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Innovative ideas designing attractive Custom Hair Extension Boxes



custom hair extension boxes

The packaging is the art of marketing and provides you with an opportunity to give the silent marketing message to the shoppers. For hair extensions, the custom hair extension boxes are of great importance and play a crucial role in the selling of these products. They look at one of their kind due to unique shapes and visuals. The demand for hair extensions in the market is burgeoning. That is why their packaging should be matchless to stay on the top in the competitive market. For this purpose, you need to design your hair extension packages creatively and innovatively. The following tips will be helpful in this aspect. 

Make them transparent:

Introducing transparency can turn the ordinary-looking hair extension box into something special. Die-cutting your box to add window panels is a good idea to make it transparent. These window patches will enable the customers to look inside the box to know the inside contents. To make it more inventive, customize the windows in some interesting shapes. The hair extension packages can be matched with the products or upcoming events by customizing the windows—for instance, an egg shape for the event of Easter and a deer shape for Christmas. Incorporation of the windows enables the customers to see the product and give a message that your product is untouched. 

Charismatic color combinations:

Many companies focus on the details and forget about the strategic use of color schemes. All your hard work will go in vain if you are not paying attention to select the right color combinations. Be mindful of your parent brand theme and overall experience you want to offer to the precious clients. If you want to look confident and bold in the retail market, going with brighter colors could be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you want to convey the premium nature of your products, simple and minimal colors will work best. 

Graphical patterns:

If you want to make your objects look appealing on the retail shelves among the ocean of products, you must pay heed to the graphical patterns. A polka dot pattern, which consists of small circles of the same size, could be a good idea for a fantasy look. If you want to make your items look youthful and lively, the chevron pattern is an excellent choice. For offering the shoppers a retro or vintage experience, the deco pattern will be best as it will remind them of beautiful past memories. The graphical patterns provide you with an opportunity to engage more customers so, be good at selecting the right patterns for your hair extension box. 

Artistic and innovative shapes:

It is almost impossible to impress modern-day shoppers with the traditional shapes of hair extension packages. Get rid of the rectangular or square shapes and be innovative with the shape to allure the consumers in the first impression. Being creative with the shape can enhance the visual and perceived value of your goods being displayed. Try something unconventional and different from others to look unique and distinctive. For instance, pentagonal, hexagonal, cylindrical, or pyramidal shapes will make your packaging innovative. Designing your custom hair extension boxes in the shape of a pillow boxes is quite effective in increasing the visual appeal of the items. 

Playful font styles:

The way in which you present information tells a lot about your item as well as the brand. To upgrade the perceived value of your products, print the information stylishly to mesmerize the consumers. The use of some playful and stylish font styles are of great help in this regard. The sans-serif is a modern and clean font style that prints the information elegantly. The slab-serif is a bold and loud font style and enhances the visibility of the printed stuff. Similarly, handwritten and script styles would be excellent choices for printing all kinds of details. 

Add images:

A good picture is, undoubtedly, worth more than a thousand words. A picture is an effective communicator between your brand and shoppers in the retail market. You do not need to print length descriptions and some other details of your hair extensions if you are adding pictorial illustrations. Printing images of your product on the hair extension boxes will enable the consumers to know about it without even opening the packaging. Doing this will enhance the aesthetic of your packaging as well as build the confidence of clients in your brand. 

Alluring finishes:

There exists a relationship between hair extensions and touching. Therefore, it is a great idea to provide your clients with a great sensation and feeling when they touch your packages. When customers go shopping in the retail market, they want to feel the product with their bare hands. Capitalize on this by using premium lamination and coatings on the custom hair extension packages. Matte lamination with enhanced appearance could be a great choice since it offers a smooth feeling while grabbing the items. The gloss lamination with a sheen can be used for offering a stylish and elegant look.

Use inserts and ribbons:

The outside, as well as the inner side of the packaging, matters when it comes to providing the ultimate experience to your valuable customers. Therefore, the induction of some custom inserts saying “thank you” is good for surprising the customers. The handwritten cards will make the unboxing experience amazing, and the buyers will feel special. The glitters and ribbons are a further icing on the cake that makes your packages look one of their kind. The ribbons are made from different kinds of materials like velvet, silk, etc. Choose the ribbons for your hair extension boxes that go well with the characteristics of your product. The hair extension boxes can snatch the attention of the consumers easily when designed properly. Designing them in a creative way can be a daunting task for you so, we have put together this effective guide for you. Die-cutting these packages for introducing transparency is an effective designing idea. Similarly, introducing some charismatic color schemes and lively patterns can do wonders for you.

