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Insider Tips On Buying Wholesale And Bulk Spices For Your Business




Restaurants, food manufacturers, and caterers are finally plumping for bulk whole spices and herbs to let the flow of business go smooth and untroubled. After all, using the finest ingredients is the A-list recipe for the food business to be on the crest of a wave.  However, there are still plentiful executors who look for the cheapest and easiest option in spices or commit other mistakes when choosing wholesale spices suppliers. Not only this put all efforts in vain, but it also cut business ties with its long term goal.

Now, surely no one wishes to lose the cutting edge in the market just by going a little wrong. This is why here we have come up with top tips to help you cherry-pick the best wholesale and bulk spices for your food business. Check-out!

  • Prefer Purchasing Whole Spices (Whole > Ground)

If you wish your restaurant image to stick in your customer’s mind by offering them delicious, fragrant, and aromatic food, it is suggested to opt for whole spices rather than bulk ground spices. The reason being, whole spices like peppercorns, nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks last relatively longer for up to several years without losing their flavour.

  • Say No To Grocery Shops

As they, ‘Sugar and spice, and everything nice’, but how can you make this possible if the spices you have purchased are stale? To avoid such an instance, it is better to ditch grocery or gourmet shops unless there is an urgent need.

Where To Buy?

Since grocery shops can have stale spices in stock, you can make a better choice by preferring ethnic markets in your city. Besides, opting for a reliable online retailer to buy bulk spices at wholesale also sounds perfect.

  • Be Mindful When Storing Bulk Spices

The key to maintaining the longevity of your bulk spices is better storage. As you have to prevent spices from moisture, consider storing the dry, dark, and cooler places. Make sure to not bring them near the stove or put them directly above the stove. Additionally, prefer using glass jars instead of plastic containers. The secure-fitting lids and non-porous property of glass will preserve the freshness and flavours of your spices.

  • Buy Only Regularly Uses Spices in Bulk

When considering whole or bulk ground spices for your restaurant or business store, make sure to buy only one that you have to use frequently. Moreover, in such a case, you can also shop for bigger jars, as the reduced cost per ounce with greater quantities brings cost-effectiveness to the business.

In A Nutshell

Life is a lot more enjoyable with hot, spicy, and delicious food on the plate. To present the bundle of joy to your customers, choosing reliable and top-notch wholesale spices suppliers is the best solution. Don’t forget to be heedful of the aforesaid tips to let your food business hit the jackpot.

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Junk foods to avoid for weight loss




You are what you eat and when you eat too much junk food, you’re certainly on your way to becoming larger than life. Weight gain through junk food can hurt you in insidious ways leading to long term health complications. While the aim is to not become extremely thin or unhealthy, maintaining a healthy weight is important. Following a weight loss diet chart helps. Sometimes consuming junk leads to digestive problems and you’re left wondering how to stop loose motions. Youcan get an online doctor consulation with a dietitian to know more. 

Here are some junk foods that lead to weight gain:

1. Fries and potato chips:

Potatoes when cooked properly are very healthy but deep fried potato chips and fries are not. They are extremely tasty which is why it’s impossible to eat less. They are very high in calories and they also contain acrylamides which are known to cause certain kinds of cancers. If you like potatoes, just have boiled potatoes or even better boiled sweet potatoes! 

2. Colas and sugary drinks:

There is not a single healthy ingredient in coca cola. In fact 100 ml of coca cola has about 30 grams of sugar, which is ridiculously high! Sugar is a killer in disguise. They are strongly associated with putting on weight and can lead to irreversible chronic diseases such as diabetes. Giving up sugary drinks completely is a lifestyle change you will not regret. 

3. Maida:

In India many of us consume white bread and maida products such as naan etc. Maida products have empty calories, meaning they add calories without any health benefits. White bread can be substituted with brown and multigrain bread which is far more healthier. 

4. Candy bars:

Candy bars are one of the worst junk foods out there. Yes they are very tasty but are filled with unhealthy ingredients such as maida, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and more. If you crave something sweet, pick up fruits instead. You can also consume nuts in case you feel a dip in energy. 

6. Many fruit juices:

The next time you pick up a Real or Minute Maid bottle, be cognizant of the fact that these juices have a lot of sugar in them. Fruit juices lack fiber which is found in whole fruits and many fruit juices contain fruit flavours and not necessarily the fruit itself. Consume homemade sugar free fruit juices instead. You can also drink sugar free cold pressed juices or best, tender coconut water which is incredibly refreshing and healthy! 

Thus if you want to lose weight and become healthy, make sure that you cut out these harmful foods from your diet. Occasional consumption is okay, but moving away from them permanently is best in the long run. 

