Integrated Learning System – The New Kid on the Education Block

When you hear ‘A home away from home’, what comes to your mind? For most of us, it meant our schools because a considerably large part of our day used to be spent in schools. Also, school is where the foundation of the character of a child is laid, and it has an immense impact on the overall development of a child. School plays a great role in moulding the personality of a child.

But, coronavirus’ entry in the world meant schools getting shut indefinitely. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge wake-up call to the age-old education institutions and their pedagogical systems. They had become stagnant and were still following traditional systems of learning. This time, even they have stepped up to incorporate new teaching methods into their curriculum. They have understood the importance of digital classes. This is when Integrated Learning Systems for schools come into the picture.

Integrated Learning Systems

What is it?

Integrated Learning systems are the tech systems that device the integration of offline-online learning strategies to provide a seamless learning experience. They combine hardware and software solutions together to deliver educational content. This system has an array of assessment and management tools that measure, monitor and maintain the effective delivery of content. 

They focus on each person’s unique learning experience. It does away with the traditional method of sitting at a desk and taking notes in a notebook with a pen. The students are free to learn in a way that suits them. They can take interactive quizzes, create multimedia portfolios, watch videos, and listen to podcasts. They enter a whole new virtual world.

Why is everyone talking about ILS?

All the schools that want to upgrade themselves are talking about the new kid on the education block – Integrated learning systems. Platforms such as Integrated Learning Systems in schools have prioritised offering teacher-student engagement metrics for a better online learning experience. Realise the unique virtual classroom experience with these new solutions. Integrated learning systems are quintessential for learning in today’s age.

The schools have realised that videos, power points, graphics, podcasts, images, comics and other things are essential visual tools to enhance understanding and information retention capabilities.

Why is multimedia given more weightage in the learning sector these days?

The answer might sound like a cliché, but it’s true. ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. So, with multimedia learning, instead of theory, students’ imagination gets better as they can see a topic in action in front of their eyes. This makes lesson delivery very useful, and the pupils understand the topic better.

Many reports highlight the digital classes’ trends; all signs seem to point toward the digital classes industry growing more robust in the future. As technology develops and innovation forays into the education sector, these trends will emerge stronger and help create a more comprehensive, inclusive and engaging learning environment.

Why your school needs an efficient ILS?

With their overall product offerings, the Integrated Learning Systems help schools maintain their high education standards and provide a 100% Complete School Experience. They bring in new features in the pedagogy of schools which changes the ways of assessments and progress of academics.

Also, by cutting down the costs of running a school overall, the extra funds can be allocated to enhance the learning experience further. Or, it could be used to provide scholarships in the form of fee concession to meritorious students. This will make education affordable for those parents and students whose aspirations are high but don’t have the means to attend a good school.

The position of Integrated Learning Systems has strengthened in the market because, with COVID-19 outbreak, the schools had to immediately switch to the online mode of learning via digital classes. The schools who already had a promising Integrated Learning System in place were able to finish the year’s curriculum without any bottlenecks because they already had the structured learning system in place.

A good ILS also allows managers, mentors and teachers to monitor their learner’s progress, and it has a well-connected feedback system that helps them understand the subject matter in a better way. These ILS systems also provide access to progress dashboards and reporting features to help the stakeholders monitor their own and others’ progress.

This helps increase engagement and retention as the learners can watch their progress grow in real-time as they submit their assignments. Teachers can also monitor their students’ progress at the touch of a button and offer any learners support based on their progress report.

Latest Integrated Learning Systems have built-in reporting suites and dashboards which enable the stakeholders to generate a whole host of reports whenever they want to. The software syncs the data together to create robust reports. Research suggests that about 85% of users feel using an Integrated Learning System significantly increases their productivity, transparency and efficiency across the school.

It provides you with an all-in-one learning software. Therefore, the users can access all the training tools they need at the click of the mouse button. They provide a unique integrated note-making feature that makes sure that the students don’t miss out on any information from their digital classes. A good ILS aims to provide the most efficient, accessible, and effective online learning to all students and online teaching experience to all the teachers.


Integrated Learning Systems should become an integral part of educational institutions across the country for all the good reasons that we have discussed. The pupils that use an ILS are more engaged in their lesson plans and training. They achieve more in less time, thereby increasing the returns on investment. This is a piece of great news for all the schools because every school wants its students to excel at academics.

Your school needs to adopt an integrated online-offline learning strategy to provide a seamless learning experience to your students. Incorporate the right Integrated Learning System in your school and let your digital classes be a growing and intriguing experience. Let your students explore their interests and take advantage of the whole new world online learning offers. These systems have stepped in at the right time with services that can enable blended learning now and post-pandemic. Don’t hesitate to sign up.

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