phone supports wireless charging and a warranty of one year is offered on the smartphone by Apple, so customers are assured of quality.

Free offers

Singapore residents who will subscribe to the iphone plan from the telecom providers can avail of multiple free offers to save money and time. If they subscribe online for the plan, they can register free of cost, get a free SIM and the phone with SIM will be delivered to the specified address free of cost. Subscribers can also avail of unlimited free data on weekends on Saturday and Sunday for a three month period if they are new users or are switching to the telco from other users. The caller number is also displayed free of cost for three months for new users.They are also eligible for discounts of $ 90 on other products like Airpods which are used with the iphone. So the iphone plan is highly recommended for those who wish to use the latest iphone, yet cannot afford to pay the entire amount for the expensive phone immediately.

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