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Interested in Marketing? How to Get Started



Marketing for a Small Business Explained

Marketing is a big industry, with a lot of different cogs in the machine and many ways to make your mark. You can start out with almost any background. In fact, the more niche your background, the more you can stand out from the rest in the marketing industry. There is so much freedom to take your marketing career in any direction you want. You can work for a specific type of company. You can work solely with digital marketing. You can work freelance, for an agency, or for a company directly. There is no right or wrong way to get started with your career in marketing, and there is no right or wrong way to progress it. This gives you both a lot of freedom and a lot of choices, but with this guide, you’ll better understand marketing, and more importantly, how to get started in your marketing career. 

What is Marketing? 

Marketing is, at its core, a softer version of selling. Instead of directly, you sell the idea or the company. Marketing is a massive umbrella industry that includes sales, public relations, market research and analytics, advertising, and digital marketing. It is an umbrella of several different branches, and a successful marketing department or firm will have several people under its wing. The larger departments have people even for seemingly small jobs, like writing product descriptions, while smaller departments have people who carry multiple hats to get the job done. 

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing directly refers to the marketing and analytics done online. Much like marketing, it is also something of an umbrella term. It can include social media marketing, PPC marketing, online PR marketing, SEO, on-site marketing, email marketing, and more. Chances are you will specialize in one of these areas first, before moving up and taking on a wider scope, but with the added benefit of having people working under you. 

As a digital marketer, you will be in charge of the digital aspect of a brand’s identity and advertising strategy, but you must always work in conjunction with the OOH marketing team so that your strategies complement and work off of one another. In some cases, this team may work alongside digital marketers, in other cases, they may be a separate division. In publishing, for example, print and digital are often two departments since they require a different approach. 

What Skills Do You Need as a Digital Marketer? 

Digital marketing is a massive industry, and you can either be a digital marketer that is in charge of all aspects of the digital marketing strategy on your own, or you can focus on a specific component to digital marketing. 

If you want to grow and succeed in digital marketing, however, you will need a few essential skills. You will learn a lot of these if you invest in the right degree, but remember that is your foundation. A degree needs to be kept sharp with further training, certifications, and research on your behalf. 

Digital marketers wear many hats, and though it is not essential to be skilled in all of these, you need at least an understanding and basic skills in these top skills: 


Video is king online, especially with the rise of TikTok, Reels, Stories, and IGTV. When you consider that 80% of customers are more likely to buy a product they see in a video than an editorial photo or product photo, you can start to understand just how important video is to your repertoire. 

This doesn’t mean that you need to be able to create high-quality videos yourself. Outsourcing content creation to design industries is par for the course in marketing. If your company or the company that you work for is large enough, you may have a team of your own to create the high-budget videos and photos otherwise, you outsource. 

Just because you can outsource, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t learn the basics and how to market and optimize the videos so that they get the greatest reach. If you can at least edit together simple social media videos, or use existing clips to put together short videos for marketing purposes, then you will be well ahead of many marketers out there. 

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing 

SEO is another field that is related to digital marketing that you don’t need to be an expert in to become a digital marketer, but one that you should definitely be familiar with the basics in. Knowing how to optimize any on-site, social media, email, and video for search engines is going to be a critical skill that you and any marketer you hire or work with should have. 

More detailed skills involved with SEO, like increasing your backlink profile or auditing, can be outsourced to an SEO agency, but when the SEO relates directly to the marketing and content you create as part of your job, you need to know how to do it. 

This is one skill you will need to brush up on continually. Google is the largest social engine, which is where most SEO and SEM efforts focus on. Google, however, also updates its algorithm once or more a day, and rolls out several big updates per month. While that SEO agency you have outsourced to should be the ones to keep up with the big changes and will be in charge of updating your SEO strategy accordingly, you don’t want the SEO you use to improve your marketing to cause issues for your overall SEO strategy, so staying up to date yourself is critical. 