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11 Awesome Tips To Make Keeping a Diary Easier, More Creative and Fun




A diary is a perfect way of keeping an account of your most memorable moments and cherished memories; however, it entails several more benefits. Diaries spark the inner creativity in you, enhance your mental health, and enable you to be a proficient writer. For many people, keeping a diary is a routine therapy for the mind that helps them stay sane and be at peace. Diaries are ideal places to talk about your day, feelings, thoughts, opinions, dreams, and ideas, and be stored in your own private, safe space. There is an assortment of diaries you can maintain, ranging from school to health to your love for food. However, since there is no right or wrong way to write a diary, a few helpful tips will enable you to get the most out of your diary. Your diary should be a spot where you can always open up your heart and write about what you want. There are simply no predefined rules on what or how you should write. If this is your first time and you are clueless about writing, you have landed in the right place. Our ultimate guide on tips to diary writing will surely inspire you to start writing like a pro on any topic that you fancy.

The Time-Honored Tales of Diary Writing

Many people underestimate the benefits of keeping a journal or diary. Ever since the concept of diary entries came into existence, human beings have poured out their deepest contemplations, most secret desires, creative musings, anguished frustrations, and memorable experiences. These diaries have no bounds. Many people consider it to be the perfect daily ritual for clearing your mind and a means of alleviating tensions and bidding farewell to insomnia.

How to Start Your Diary

The initial step to start writing and maintaining a diary is to have what it takes to write – the willingness! The “willingness” to write is undoubtedly more important than having the “ability” to write since the latter is something you can always work on. However, the former is something you must do yourself. A simple way is to do some thought-processing on what you should write in your diary or journal. If you are still unsure, just start writing any gibberish, your name perhaps, or about yourself, and see where it eventually leads to. Many people hesitate to start writing because it is a common human misperception that one has to write down their thoughts and feelings in perfectly crafted sentences. This is not true at all. A diary is your own and writing in a stream of consciousness without editing can capture your thought in an accurate and authentic way. An online diary, such as Memairy, allows you to record video entries when you feel more comfortable speaking than writing. Furthermore, keeping a diary helps you to keep a track record of your personal development and growth. The more you write, the more it will reflect how much of you has changed with time. Here are some useful tips to give you a head start to begin keeping a diary and make the process more fun and creative.

11 Tips to Starting and Writing a Diary

As difficult as writing already is, it gets even more complicated when you have no idea how and where to start. Still, there is no use of stressing about writing diary entries. Know that there are endless things you can write about. You can even start writing about how you cannot think of practically anything to write about. Just as the words begin to come out, continue writing with the natural flow.

1. Decide to start

The first step is to make the decision that you want to maintain a diary of your own. It can be driven by your inspiration, someone who owns a journal, or naturally out of the blue. After you have decided to keep one, you must decide what format you want to use for your diary. A traditional handwritten diary is preferred by some. However, more and more people are using online diaries that provide numerous advantages such as the option to record videos, include photos, easily search and analyze.

2. Decide what to write.

The second step is the most challenging part, but at the same time, it is the most integral part. If you want to keep your journal or diary specific to a theme or topic, you need to decide the one you want to devote the most entries too. Typically, diaries are a reflection of yourself including your inner-most feelings and private thoughts. However, they can also serve as a wonderful object for maintaining a record of your personal musings on a variety of topics such as,

● Daily events

● Family

● Friends

● Work

● Food

● Fashion

● Sports

● Books

● Dreams

● Travels

● Academic life

● Movies and Songs These are a handful of ideas just to give you inspiration to start writing about your interests.

3. Create a routine

Starting to write a diary calls for frequent writing. Still, it is your choice how frequently your diary should be filled in by you. It can be daily, weekly, or making a schedule that suits you best. The most essential thing in this step is to adhere to the schedule diligently if you have created one. Consistent writing will only help you get better with time. If you are writing a general diary that covers everything, you might want to write in it every day at a specific hour, suppose before you are about to go to sleep. When writing about more particular topics such as food, the frequency might differ. You will probably want to write in your diary every single time you have found a new recipe, tried it, visited a restaurant, or devoured a delectable meal. Hence, make sure the chosen schedule is workable for your topic and you.

