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4 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers, Likes and User Engagement

If you use social media, then surely you will be aware of Instagram. Instagram provides you with the platform to do various things like blogging, Vlogging, and marketing. But getting Instagram followers is a tough task. Without followers on Instagram, your content is pretty useless because no one will be there to read, comment, and share it.

So, for whom are you writing and posting? More often than not, it’s a target audience or type of customer that you have in mind — but on social media platforms, you are likely hitting a mix of that audience and general audience.

With that in mind, I will make the suggestion that you think about getting more Instagram followers for your account by creating content that is catered to both your target audience and anyone who might randomly find it through scrolling or the IG search box.

By implementing such a content creation and marketing method, this will help you to reach a diverse audience — thus improve your chances for more followers, likes and user engagement across the board.

With all of that being stated, in today’s article we are going to cover four of the most important tips to increase your Instagram followers, while also increasing user engagement across the board.

Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

1 – Promote Your Account

If you want to get Instagram followers, you have to put effort into it. As you know, every effort gets a reward, so you will get on for yourself if you are not promoting your Instagram profile on other social media platforms. You are surely wasting your time. Copy your profile link now and start sharing it on different channels.

What are you waiting for? No one will do that for you unless you do it for yourself.

Start sharing your Instagram profile but don’t forget to post some content first. Make your profile discoverable. People should find your profile easily and get access to it. If you have a good following on Facebook or Tiktok, let them know your Instagram profile too. In this way, you can convert your other platform followers to Instagram.

2 – Instagram Reels

Have you heard of it? If not. Let me tell you about the latest Instagram feature known as Instagram Reels. If you are not using this feature of Instagram, sorry, pal, you missed something in your profile. The Instagram reel is quite similar to Tiktok but for Instagram users only and best attracts the audience in a more natural and engaging way.

You can get many followers by a single Instagram viral reel. And your followers can access your reels in a separate tab in your profile. Start producing your reels and posting them for your followers.

But remember to get followers, your video quality and content selection must be good and relative. Otherwise, you won’t attract an audience. Rather, they will unfollow you. Make viral content reels and share with people. Don’t miss this opportunity to get followers.

3 – Catchy Content

Don’t forget “Content is King.” If you want to get followers, you have to attract people to check your profile and follow you. For that purpose, you should focus on your content first. The content you post on your social media should be eye-catching and attractive. Your content should be so powerful that it makes people share it. People can share your content on Instagram stories or direct messages.

But first, content should be shareable. Use catchy captions and keyword research took to target a larger audience. Also, try to tell a story via Instagram post. Storytelling is one of the most widely used techniques to get followers. Use long captions with hashtags related to your content and followers. If your content is catchy, you will catch followers with it.

If you are going to focus your efforts on creating content, it’s important to make sure it stands out from the crowd and is worth your audience’s time. It’s also a good idea to create content that is relevant to hot talking points and trending world events. As reported by Disrupt Magazine, it’s also one of the more effective ways to create content and grow your following on Instagram.

4 – Trending Hashtags

When you want to find anything on the internet, you search Google. The same is true for Instagram, but instead of websites and blogs ranking in their search results, it’s all about the different hashtags being used.

The end result here, is that if you aren’t using hashtags in your visual content on IG, you are going to be missing out on a lot of free traffic and exposure.

But don’t start adding a million hashtags to your upcoming updates yet. Try implementing a few lesser known and more customized hashtags to your content, as it will often rank higher and is easier to appear within the search results.

To see what hashtags might be a good option for your audience and channel, be sure to take a look at other competitors within your space. There are plenty of trending topics and talking points happening all the time on Facebook and Twitter, so they would likely be just as attractive on IG as well.

How to Grow Your Reach on Instagram

The Instagram algorithm changes very frequently. With algorithm changes taking place all the time, the techniques that IG users must follow when focusing on content creation and marketing must change as well. However, with so many different methods to attract new users and get organic followers, it’s important to make sure all of your bases are covered as well.

The way in which you decide to get followers is totally up to you. If you put a good effort in the right direction, you can get many followers. But if you are going in the wrong direction of getting followers, such as getting paid followers or joining different loops. You won’t get reasonable reach. Hopefully, after reading through our comprehensive resource guide, these four simple steps will help you to grow your Instagram followers.

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