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Healthiest Food to Order at Subway




We all know that Subway is a healthy alternative to all the fast-food services. It really amuses me how you can make a sub that is so delicious, healthy! I wonder what is the criteria like how old to work at Subway? Anyhow, let’s get back to the topic of healthy food. 

Subway has been a leading chain in providing the best and the healthiest food options. It has a vast menu with so many delightful options to choose from. You will option for wraps, paninis, salads, subs, and much more. Although, there are also many unhealthy options as well. 

I know it gets hard to choose between health and taste. But Subway makes it a little easier. Now, if you are on a fitness journey or just want to clean up your diet then, these options will be leading the way to your destination.

The healthiest food options at Subway includes:

Let’s not waste a single minute and get into the details of these healthy food options from Subway.

Oven Roasted Chicken


Oven Roasted Chicken 6 Inch Regular Sub: $6.99

Oven Roasted Chicken Footlong Regular Sub: $9.49

Calories: 310

The healthiest option available at Subway is the Oven Roasted Chicken. You can fill the sub with veggies, sweet onion, and mustard. To make the sub more healthy you can go for healthy bread. The sub has 21 grams of proteins, 4.5 grams of fat. Trust me when I say that this is the best choice if you are going all healthy. 

Turkey Breast


Turkey Breast 6 Inch Regular Sub: $6.69

Turkey Breast Footlong Regular Sub:$9.49

Calories: 290 

Hand down to my personal favorite sub at Subway. No need to feel guilty while having this sub because it is Healthy!!! The Turkey Breast is a light option that is full of veggies. It does have a lot of sodium, so if you have this sub make sure to look out at the sodium intake for the rest of the day. 

Veggie Delite


Veggie Delite® 6 Inch Regular Sub: $4.49

Veggie Delite® Footlong Regular Sub: $5.99

Calories: 230

Here comes the best option for all the vegans and vegetarians out there. Looking to cut back to sodium? This is the sub for you. No doubt on Veggie Delite being the most delightful sub. You can have this sub for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is light yet will keep you stuffed for a long time.  

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki


Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 6 Inch Regular Sub: $6.29

Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Footlong Regular Sub: $9.99

Calories: 360

Need too many good flavors in your sub? If so, then don’t think twice before getting your hands on the super delicious Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub. If I would have to name this sub, I would call it the “Wonders of Flavorland”. You can also add some veggie and make it healthier. Be ready to experience the surreal experience of the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. 

Turkey Bacon Avocado Wrap

Calories: 430

This wrap is my only favorite wrap from Subway. Unfortunately, if you want the wrap to be healthy, you will have to cut down the bacon. I know, it’s very sad! But health is a priority here. Do not get intermediate with these super amazing-looking wraps. However, the calorie count is a bit high, but that is solely because of the avocado. Make sure to keep a check on your calorie intake when you have this wrap.  

Chicken Wrap


Caesar Chicken: $8.99

Chicken & Bacon Ranch: $8.55

Calorie: 430

Nothing can go wrong with the classic Chicken Wrap. But if you look at the calorie count, you might wonder that it is higher than the sandwiches. You can totally choose a sandwich over a wrap. It is totally your choice. I will hide the fact that a wrap is high in calories than bread. 

Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich


Egg & Cheese 6 Inch with Regular Egg: $6.19

Egg & Cheese Footlong with Regular Egg: $8.99

Calorie: 360

A healthy option for breakfast needs to be on the list, Period. You can make this sandwich a little healthier if you give up the cheese. Trust me it is not a bad idea! This meal in your breakfast will provide you with all the healthy proteins, carbs, and fats. 

Final Thought

These were my favorite choice of orders from Subway. I know it is very hard to convince yourself to start a healthy diet. This list of the healthiest food options will help you deal with your cravings and let you stay on your diet properly. I hope this list helped you in choosing your diet food.

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Why Mr. Beast Will Be The First YouTube Billionaire



Winning people’s heart is what this YouTube sensation is doing the best. Jimmy Donaldson, also known as Mr. Beast online. He is an American philanthropist, entrepreneur and youtuber. He is known for making expensive videos, which makes him one of the most viewed Youtuber in 2019 with 27 million subscribers. The most amazing fact is he has achieved heights of success at an age of 21 only.

Born on May 7, 1998 in eastern North Carolina of Greenville, Jimmy Donaldson is a college drop out. The reason behind this is he decided to persue his career as a YouTuber. He reached 1 million subscribers by November 2017.

Learning about Mr. Beast and his motives makes it possible to be the billionaire soon.  There are various factors because of which he will be a billionaire soon. Take a look on them.

  • Uniqueness

The content he creates is so unique that it makes the USP (Unique Selling Point) of his videos. No wonder anybody can replicate the idea of the content. But his content involves so much uniqueness, cost and time which makes it difficult to be copied by any other content creator. Not everyone can take this risk to make a video which involves so much of the cost.