4. Set a time limit

Generally, once we start writing, chances are that we get carried away with writing too much. One way to maintain conciseness and stay on track is to limit your writing time. Based on how much you want to talk about and write in your diary, fix a time limit that mirrors it. The ideal time limit for writing is usually around 15 to 30 minutes. However, if you want to allocate more time to writing, please set a time-limit that suits you well.

5. Keep your diary handy

An easy way to start writing and make it a habit is to keep your diary or journal handy. This means your diary should be somewhere that is easily accessed when you want. The majority of people with handwritten diaries often carry their diaries with them. An advantage of online diaries is that they can be accessed from mobile devices which are already often carried everywhere. A handy diary allows you to write anything you want, any time you want.

6. Date your entries

The best thing about having a diary you can write into is to have a written account of all the things you have written about. All your entries are stored, and you have the advantage of looking back and seeing your progress. It is essential to date each of your entries so you can back on a particular day if the need ever arises. Online diaries automatically date entries and are easily searched to ensure that you can always find what you are looking for.

7. Create an introductory entry

For your initial entry, write an introductory paragraph of what this diary is about and the things you will discuss. Give an exciting and welcoming introduction about yourself, the things you fascinate, something essential to you, what this diary will be about, and how it will proceed. It is good to be completely open and expose your most genuine self.

8. Create a topic list for entries.

On some days, you will feel naturally confident in writing and the words flow easily. On other days, you might be entirely clueless on where to begin writing. On days like these, a list of pre-made questions or topics can be a great help. Some suggestions for entries are as follows:

● The things you did today or yesterday.

● A lesson you have learned.

● An event that occurred, good or bad.

● Your current emotional state.

● The things you are thankful for.

● Your plans for the day.

● The food you had today.

● An inspirational quote or exciting news that you read today.

● The most essential thing or tasks you must accomplish this week.

9. Act like you are writing to a trusted companion

The key to writing a diary entry is to treat your best friend whom you are talking to. It is your private diary, so only you can see and have access to it. Treat it like your very own humble and trusted companion whom you want to open your inner self to. Addressing your diary as “Dear Diary” might sound cliché. Still, it certainly does make you become engrossed in writing more than ever. Additionally, it guides you to a casual conversational tone. A diary’s ultimate goal is to help you contemplate things frankly and honestly, just like you would do with your closest confidantes.

10. Be descriptive

Sometimes, even the most exciting events can sound quite bland if you put it into writing and are not very descriptive about it. Writing “Tonight I visited one of the best 5-star restaurants and had an amazing meal” will not stimulate much interest. Conversely, if you describe the restaurant’s ambiance, the brilliant dining ware, the gastronomic delights on the menu, the immaculate presentation of your meal, and the moment when the chef presented you with his finest, tender-cooked meat will instantly get you drooling and reminisce the entire experience. These delicate details beautify your writing style, making it more fun to write and even more interesting to read later.

11. Have fun!

Keeping a diary is a fun activity that should not be considered a burden or a chore. Always remember to enjoy yourself while writing your diary. It gets even more fun when you write about things that you really like. Your diary should be considered a place of unlimited creativity, solace, and personal therapy. It should be a place of your own reflection. Lastly, treat a diary as a place where you have the freedom to express your emotions and thoughts.

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How Much Does the Average Person Spend for Birthday Gifts?



Birthday Gifts

Words might not do the trick as time goes by, but gift-giving is never going to be old-fashioned. This gesture will be timeless. It is an effective way to strengthen relationships at any level it might be in or whichever type it might be. Further, on certain occasions and milestones —birthdays, holidays, anniversaries— it is traditional and rightfully so. Because the very essence of gift-giving is to show your appreciation to a person you care about. If you find yourself looking for a way to save on your next gift for a friend, a family member, or a workmate, consider using potpourri coupons and buying from

If you are wondering why we give gifts on birthdays, the reason behind it starts at birth and continues throughout our lives. The celebration of a birthday once a year seems like a great way to give a loved one something they need as a way of celebrating the gift of life.

People do tend to purchase high-priced pieces for gifts. But how much you spend should be based on three things: your relationship, with age of the receiver, and your budget. A lot of thought instead of money should go into buying a present for it to be meaningful to the receiver. In the end, you should always be comfortable with what you are giving. 