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is something that every digital marketer should be familiar with and improve every day. Content is king online, and content can mean anything from text, email, infographics, photo, and video. You need your content to be optimized for search engines and customers alike, and there are many ways to improve your skills. 

Investing in content workshops is a great place to start, but if you want to really get better, you’ll want to think outside of the box. Content only works when it connects to your customer, so investing time and effort to learn more about your customers, as well as the cultures, values, and language they use, can help you better connect in ways you never thought were possible. 

Data Analytics 

Data analytics and digital marketing are married partners. You cannot succeed in digital marketing without knowing, understanding, and leveraging data. This means more than knowing how to use Google Analytics. Knowing how to take large datasets, read them, and then put the information you have gleaned from them into your strategy is something that every great digital marketer can do. 

This skill does delve into data science, which makes it a bigger skill to have. To master this skill, you won’t want to just take the free Google Analytics course and earn that certification. You’ll want to earn a degree. There are new degrees, like this great Boston Master’s in Marketing and Data Analytics, that will combine principle marketing theory with analytics to help you build the most important skills a digital marketer can have. 

User Experience and Design 

You don’t need to know web design, but you do need to know what makes up great design. Digital marketing is about building a great experience online to carry customers from wherever they are online to the checkout page. If there is a hiccup in the design from point a to point b, you will not get a sale or a signup. You are going to get a lost customer. 

You will need to know how to empathize with your customer to know what they want, and you will then need to be able to define these needs, create an idea on how to solve them using design, then create the prototype and test. Most times, you will be working with a web designer through this process, so be open to suggestions and ideas. You may know your customers and your brand, but that web designer knows UX and web design, so combine your knowledge. 

Only together can you create a seamless customer journey from start to finish. 

Leverage All Your Other Skills 

Marketing is all about people, which means that the skills you can use to be a better marketer (both for your company and to get that next great job) are using your background. You can come from anywhere and benefit. If you come from a minority background, for example, you can better market to people in that community than someone who comes from outside of it. Use this to separate yourself and sell your skillset. If you can sell yourself and the background that only you have, you have the job, even if not every company realizes your worth. 

Once you do find that company, you have a lot of power, just remember to continue to invest in yourself. Pursue your passions on the side, and then use that new information to add another skill set to your marketing career. Almost everything can relate back to a career in marketing, giving you the freedom to do what you are passionate about as well as what you are good at and, when you get high enough in your career, what you can be paid well for. 

How to Get Started with Digital Marketing 

You can learn a lot with the right degree and a lot on the job. You can get started and learn as you go, or you can advance your skillset and jumpstart your career. All that is left is to get your foot in the door and to remember your worth every step of the way. 

With Your Education 

Your education is a great place to learn and build up the skills necessary to become a digital marketer. Use the work you did during your university (especially if your degree was in marketing and data analytics) to show what you can do. You will also want to use your university’s career department and your own alumni network in order to get in touch with companies and take advantage of the unique opportunities available to you. 

Interning and Volunteering 

Interning and volunteering should only be done when there is a very specific company or organization that you want to work for. Otherwise, there is no reason why your work shouldn’t paid, especially if you have graduated already. Your work is being used to earn that company money, and therefore you should get paid. Therefore, it is in your interest to apply to entry-level positions rather than internship opportunities in most instances. 

The only times this isn’t the case is when you have that specific company or organization. In this case, they are often very popular and very difficult to get hired into without knowing someone in the company. Internships and volunteering can help you learn the right people and help you get your foot in the door. 

Taking on Marketing Responsibilities 

If you want a good way to build up your skills and your portfolio, go to your current employer. If you work at a store, café, or other similar business, you can easily take over their social media and marketing. This can either be part of your job role, or you can expand it. Always negotiate to be paid for this work, however. Every one of these businesses knows how important marketing is, but they usually don’t have the budget for a full-time employee to handle it. By negotiating for a pay rise, or only taking on, say, one day a week to manage the marketing, you can get paid and start your career. 