Imitation of his content is highly complicated. Thus, the competition from other content creator levels down to zero.

  • Personal savings

Mr. Beast not only spends money from sponsoring the brand, views of his videos or from selling the merchandise. But he produces the videos using his personal savings too. His videos are expensive so he requires lump sums of money to create them.

He once said, he wants to have a zero bank balance when he dies. This reflects he is not at all materialistic in nature. Money is not the reason of choosing to be a YouTube content creator.

  • Gaming Apps

He created the game Finger on the App, for giving away the money prize. To play this game one has to be the last one hold the finger on the screen. This game takes days to end but to win the cash prize, people are playing this game day and night. Not only the winner gets prize in this game but the last four players also get some prize.

  • Trust

His fans have so much of trust on him. What he says, believes, uses and suggests, they are all ready to accept it with their eyes closed. Trust is one such thing which connects the viewers to the content of the creator. Having a trust on the creator not only makes a connection but also attracts the fans. It gives more satisfaction to both the content creator and the content viewer. No wonder Mr. Beast has this connection with his fans, which will make him attract more viewers.

  • Future Plans

His future plans are way bigger than what he is doing presently. He wants to build other channels likewise his gaming channel and main channel. He also has opened his own virtual fast food restaurant chain named as Beast Burger with simple and delicious menu. The main objective of Mr. Beast behind numerous channels is to influence the opening of homeless shelters and food banks. This plan of his shows he wants to work for the social cause as much as he can.

His purpose driven approach motivates him to improvise his content to a whole new level. All he wants to do is make world a better place by working on the social causes. This in turn attracts more viewers to his content as they know the motive behind his challenges and content.

The minute he uploads the videos, it becomes the talk of the world. Views over his videos come like swamps of bees coming to the flower. With all the hype and insights, it becomes evident that he can be the first YouTube billionaire in the coming years. Till we get this news, let’s watch some of his videos to work upon a social cause

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How Can We Save Money By Using Chinese Take Out Boxes

China has its cultural values and its old history. They are amongst the oldest civilizations and they still have very different and unique ways of everything.



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China has its cultural values and its old history. They are amongst the oldest civilizations and they still have very different and unique ways of everything. Chinese are very creative and their creativity can be seen in their products too. One of their packaging product is chinese take out boxes and these boxes have their separate fan place due to their benefits and creative looks. These boxes were called oyster pail when they were invented because they were made to contain oysters first. Oysters were in plentiful quantity, cheap, and more popular amongst Chinese at that time. These boxes or oyster pails were cheap and made up of paperboard so they got huge success and their market got high in demand. After that oysters got expensive due to their shortage and these boxes were used as holding honey.

Chinese Takeout boxes, Chinese Takeout box, Chinese Takeout packaging, wholesale Chinese Takeout boxes, Chinese Takeout boxes wholesale, custom Chinese Takeout boxes, custom Chinese Takeout box,

The Rise In The Takeaway Food

After World War II restaurants got the attention of people and prepared food and take away prepared food concepts came into the market. Before it, there was no concept like that and people buy only fresh groceries and prepare their food at home. Restaurants were there but the concept of taking away freshly prepared food was not there, one of the reasons was, there was no such packaging material in which people can take away their hot and fresh food. These boxes were the right thing for this problem and people liked these boxes due to their benefits.

Chinese food is also favorite food all around the world due to its taste, looks, and inexpensiveness. Likewise their culture, their food is also different and unique from world, one of their most famous dishes is noodles and this is creative food made from dough and soup. Chinese started selling it around the world due to its demand and they started to take away in these Chinese take out boxes due its no leakage and many other properties.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Chinese Takeout Boxes?

These boxes are much smarter than other boxes in the market and this is because these boxes have more advantages over others. These boxes are inexpensive and readily available around the world and if they have the same price as other boxes in the market still they have more advantages over other boxes. They are made easily and their origami-like structure looks beautiful. These are made up of paperboard and anyone can make it, you just need to know the right cutting and folding techniques. It does not need any type of adhesives to make it stick together like other boxes. These boxes can hold moist dishes like noodles, egg foo young, sauced dishes and even soup is served in these boxes nowadays and no other box can do that.

These Chinese take out boxes can hold hot dishes and they remain fresh and hot due to their self-insulating properties. These boxes also allow steam to get away due to its construction. These boxes have a self-locking mechanism and these boxes come with their solid wire handle to carry, you don’t need any other thing to carry it. These boxes are stronger than others in the market and durable. These boxes come with plastic or wax coating from the inside and it makes it leakage proof. You don’t need any other plate or thing to pour food outside to eat, you can eat directly from the container by using chopsticks only and some Chinese restaurants give chopsticks too with a takeout box.

