Secure A Role In Fastest-Growing Industries In Australia With A Certificate IV In Ageing Support

Secure A Role In Fastest-Growing Industries In Australia With A Certificate IV In Ageing Support

If you are naturally very compassionate and loving, then you can choose the aged care sector in Australia. It is a fast growing sector as the number of aged persons is always rising. Such high growth ensures plenty of secured job opportunities. The salaries are also quite decent. So, you can quickly join this sector after you pass your high school. But, the greatest reward of this career and certificate lies elsewhere. As you will be working with someone who has seen and experienced a lot in life, the experience will help you to develop yourself as a good human being.

Some important statistics to know

Just a few years back, a report was published by the Australian Government. According to that report, the total number of Australians who aged 65 or more, was about 4 million. That made about 5% of the total population. The report predicted that the estimated population would be 5 million in the next 5 years, which will be as large as 18% of the total population. It shows that the estimated increase would be 1 million in 1 year. Adzuna had reported that there were about 8400 jobs in the aged care sector every month. However, the count doesn’t end here. In the next four decades, the percentage of people who will require care will be as high as 150%. So, you can understand, the job opportunities will also go on increasing accordingly.

What is a Certificate IV in Ageing Support?

Usually people attend a Certificate II or Certificate III course in Individual Support, in which Ageing Care is included. Following the completion of the course, they try for placement. But not everyone wants to stick to the same job years after years. Then, they go to attend higher studies. One of the most crucial benefits is that, the more qualification you will get, the more job opportunities will be waiting for you. Here we discuss the important factors about the Cert 4 Aged Care course.

1. Course description:

When you will complete the course, you will become a support worker in ageing care sector and you will be responsible to carry out customized tasks and other duties in the sector. You will be given definite guidelines by the organization under which you will work and you have to provide the outputs that should strictly follow those instructions. And you should never compromise on quality in service you will deliver by the development, providing facilities and review of service planning and also individualized deliveries. You will also need to show how much leadership skills you have. In addition, you will also need to check the quality and quantity of others’ outputs, for the sake of organization, but only within some limited parameters.

2. Delivery of course:

Teachers of this course follow several learning and assessment strategies. Both online and classroom teaching are offered, and you can choose whichever suits you the best. Some of the best skilled experts will provide the necessary teaching and you will be fortunate to learn knowledge and get training from them. You may get very excited to learn that every student get the chance to become involved in several activities like practical sessions led by expert educators, assessment tasks like role-plays and also group discussion.

3. Good chance of placement:

We had already mentioned how demanding the sector is becoming every day, thus ensuring you and many other individuals out there about getting decent and well-paid jobs. Completion of this course will require you to complete 120-hour of vocational placement training in any registered workplace environment. You will not need to worry about all the arrangements and related matters, as the concerned center will take care of that.

4. Structure of the course:

Just like all the courses delivered in Australia, this course is also designed with several core and elective subjects. Core topics include ‘Manage legal and ethical compliance’, ‘Follow safe work practices for direct care’, ‘Facilitate the interests and rights of clients, and many more. Three elective subjects are named as ‘Maintain a high standard of service’, ‘Recognize and respond to crisis situations and ‘Lead effective workplace relationships.

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Why should you study Cert IV Ageing Support?

There are several reasons, reading which proves that the course is worth studying. The reasons are listed as follows.

1.  First of all, you will get some of the best experts who have years of industrial experience. As the course has a definite structure, you will be learning all the theoretical aspects and the practical hand-on training in a systematic manner. Combination of all these will make you fully prepared to join the employment sector.

2.  Candidates having completed Certificate III in Individual Support or Aged Care will always have the upper hand in learning faster. Certificate III is an introductory course where a student gets to learn all the basic skills required to do a job in aged care. Thus, this course will be just an extension. You will also be extremely benefitted if you have prior working experience for at least a period of 2 years in the exact or a related field.

3.  This course will teach you several leadership and managerial skills. Thus, in the professional world, you can effectively team up with other colleagues, and take yourself to a higher position by supervising the works of your fellow professionals. You will also learn how to give tactical responses to client complaints and manage them, how to help older people with complex requirements and help them in medication purposes.

What job opportunities can you find after you complete the course?

After you complete Cert IV Ageing Support in Perth, you will get plenty of job opportunities you may not even imagine. The potential career options are Aged Care Worker, Care Service Employee, Care Team Leader, Client Care Advisor, Personal Care Assistant, etc. After this course, you can also go for the Diploma course.

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