Intelligent Mobile Apps: The New Face Of Mobile Technology

The technology has been developed to such an extent now that it is giving tough competition to the human being as well. 

It is important to mention that human intelligence is the biggest gift of nature that has been able to bring a revolution in the industry as a whole. 

From 63 billion in 2015 to 2054 billion in 2018, the overall number of mobile app downloads has surged dramatically. In addition, it is predicted that by 2022, this figure would have risen to 2582 billion. 

Furthermore, mobile phone usage has surpassed desktop Internet usage since 2015, and by 2025, connected users will account for 75% of the global population

As a result, by 2025, mobile data is anticipated to account for 18% of the worldwide Datasphere.

Use of technology

It is only because of this capability of human beings to think rationally and evaluate the pros and cons of every situation that human beings have been able to gain a huge amount of respect. But have you ever imagined a situation in which this intelligence is replicated by technology as well? If you haven’t then it is time to think of such a situation.

 It is because the technology has itself developed to such an extent that there is no looking back now. 

There has been the development of mobile applications which are able to perform intelligent human functions. 

This article will make an attempt to understand the features of intelligent mobile apps and the application of the same in the mobile industry. 

Role of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been able to bring an evolution in the industry. Every sector including banking and Agriculture including Aerospace has been benefited with the help of this technology. 

In such a situation, it is important to bring into account the different and diverse purposes that they are accustomed to playing. The list of these features has been given in the following way. 

From 2021 to 2027, the cloud deployment segment in the UAE is expected to increase at a 35 percent CAGR. 

The country’s data center network is being expanded by companies in the regional intelligent apps market. Oracle Corporation, for example, will open a new data center in Dubai in October 2020. 

This allowed the organization to broaden its market reach and gain access to Oracle Cloud applications, allowing it to create smarter apps. According to the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority, 99.9% of UAE residents owned a mobile phone in 2019. 

The increasing adoption of cloud technology, as well as smartphone users, has resulted in the adoption of intelligent apps.

Helps to ease the human effort

If you remember your Manali trip your dad lost the path you exactly know the discomfort you had to face. Even at the bank, you might have come across a situation where no consultant is there to assist you with the basic banking functions. 

Also, imagine a situation in which you are visiting the airport for the first time. You do not know where the entry is and where the exit is. This would have again caused you a lot of problems. In such a situation the solution is always searched for. 

Innovative mobile app ideas have been able to answer all of these important questions effectively. It has been able to bring a huge amount of impact by artificially powering technological devices. 

Today we have Google Maps to assist us. We even have access to Computer-Based chatbots for banking functions and for navigating the airport. This is how technology has been able to bring comfort to human life. 

Helps to automize the things

Artificial intelligence has been able to power so many applications in the present world that everything is becoming automatic. Which human beings are only required to give commands and everything is done by the machine.

 For instance, the human being has to only feed his location in Google Maps. It is automatically in the position to drive you through that location.

  • Games receive the most attention among mobile apps, accounting for 72 percent of total app store spending.
  • The most popular game applications in 2019 were Call of Duty and Mario Kart Tour.
  • Non-gaming app subscriptions spurred growth in spending, which increased from 18 percent in 2016 to 28 percent in 2019.
  • China continues to be the most important market, accounting for 40% of worldwide spending.
  • In the United States, money spent on subscriptions and in-app purchases in mobile gaming and non-gaming applications has increased.

App for mobile devices

 Even if you forget to email your boss on time then also there is nothing to worry about. The email tracking option of Gmail will allow you to schedule sending your email only. 

In this way, technology is helping to make your life automatic. It is a system to control the Dynamics of your life in a much more effective and less time-consuming manner. 

This article will also provide examples of different applications that have been able to bring a huge amount of impact in the mobile industry. 

These applications are not robots but powered with the help of artificial intelligence. It is only with the help of these applications that life has been made much easier. 

Google assistant

Google Assistant is the best key mobile application that is available on every Android phone. It is considered to be an effective self-help application. 

It is only with the help of this application that different types of features and functions can be performed. 

It helps us to keep reminders and automatically call the contacts that we want to get connected with. 

It also enables us to find the details of the latest match score and the weather of your place. It is considered to be an important application that does not have any kind of competition for the time being.

Swift keyboard

This is an artificially intelligent Keyboard that is able to monitor typing and another type of artificial function. They have been able to bring a huge amount of ease to human life. It is able to bring a positive change by reducing the typing time and other types of formalities that may be required. 

This is the smartest keyboard that is available on platform click take for. If you use this particular keyboard, then it is evil to assist people to the greatest possible extent. It is the best example of robotics and artificial Technology assisting the life of human beings in the long run. 


This is another intelligent application. It is able to function with the help of voice commands. It is only with the help of this application then you can perform all the features of Google online. You do not need to type anything on Google for the purpose of searching. 

All you need is a platform that would be helping you out to give voice commands and get your output in a fraction of seconds. It has been able to bring a very positive change in reducing the time taken by people to conduct Google research. 


It can be ultimately concluded that this is the best utilization of Technology. There Are many different types of applications that are being produced for the purposes of building evolution. It is considered to be the important need of the century. It is only with the help of these affected applications that a positive change can be provided instantly. A good mobile app development company can guide you in the best manner.

It is helping to make human life much more smooth by reducing human effort. This has been able to bring a very positive impact on human life. The upcoming Technology will also be a better version of the present one. 

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