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Education is the basic need of every human being. Be it Institutional education or practical experience, and education helps one to get through the difficult situations times of life and learn a new to evolve and adapt. The learning process starts early in childhood and keeps going to the grave. In the past, the family was the first school of the kids. The parents were the first teachers of them. They taught them the traditions and primary tricks about life. But, time is changing. The world is getting more competitive, and parents have less time to spend at home to cope up with the job sector’s rush. So, interactive learning is getting very popular lately.

What is interactive learning?

Interactive learning is a comparatively newer division of teaching method. In the past, the classrooms insisted on one-way education mainly. Here only a teacher will talk or explain a fact, and the students will take note and do homework to get a hold of that particular topic. Asking questions or giving own views were like rebelling against the teacher and not to mention none appropriated that. But, several researchers proved that this learning process is the least effective in case of creative education or kids mental training. So, they evolved a method of two way communication where the teacher delivers lectures engaging the students. After the session, the students ask questions or engage in a discussion to establish a better result altogether. It is also known as the Socratic method of learning.

Interactive learning tools

As interactive learning doesn’t solely depend on the memorization of mere facts and laws, there is an immense scope of teaching tools. A teacher has to interact with the student’s mind and thought process to present a visual representation of his topic. There are several things that you can use in the classroom such as a ball jointed doll, picture book. Studies state that we remember things better when we see and listen at the same time than the times we only received one sensation. Nowadays, there are several options to present visual data in the classroom.

Colour books are the best training tools for children under five. They will love to learn the names of birds, animals, or fruits through colouring them. You will find different themes of colouring books in the nearest stationery shop, or you can order them online now.

Word blocks

Word or number blocks are another children’s interactive educational toys. There are cubes or blocks with numbers or alphabets on it. You can let the kid make a Lego set, putting the alphabets or letters according to the queue. Building such systematic Lego sets or building structures not only helps to memorize fast but to improve critical thinking and decision making ability too.

Funny Videos

There are sites now that can teach the kids kindergarten reading and help them improve their reading skills. Several educational cartoons and vlogs help kids to get the primary moral education and essential learning. There are online academies to allow kids to continue their study at home during the coronavirus pandemic as letting kids get out of the house is not safe anymore.


For years the scientists are trying to develop the best method of teaching kids. Primary level education is the most crucial part of one’s life. The lessons one gets here cherish them for life. If we can make the learning period fun with the interactive tools and games, then we will get a more genius generation instead of dumb clerks that only can follow the order.

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