Age and how close you are to the recipient play an important factor in giving birthday presents. You can spend a significantly lesser amount for a kid’s birthday within the range of $25 to $50, but teens would expect pricier gifts. For siblings, cousins, and friends, upwards of $25 should be fine. For parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles gifting money between $50 to $100 are customary to help them with purchasing groceries and medications. Lastly, for a significant other you are more likely to spend greater than a hundred bucks with bigger purchases. 

In the modern-day, gift-giving is almost required when attending a birthday party. However, some people would want us to donate to charity or a cause instead of bearing gifts. Gift-giving is a tradition to some families, and it is not only for birthdays but for all other gatherings as well— holidays, baptisms, bridal and baby showers, engagements, and several more. Basically, any excuse to celebrate an occasion.  

It is only natural to want to show appreciation to a beloved one in the form of a gift, particularly on their birthdays. But it is proven to get expensive quickly without setting limits or budgeting. While there is no fixed rule on how much to spend on presents, it is important to keep in mind that your thoughtfulness goes a long way than the price tag. If your budget is tight, it is thoughtful to send a card or send a simple greeting to the celebrator’s way. Even a simple recognition will surely make their birthday extra special. You can make a friend, your partner, or a family member happy without breaking the bank

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Have More Fun in 2021 with Tea and Edibles Infused with CBD



A fulfilling life usually requires new and enjoyable experiences. While traveling to exotic destinations may not be an option in early 2021, broadening the mind can be done in multiple ways. Creating new memories this year can be as easy as trying a new edible experience.

Stress Relief

Many people find it difficult to enjoy the moment if they are experiencing stress or anxiety. Pushing stressful situations to the back of one’s mind can take an extreme amount of energy. If this is done too often, stress can seep out in other ways. Headaches, digestive issues, and overeating can all be manifestations from stress. Using CBD edibles can safely relieve stress almost instantly.

Gummies infused with CBD are legal in Canada and many US states, andeven small, recreational doses of CBD can reduce anxiety and produce a calming sensation for many people. As a relaxing alternative to a glass of wine, CBD is non-addictive and will not cause dizziness or irritability. Gummies and CBD-infused tea are a gentle way to hit the pause button.

Combine Edibles with Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are time-tested methods for relaxing and experiencing the moment. To deepen the sensation of meditation, many people enjoy using CBD to increase their focus. CBD can enhance the present moment without causing paranoia or anxiety. For a natural way to unwind that does not involve getting high, cannabis infused gummies and teas are highly enjoyable.

How Strong Are Edibles?

CBD-infused gummies allow you to enjoy cannabis without the high. Many people assume that cannabis is another word for marijuana. This is actually not true. CBD comes from the cannabis plant, but does not contain THC. Without THC, the intense high from marijuana is no longer felt when ingested.

There are multiple ways to use CBD. CBD can be inhaled, used as a tincture, and ingested. When ingested, the effects of CBD are released slower over time, producing a sense of calm that can last longer than when ingested in other ways. Typically, it takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours to feel the full effects depending on the potency.

All CBD edibles come in different dosages. Depending on the priorities of the individual, they can choose whether they want a stronger or milder option. Since CBD relies on different properties than THC, the experience will not induce paranoia or hallucinations. Check with your retailer and let them know your level of experience before purchasing. If you’re new to the experience, always start with the lowest dosage.

CBD Edibles Can Be Enjoyed with Others

Unlike substances that can cause paranoia, CBD does not cause social anxiety. Introspection and relaxation are important when enjoying a deep experience, but it should not cause the person to feel overly interior, and does not affect one’s ability to socialize and have a good time. CBD is not the kind of substance that will leave an individual feeling claustrophobic after use. This makes it a perfect way to enjoy some time with friends — over a zoom call or even while taking a long walk. To appreciate life in a new way, embrace the calming effects of CBD gummies and teas. They are an easy way to stay focused and feel better in uncertain times.

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Traditional Vs Modern Lehenga Cholis. What is the Difference?



Hatkay lehenga choli

Once your marriage is confirmed the next big thing for a bride is to select the wedding dress. She will be busy with all the planning to make herself look stunning on the wedding day. If you are a bride looking for some inspiration to buy a perfect wedding dress, visit Hatkay. You can find so much collection and Hatkay lehenga choli is one of the most sought-after by the bride. It gives a striking look on your wedding day, making you so special among everyone who attended the ceremony. There are diverse colours, patterns, shades, and styles too, and you can select accordingly.