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The Eco-Friendly Material

These boxes can be recycled, again and again, they are no damage to the environment or Earth. It is also an advantage that these boxes can be stored in the refrigerator to store food or these can be used in microwave ovens to warm the food, but you need to be cautious to separate its wire handle before using it in the microwave oven. These boxes can be stored easily in stacks because they fit inside one another and they don’t need much separate space for every box. These all pros make them unique from other boxes in the market.

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These Boxes Have A Wide Variety Of Usage Among The Restaurants

Likewise these Chinese take out packaging material’s vast advantages, their uses are also vast. Almost every Chinese restaurant around the world uses these boxes for its cuisines. These boxes are accepted by all around the world happily due to their benefits and these boxes made their place in the hearts of people. These boxes are not only used by Chinese restaurants only but, these Chinese take out boxes are widely used by other restaurants too, even small shops or carts of fries use these boxes with some customizations. The whole world is using it and still, these boxes are the symbol of Chinese culture, and these boxes are used in movies too as a symbolic part. These boxes have a very sleek and beautiful design and these boxes are also used as a gift and they look pretty good and sign of novelty as a gift.

Chinese Takeout boxes, Chinese Takeout box, Chinese Takeout packaging, wholesale Chinese Takeout boxes, Chinese Takeout boxes wholesale, custom Chinese Takeout boxes, custom Chinese Takeout box,

Chinese take out boxes was a kind of revolution to the packaging industry due to their vast benefits and solution to some major problems. The world is evolving day by day and getting solutions for the problems we are getting in our daily chores. These boxes were also big problem solvers in the form of packaging of food. Chinese history and its unique culture had given so much to the world with its creativity and there will be more solutions we hope to come from their creativity and thinking out of the box.

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5 Things to Know About Grain Processing




5 Things to Know About Grain Processing

For those who are not conversant with grain processing, this is a process that entails cleaning, grading, sorting, dehulling, and milling to ensure the grains are edible. Since technology has advanced significantly over the years, there are different ways through which grains are processed.

Below are five things that you should know about grain processing:

1.    How are the Grains Handled After the Post-Harvest?

After harvesting, you are supposed to implement specific steps to ensure you don’t incur losses during transportation, handling, storage, and manufacturing of the grains to add value using different technology forms. Biological, thermal, and chemical technologies usually help to increase the life of the grains. Some of the general steps after harvesting include cleaning, drying, milling, and storage.

2.    Modern and Traditional Grain Handling

The grains are usually stored in bags before being cleaned or dried properly. Since technology has advanced greatly, the grains can be processed scientifically, and you can store them in a silo. Different handling mechanisms are also available, and they include a pneumatic conveyor and screw conveyor.

3.    Drying Grains

When harvesting grains, they have moisture content amounting to 20-25 percent, which means they are susceptible to deterioration and fungal contamination. To safely store the grains and increase the shelf life, you need to dry the grains and ensure the moisture content goes down to 13-15 percent. The grain moisture levels and the storage temperature have a significant influence on the quality of the grains and the shelf life. In most cases, people would dry the grains under the sun. Although this technique is useful, it takes a considerable amount of time, and there will be non-uniformity which means the quality of the grains will be affected. The main reason why the grains are dried before being stored is to avoid microbial growth. If the grains are stored in a silo, aeration drying will come in handy.

All the methods used to dry the grains usually help maintain the moisture content and ensure that the control systems are specified. The moisture content control can be automatic or manual. When using advanced systems, some of the sensors that have been put in place include resistance thermometers, thermocouples, dry-bulb, and wet-bulb thermometers, infra-red pyrometers, and resistance sensors.

4.    Milling

Milling entails separating different pieces that usually constitute the grain. The grains can be milled through wet milling or dry milling. Dry milling entails grinding and also shifting. On the other hand, wet milling entails soaking the grains and separating the protein, starch, oil, and fiber. Dry milling is suitable for grains such as wheat and rice. The final product is either flour, semolina, or grits, and it is dependent on the size of the grains.

For wet milling, the grains are first cleaned and then subjected to a controlled amount of water to ensure the kernel is moist. The inner endosperm is also softened. The soaking time will vary depending on factors such as the types of grains and their moisture level.

5.    Packaging the Grains

There are different ways to store grains. They can be stored in containers or on the floor. The consumer packages for the grains usually consist of pouches that are heat-sealed. The packaging bags usually are made from paper or cotton twill.

Final Thoughts

Since grain processing yields different types of products, the manufacturer usually considers the consumer’s requirements first. The shelf life of the grains is also affected by the temperature and moisture content. To avoid issues such as insect growth and deterioration, the grains are supposed to be stored well. If the grains are stored well, the final product will be of good quality, and the end-consumers will get value for their money.

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