Use this time as a marketer to get a job at a larger company or agency. You could also use it to get in touch with other local businesses and take on them as clients. There are so many ways that you can make a career for yourself when it comes to digital marketing, and you just need to be ready to communicate with others.

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Professional Journalism In Canada




Professional Journalism In Canada

Journalism has shifted from Venice’s “written notices” and the businessman-backed handwritten chronicles of Germany to the subsequent newspaper and radio boom of the 19th century. One consistent feature among the different stages and advancements was mankind’s drive to broadcast information faster and more trustworthy. The stopover into the public space means that journalists are no longer accountable to just a selected elite as it were. As the call for social responsibility was going up, the need for professionalism and legitimacy intensified. So, to remain relevant to the tenets of society, there was an urgent need to draft and follow a guide or code of conduct. 

Canadian Walk To Freedom — A Journalist’s Perspective 

Specifically, the walk towards professional journalism in Canada was initially met with opposition. As history shows, various parts of the country were fed with information from the government. A newspaper publisher could be convicted for criticizing the government of the day. Going against a government official in the mid-1700s was viewed as seditious libel. After observing how the wave of revolution was sweeping through other developing countries and how the freedom of the press was the accepted vehicle of distributing information, questions began to be asked. Joseph Howe, a newspaper owner (the NOVASCOTIAN), was vocal through his paper on how some policies and those who spearhead them were not on the lookout for the good of the common man. He was, as a result, sent to prison for criminal libel. Even though he was guilty, the jury questioned whether he published those libelous statements. During the trial, Howe provided undaunted proof that was enough to help him regain his freedom. The basis for his release paved the way for legitimate and professional journalism in Canada.

Present-Day Advancements And What The Future Holds

In the late 20th century, well-known Canadian journalists who ardently follow the footsteps of legendary way-makers like Joseph Howe are perplexed by the modern way of disseminating information. This astonishment doesn’t apply to innovative folks like Nick Gamache CBC. To them, the bar has been lowered through the invention of social media and blogging. The general public that once queued to get the latest edition of the weekly “Gazettes”, have moved to this novel way of getting informed. To hold tight to their audience, top journalists are often invited as guest writers to blog sites. The few printed magazines and newspapers have somehow returned to the hands of the elites. While concerns are building up regarding the institution built so far in the sphere of journalism, it is worth taking that, just like everything else, advancement and changes are bound to happen, not in Canada alone but the whole world. The readiness of modern-day journalists to encompass the values of people like Kit Coleman, Pierre BÉDARD, and recently Nick Gamache journalist into their works — either on a tiny desk with a screen in their front, or the almost extinct way of getting raw information from always anonymous sources in the field. Those remain even more valid now to ensure a professional and ethical standard of journalism in Canada.

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NRIA: How to Know When It is Time to Invest



How does one know when it is the right time to invest? Firms like NRIA obviously hear questions like that a lot – especially from their current investors and or their future investors. Nowadays, investors are fearful because the markets are skittish and down (or headed down). It takes nerve and skill to invest wisely and well – are you that confident though in your next investment decision? 

To be honest, there never is a perfect time to invest, but that doesn’t mean the opportune time won’t exist – confused? Read on.

Investing with Confidence

Investopedia says that “Investment education is essential—as is avoiding investments you don’t fully understand. Rely on sound recommendations from experienced investors, while dismissing “hot tips” from untrustworthy sources.” And they are correct! First and foremost, and even before timing, investing demands education. The team at NRIA caution and counsel that “experience, know-how, relationships, and track record” are the things an investor needs to know before deciding on investing with a firm.

Furthermore, there are ways to boost your confidence as an investor, but absolutely nothing will replace the education you need as an investor to make sound investment choices.  

How to Find What you Need to Know as an Investor

Since experience, know-how, relationships, and track record portend the risk-benefit assessment of any investment firm, how does the average investor educate themselves? Let’s use NRIA as an example – right on their website; they tell you: “Founded in 2006, NRIA has grown to be one of the nation’s leading specialists in institutional-caliber private real estate investment management with over $1.25B AUM*, focusing on luxury townhome, condominium and multifamily acquisition and development in many supply-constrained, high barrier-to-entry markets along the east coast.” Their experience is in the decades, in the millions of dollars, and nestled in a diverse real estate portfolio. 

