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Instagram and YouTube Shorts: What content is popular and how the service will develop

A little over a year has passed since YouTube launched YouTube Shorts, and the new format, albeit copied from TikTok, already generates more than 15 billion daily views around the world.

As noted by Variety, after a year of work, including a phased launch in many countries, representatives of the service summed up the results and shared plans regarding monetization, separation of short and regular videos and the creation of new tools.

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What YouTube has learned about the short video format

YouTube has found it necessary to maintain a clear separation between the main platform for long videos and YouTube Shorts because the creators use different editing tools, metrics, and engagement methods for each format.

Todd Sherman, head of product for YouTube Shorts, noted that his team is now focused on two main areas of service development: creating creative tools that allow everyone to create and find an audience, and improving the viewer experience so that users find the most relevant videos and discover new ones. authors.

So now YouTube is more focused on developing new mechanisms for creating and promoting content, rather than monetizing it through advertising. But to support the authors, back in August, a special program of $ 100 million was launched for 2021-2022.

Dental content is popular on YouTube Shorts

As of Summer 2021, YouTube Shorts generated over 15 billion daily views worldwide, more than double the 6.5 billion in March 2021. Over the year of the service’s existence (from September 2020 to September 2021), the average number of new authors coming to the platform has also doubled.

But YouTube Shorts is very different from regular YouTube and its trends are somewhat unpredictable. In addition to several bloggers who have become popular in the Shorts format (DankScole, Katie Feeney, The Korean Vegan), the service representatives also noted the popularity of certain genres: magic tricks, Minecraft and, suddenly, dentistry.

“Who would have thought that what you do every day without thinking about it will attract the YouTube community? This is what we’re seeing right now with dental content, with more and more creators filming anything from toothbrush demonstrations and informational videos explaining the ins and outs of dentistry to testing stupid dental products, ”YouTube says.

Note: YouTube Shorts lets you shoot short videos – up to 15 or 60 seconds in length – on your mobile device and share them immediately on your channel.

It was possible to watch short videos on YouTube before, but now new tools for creating them have become available to users. In particular, the ability to shoot separate fragments and combine them into one video, record videos with music from the YouTube music library, change the recording speed, add video clips from the gallery, as well as text to each fragment.

Shorts are displayed on the YouTube homepage, in Subscriptions, in alerts. To make short videos appear in different sections of the platform, users can add the hashtag #Shorts to the title or description of the video.

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