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BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics is designed to help marketers understand exactly how each influencer influences their campaign goals. Start generating reports with reliable data – no longer rely on screenshots and pray for data to be accurate and complete. BuzzGuru also helps make sure you are working with the right influencers. Identify influencers talking about your industry, analyze their accounts prior to reconciliation, and find out the truth about their organic metrics.

Locate the finest influencers for your brand with influencer analytics

Brand alignment is essential to successful collaborations with influencers. With, every topic, keyword, brand, or hashtag you follow will show you the most influential users in the conversation, ranked by most interesting or most popular. So, the influencers you find are not only popular but also very # relevant in your industry.

Influencer analytics can also tell you what type of content is best for your target market – their followers. He can answer questions such as how their followers respond best to Instagram giveaways or funny YouTube video tutorials. Knowing and tracking influencer analytics can ensure a successful influencer campaign, rather than one that quietly melts into the vast social media space.

Check and compare influencers with influencer tracking

Influencer marketing that suits your goals. Use keyword and hashtag analytics to identify influencers in your niche. Use profile analytics to distinguish those who are truly interested from those who are attracting fake followers. Easily compare any influencers you track in BuzzGuru based on your campaign goals. Add them up to figure out what proportion of the voice, comparative sentiment, and who is most interesting.

Fortunately, this is where the influencer analyst comes in. Influencer Analytics measures, analyzes, and evaluates the reach and performance of influencers, including where subscribers are located. But that’s not all. Because they measure how often and how influencers and their followers interact, they can also tell you if their real followers are or not.

An easy way to track your influencer ROI

No marketing effort should go unnoticed. Measure how each individual influencer adds to the overall engagement, reach, and experience your marketing efforts generate. Collect this data in an easy-to-read and accessible dashboard by retrieving messages from these specific accounts. And demonstrate the impact of influencer campaigns with well-defined metrics.

But brands and marketers need to measure the reality behind the beautiful images and upbeat comments that so many influencer posts have. It is imperative to take a close look at the audience that influencers are actually reaching, including who, where, and in what numbers.

Increase transparency and productivity with influencer analytics

Transparency and collaboration improve relationships with influencers. Access information about your influencers’ social media accounts with influencer tracking. Forget about querying screenshots, updating tables, or getting partial results. Visit to for optimization tips to help influencers improve the performance of their posts. For example, knowing which messages resonate the most with your audience can maximize the influence of your influencers. 

Influencers can surprise people. They seem to be doing the right things in the right places all the time. And they often have huge audiences of enthusiastic social media followers supporting their every move and recommendation.

Make your influencer marketing more influential

gauge and optimize influencer marketing campaigns with analytics you can belief. The result is robust influencer marketing campaigns with real, measurable results. From now on, you don’t have to rely on spreadsheets and influencer screenshots to pray for data accuracy.

Get more control with influencer tracking

Thoroughly check your influencers with detailed profile analytics to find out their true expected impact. BuzzGuru will help you spot any warning signs like fake followers or negative sentiments before it’s too late.

Get full access to influencer campaign metrics for transparency and peace of mind. You no longer need to go back and forth to get the data you need for a report. Find the most relevant and attractive influencers in your industry with hashtag tracking. Get a hold to the mainly influential accounts before your competitors.

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