iPhone 12 Pro Max: Main Advantages and Creating Reliable Protection

iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most versatile smartphone among those created by the company Apple during its existence. Its diagonal is 6.7 inches, which was appreciated by fans of Apple and phablets. Using the gadget, you can play a variety of games, watch movies, or just visit social networks. But these are not the only advantages of this model. Below is a complete list.

What are the Benefits of a Smartphone?

At first glance, it may seem that the iPhone 12 Pro Max differs from iPhone 12 Pro only in size. But this is not the only difference. Below are the main advantages of the new model.


The battery in the oldest model has the largest capacity. It would be logical to assume that the operating time on a single charge should not increase significantly, because along with the battery the screen has increased, which draws a significant amount of energy.

But since it’s not just about the display, the autonomy of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is much greater. This has been proven by various tests of smartphones in working mode.


It may seem that the camera units are no different. But this is only at first glance:

  • Firstly, the camera unit on the older model is larger;
  • Secondly, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 47% larger wide-angle camera sensor, which affects the sharpness of images taken in the dark;
  • Thirdly, better optical stabilization allows you to take clearer photos and smoother videos.

Other models in the line, including the iPhone 12 Pro, also shoot great. But in some cases, the Pro Max really wins.

Power, Performance, Optimization

Like other Apple smartphones, the iPhone 12 Pro Max received the A14 Bionic chip. At the same time, a high level of smartphone performance is provided by 6GB of RAM. The phone is equipped with 512 GB of non-volatile memory. It has an NFC, Ultra-Wideband, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, and a set of navigation.


Another strength that characterizes the entire iPhone 12 line is the design. It really sets it apart very favorably among other models. iPhone 12 Pro Max received virtually the same design as the iPhone 12 Pro but has large dimensions (160.8 ˣ 78.1 ˣ 7.4 mm) and weight (228 grams).

The body of this phone is made of a steel frame and strong glass. Thus, the smartphone is the largest iPhone to date. It is equipped with a matte back panel and a steel frame, which look very good.

In addition, the device has received protection against water and dust, which meets the international standard IP68. All function keys are located in such a way as to ensure comfortable interaction with the smartphone.

How to Provide Reliable External Protection of iPhone 12 Pro Max?

If you have recently purchased an iPhone, then you should think about the protection of its body and display from possible damage during use. Protective wood cases, which can be easily purchased on the website https://woodgraw.com/, will help with this. Such accessories are highly reliable and original, so many people choose them today.

The price of the wood case for the iPhone on the online platform https://woodgraw.com/collections/iphone-12-pro-max-wood-case is quite affordable, so everyone can choose a unique accessory, which:

  • Protects the display, side, and back of the phone (depending on the model of the case) from dirt, scratches, abrasions, bumps, and other damage during a fall or contact with other items in your pocket or handbag;
  • Fully complies with the features of the device, and therefore not interferes with access to the control keys;
  • Perfectly emphasizes the taste of the owner. Manufacturers offer a large selection of covers in different prints, which allows you to express your own personality.

By selecting a protective case for iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can be sure that its body will be most effectively protected from the negative effects of the environment throughout its operation.

So, in this article, you received information about the pros of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, as well as how to externally protect the device and ensure its long service life. We hope that the material was useful to you. Find more interesting information in other articles on the Newshunt360 website.

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