What about the ‘know how?’ Yahoo! Finance does a great job showing exactly how masterful NRIA is. By partnering with the leading luxury home developers to create opportunities in hot markets, NRIA is solidly funded and rests on a good foundation.

That just leaves track record – so as an investor, how do 2,100 units delivered and in progress since 2010 sound? Or $1.75B in completed and in-progress development since 2010? How about 3.0M square feet completed or in progress? Or, $1.25B in assets currently under management? It sounds like a firm that your money can grow with – that’s what it sounds like.

Are You Ready to Invest?

It is so simple: if you are ready to invest and have done your research, guess what? The time is right! If you feel confident that Real Estate is the way to go, NRIA has all of the things investors need to succeed; just have a look for yourself! 

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Strategies To Start A Successful Business




Strategies To Start A Successful Business

Building a business from scratch is not an easy task. However, the main challenge rests behind it, which is to last for a reasonable time. The research shows us that two out of three businesses become a flop in at least two years and nearly 50% survive within five years.  The main reason behind such an early failure is the lack of planning and poor leadership. This article will tell you some of the best ways to develop a new business. Let’s discuss some of the strategies.

Analyze Yourself

Starting a business requires thoughts and ideas, along with the careful examination of yourself. First of all, take a good look at your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. It will allow you to know what you can do and what you cannot. Even if you have the best business idea, start by analyzing yourself. This will help you build a successful and long-lasting business. Understanding yourself and your team is the crucial point for making a business achieve its maximum potential. Moez Kassam with over a decade of experience as a successful entrepreneur, hedge fund manager, business partner, philanthropist, and board member brings a wealth of experience and creative energy to all he does.

Track Down Your Motivation

The clearer you are about achieving something, the better is your chance of achieving it. Hence, you should be clear about why you turn back on the security of a career for the variability of a business. It is one of the vital factors to understand which thing is driving you to start a business to determine its type. You are much more likely to fail if your intentions are not aligned with your business. Learn more about the work of Moez Kassam, he is a hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur.

Think Of A Great Business Idea

It is hard to come up with a great business idea relative to a good business idea because a great business idea consists of planning everything ahead of time. Like knowing which type of business you are starting and why, how much money you are going to invest in it, and so on. Moreover, it is directly related to your business’s success. When starting, you will explore as many business ideas as you can before settling down on one great idea you will take forward so that you can turn it into a profitable, valuable, and successful business.

Plan Your Business

Planning your business is not the most fun part of creating your business, but we can assure you that it plays an important role in developing a successful business. You have to develop a good business plan that must include market strategies and evaluation, an executive summary, and an operational plan. A business plan is a blueprint or profile of your business.


Building up a business from scratch could be the most fruitful experience a person can have if the right strategies, planning, and determination are applied. And if you follow the strategies above, you will be able to start your own business and be able to make it proficient and successful in the long run.

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Know The Eligibility and Requirements For Subclass 887 Visa in Australia



The Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 allows the holder to stay in Australia for an indefinite period. You will be allowed to work, stay and study in any part of Australia. The holder can even achieve permanent residence in the country. 

This visa is a substitute for the second stage of the visa subclass 883 and subclass 137. You need to meet specific criteria to get the visa application approved. Find out about the particular requirements by reading this article. 

Eligibility Criteria

You need to fulfil a particular set of criteria to become eligible for the visa subclass 887 in Australia. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • You need to hold a visa for a minimum of 2 years before applying for visa 887. You also need to meet all the conditions of the visa you have. 
  • You need to stay in a particular region for two years minimum prior to applying for visa subclass 887. 
  • The applicant must work in a low population growth area for at least one year. The applicant needs to be a full-time employee in one such region. 