Traditional Lehenga Choli Versus Modern Lehenga Choli

The key detail that you must check before a wedding is an outfit that you are wearing. In Asian countries, brides from diverse regions wear different wedding outfits. But the most famous outfit is the bridal lehenga choli. It is also called ghagra choli. First, it has the lehenga, which is a long skirt that comes on the choli. The choli is sewn and has a fitted blouse that is usually worn on the lehenga, leaving the midriff exposed, which gives more beauty to the wearer.

Now, let us see the actual differences between traditional and modern lehenga choli.

Traditional Lehenga Choli

Wherever you are in India or whatever region you are from, you will have a fabulous wedding and there is no compromise when it comes to wedding celebrations. Wearing a traditional lehenga choli adds more charm to your wedding. It gives a soothing feeling that brides can feel by themselves when they are in traditional ethnic wear.

The traditional lehenga choli designs include skirts with a fishtail shape, or A-line shape, or a mermaid design. In those times, royal Mughals used to wear lehenga cholis for weddings. As days passed by, it has become the traditional outfit worn in every region of Indian because of the charm the traditional lehenga offers to the wearer.

Modern Lehenga Choli

Speaking of the modern lehenga choli, they have more complex embellishments, unlike the traditional cholis that are made from satin and silk mostly. Also, when you see the modern lehenga choli fabric, our designers have made it look ultra-luxurious by creating it with the best materials like chiffon, silk, brocade, satin, khadi, etc.

The fabric has mirrors designed on it, great embroidery, stonework, or zari, beading, etc. Next talking about the dupattas, they are normally made from satin and silk, as these fabrics give a lot of softness to the skin. Modern bridal lehenga choli is also exemplified by bright colours adding more royalty. Because of the colourful nature of Indian wedding ceremonies, western brides are also choosing traditional Indian weddings.

Rather than the white wedding dress they actually wear, they are wearing a red lehenga choli, or a bridal designer saree, or other beautiful outfits of Indian weddings. From the pre-wedding ceremony, wedding to the post-wedding ceremonies, everything will be joyous and fun and wearing a lehenga choli will, even more, enhance your personality and give you enough confidence to flaunt your style on your D-Day.

So, if you need suggestions on where to buy lehenga choli, is one of the finest options. Go shop now and enjoy your wedding!

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Ventech: Phenolic pre-insulated duct panel




VENTECH phenolic pre-insulated panel is an advanced and UL Listed pre-insulated duct panel. QCDD approved innovative pre-insulated HVAC Duct work system. The product is composited by embossed aluminum foil and phenolic foam by special one-time continuous production line, with a sandwich structure, which ensure good bonding between layers .They can offers a high performance light weight and good ductwork system that requires only a few single fix and installation process.

Pre-insulated Duct Panel

Phenolic Pre-insulated HVAC Duct is new generation duct, which is ideal for specifications where space or weight is restricted. Compared with traditional galvanized iron (sheet metal ) ductwork, pre-insulated HVAC Ducts and pre insulated panels have offers a high performance, lightweight and robust ductwork system that inquiries only a single six installation process. This not only makes it a high-speed operation for projects on which time is critical but also provides the advantages of a considerable saving in cost and space. It can make a saving of cover 20% on operating cost over a 30-year life.

Advantages of Phenolic duct panel with fiberglass aluminum foil

Foil covered fiberglass duct board is the best pre insulated duct panel:

  • Panel thickness 20mm/30mm, with double-faced fiberglass aluminum foil.

Phenolic foam was used in thermal insulation of missiles and rocket heads early.

  • Widely used in high-rise buildings, transportation, ships, aviation, space technology and other fields.
  • Pipe shell products cut by phenolic duct insulation board are also widely used in the field of pipeline insulation, such as
  • Petrochemical industry.
  • The composite products of phenolic insulation board are used in the fields of large formwork built-in system, class a fire insulation system, building wall insulation decoration integration system, fire door interlayer, color steel sandwich board room and so on.

About Ventech

Founded in 2006, VENTECH is a group of company delicate in providing the efficient solutions for oversea customers. With 40,000m2 workshop and over 300 employees, we’ve become the leading manufacturer for HVAC products.

Phenolic pre-insulated duct panel is one of VENTECH’s main product. With high quality material and excellent sales service, VENTECH has sell to over 30 countries around the world so far.

Instead of GI ducting, the phenolic pre-insulated panel could avoid energy loss and conditioning air existing in ventilation. With the low weight, it’s easier to install and maintain. Different thickness is also available for customers to suit different project. This is a remarkable way to apply for the new ducting system.

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