The requirements to get access to Subclass 887 Visa are as follows:

  • You have to meet the residence requirement in Australia. It requires you to stay in a specific Australian region for at least two years. 
  • You should also meet the work requirement criteria. According to it, you will have to be a full-time employee at a low-population growth metropolitan area for at least one year. 
  • You will also have to meet all the health requirements. The visa entrant cannot be a threat to the public health of Australian residents.
  • You also need to pass the character requirements. You should not have any criminal history. 
  • Your family will also have to pass the character requirements. A character certificate issued by the police will be necessary even if your family members are not accompanying you to Australia. 
  • An applicant above the age of 18 years will have to sign the Australian values statement.
  • You or your family members must not owe any debt to the Australian government.
  • The applicant also needs to submit proof that they have at least a functional English language level.
  • The applicant must not have experienced a visa cancellation or visa application rejection in the past.

Bringing Family With Visa Subclass 887

The visa subclass 887 will permit you to bring your family members with you. You should include all your family members while making the application. It is important to remember that no family member can be added after the application is submitted.

The visa will allow only your immediate family members to accompany you. It will include your partner, your children, or your partner’s minor and dependent adult children. You can also bring your or your partner’s minor or dependent adult step-children. It is also possible to bring your grandchildren with you. 

Documents Required For Your Partner/Spouse

Your spouse or partner needs to provide any type of identification proof. They also need to submit a character certificate. The marriage certificate also needs to be submitted. If applicable, evidence of your relationship must be presented as well.

Documents For Your Minor Children

The birth certificate of your minor children needs to be provided. The prenatal permission form 1229 also needs to be filled out. A statutory declaration must be submitted with the visa application. 

Documents For Your Adult Dependent Children

The identity documents and character documents of your adult dependent children must be submitted. You also need to submit proof of your relationship. If applicable, it is also essential to submit evidence of other relationships of the adult-dependent must be provided.

Credentials Of Servicing

You need to mention your line of work’s endorsement in the official parchment of the manager providing the character certificate. The endorsement of your line of work must provide your manager’s whereabouts and contact details on the parchment. 

The name, job designation, and the contact information of the person who agreed to provide the credentials must put their initials on view. The duration of your work should also be mentioned in your line of work’s endorsement. Some other information that must be included is your responsibilities, type of service, and income. 

Self-Employment Proofs

The 887 Subclass visa applicants who are self-employed need to put forward the following documents:

  • Inspect banking declaration
  • Levying certificates
  • Papers of organisation lodgement
  • Elements of promotion and business
  • Major prospect proofs
  • Firm background
  •  Mind Your Business Quotes
  • Fellowship of an executive corporation

Processing Time Of Visa Subclass 887

The processing time of visa subclass 887 varies on the basis of individual cases. However, 75% of the visa gets approved in 15 months, and 90% of applications will take 16 months.

Sometimes the processing time gets elongated due to mistakes made by the applicant. 

The applicants often fail to provide the necessary documents. On the other hand, the visa application needs a longer processing time if the authorities ask for additional documents. You can talk to an Immigration Perth to get guidance about the visa application. 

Cost Of Skilled Regional Visa 887

The main applicant needs to provide an application fee of AUD 425. The charges for each accompanying family member are taken separately. You will also have to bear some additional expenses. This includes health checks, police verification, and other biometrics.

  • Furthermore, a second instalment might have to be paid if the family members accompanying you do not have a functional level of English. You need to provide the second instalment fee for every member above the age of 18 years without evidence of English language competence. The second instalment fee is around AUD 5,000.

Advantages Of Skilled Regional Subclass 887 Visa

The visa subclass 887 will allow an individual to reside, learn and shoulder responsibility in Australia. It will also enable the visa holder to gain Australian nationality. The holder of this visa can avail of Medicare which is the national medical coverage program.

  • Another significant advantage of visa subclass 887 is to finance qualified acquaintances for indefinite citizenship. It is also possible to avail definite community-based subscriptions with this visa. They can also sponsor eligible relatives for several permanent and temporary visas in Australia. 
  • You have to reside in Australia at the time of applying for the visa. After the visa is granted, you can travel to and from Australia as many times as you want. But this is applicable for a period of five years from the date of the visa grant. The five-year travel restriction will stop an individual from re-entering Australia. 
  • After the expiration of the five-year period from the date of the visa grant, you will need a Resident Return Visa to enter Australia. Any other suitable visa will also grant you access to the country. However, individuals inside Australia who have been permitted to stay indefinitely are not affected by the five-year restriction. 

Wrapping Up

Subclass 887 is one of the visas for obtaining permanent residency in Australia. You have to meet a lot of criteria to get your application for visa 887 approved. Hopefully, the guidance provided in this article will be valuable for you. For more details regarding the visa subclass 887, contact migration services in Perth.

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Make your company extraordinary with Custom Donut Boxes from ordinary!



Have you ever wondered what makes other successful companies famous? It is not that they have more hours in the day, or that they have much better opportunities. It is that they choose to do smart work over hard work. They have determined the key essentials to running their business and instead of focusing on other aspects that may make you lose your business; they choose to work on important ones.

Packaging is a very big part of running a company. Especially in the food and bakery industry, keeping the products fresh and warm creates a huge difference. At the end of the day, you do not want to eat something that comes out stale from its packaging. So, how do custom boxes make a difference? Read more to know how to make your company extraordinary with custom donut boxes from ordinary.

Advertise creatively

The packaging gives you a wide range of ways in which you can advertise your product efficiently. For example, if you want to advertise the fact that you do free home delivery, you can add that in bold letters on one side of the custom donut boxes. Besides that, you are even able to deliver whatever you want to be said onto the boxes by printing services.

Creative advertising includes the usage of the same tools but in a more innovative manner. So, if you opt for the traditional style rectangle boxes, you can always try to change the pattern on the lid or use different sets of colors.

At the end of the day, what matters is how you present your brand in the market. Even withs mall bakeries, people need to know that the ingredients used are organic and the product is made with a lot of love. You can do that by adding an organic logo on the corner of the box or even use different styled fonts.

Build styles in a vast variety

The better the style you have, the more the customer will be enticed to buy your food commodity. Building a specific set of styles uniquely encases your brand identity. Your customer is better able to identify the flavor of your donuts by looking at the specific style of the donut boxes if they see one. But, building a style in a vast variety can be a difficult task. You might never find a good packaging company that understands the essence of your product.

It is here where H5 Packaging comes in. You can build your specific style that resonates with the morals of your brand by choosing H5 Packaging. Furthermore, you can have different aspects of your boxes designed and set by your preference. These aspects include

  1. Glossing
  2. Fine printing
  3. Size setting
  4. Sample for proofs
  5. Spot UV

Besides all of these aspects, you can even have this packaging company set a color theme based on the flavors of the donut. So, for example, if the flavor is vanilla, you can have a whiter theme and if it is strawberry then you can opt for pink or red.

Show your values through exemplary brand vision techniques

Packaging nonetheless is an exemplary technique to build your brand vision. The reason why custom donut boxes can make your brand extraordinary is that you are better able to show your values through the way that you get your custom boxes designed. This is called building a rationale with your client where they get to know more about your brand and also promote it to their peers. Eventually, our goal is always to make our business extraordinary, and this is the only way to do so.

Do right by your customers

Customers are the only drivers of any business. In order to do right with your customers, you need to have everything top-notch so that they are more attracted to the product. Imagine this, you order donuts from uber eats or any other company, and what you get is a very sloppily covered product that has become stale and is not worthy of eating anymore, would you ever want to buy from that company again?

This example shows the importance of doing right by your customers. You always need to be on top of your game and bring in new ideas that would make the day for any customer that chooses to buy the product.

Select company accurately

Accurate selection of packaging company is of the essence. The most important thing that you need to do is to look for the ones that are willing to give you discounts. And besides that, what matters the most is the reviews of the clients that have previously worked with the packaging company. These reviews will help you determine whether it is worth opting for that company or not.

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