India’s Top 3 Reality TV Shows: 2021


KBC is India’s Most Favorite TV Show. This program is eligible for Indian citizens only. Any individual who is above 18 and lives in India can join this live game show. Indians who are international can also participate in the show. It doesn’t matter which country you are in right now. KBC Stands for Kaun Banega Crorepati. This show was started in 2001. It was the Indian version of the British Game Show “Who Wants to be Millionaire”.

KBC official website was started in 2000, till now many people have participated in this show and the host of the show Amitabh Bachchan also got changed. The prize is about up to 7 crore rupees, which a participant can win by giving correct answers to the questions. The questions are like a Multiple choice question, consisting of 4 options. There are different helplines available that can be used if the participant doesn’t know the correct answer.

The prize money for this show is huge. KBC has a mission that it wants to remove poverty from the lands of India. We are trying our best to support the country financially. KBC is a Lottery Game show which lies in the category of reality games show which means it’s not a scam. Many people are using KBC’s popularity for scamming people. But KBC is doing its best to protect its customer from such experiences.

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Crime Patrol:

Crime Patrol is an Indian reality Hindi crime anthology series. It is created by Subramanian S.lyer for Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia. The series is set in Mumbai, India. The episodes of the first two seasons are about 30 minutes long and other episodes of the seasons are atleast 1 hour long. The concept of the show is to show the crimes that happen throughout the country and the documentaries or the episodes are based on a true case.

The show was hosted by Diwakar Pundir, Diwakar Pundir, Shakti Anand, Sakshi Tanwar, and Anup Soni. The host of the show tells the story and gives several predictions and facts that could help the victim to survive the accident. He further explains the situation while combining it with the present situation to let people know about the crimes.  The show is mainly on major cases like kidnapping, murder, harassment, and rape. As such crimes are on top in India. 

The host makes sure that the audience gets the required information on the crime so that they should know what to do in such conditions. Apart from this the major concern of the show is to let people know about the crimes. The show also supports the real victims of the crimes. The show is doing great by spreading awareness about the crimes and due to this the rate of crimes is gotten quite low. The show has a total of 5 seasons and it was ended in 2019. 

Many NGOs and the victims themselves help and participate in the show so that people can get any kind of awareness about the crimes that are being happened around them. The show mostly shows incidents that are related to teenage girls and working men and women. Most of the episodes of the show are made on harassment because harassment is common in India which leads to rape and murder also. The show showed every single detail on how to encounter any incident. Because of this many girls now know how to overcome their fear. 

The content of the show is quite broad due to which it ended with only 5 seasons as many people get uncomfortable while watching it. Many people were against the show, as they thought the show deliver content that is not family content, and children are not allowed to watch it. but many of the people also supported it as it was a source of information and facts that every outgoing person needs to make themselves safe. The show was quite famous and had a huge fan following. It was an entertaining show as well as an informative show.

Dance India Dance:

Dance India Dance is an Indian Reality show that is aired on Zee TV and was produced by Essel Vision Productions. This show has a total of 7 seasons and every season is different from one another and hasa completely different concept. Everyone can participate in the show but has to pass the audition to go further. Then top 18 participants are selected for the final round and in the final round, they have to perform solo, duet, and also in groups. 

There isthe panel that judges the performance of the participants and grade or rates them. The one who got the most fewer points get eliminated from the show. In Dance India Dance every culture is entertained. The participant can choose the type of music, it can be classical, Contemporary, Bollywood, Hip-hop, Jazz, Kalaripayattu, Salsa, and Musical theatre. The audition for the show takes place in 7 different major cities of India and anyone who is 15 or above and is 30 or less can apply.

A total of 100 participants are selected from auditions. Then these 100 participants are given specific genre which they have to perform that are Hip hop, Bollywood, Jazz, Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Mohiniyattam, Odissi, and Contemporary). Then from these 100 participants, only the best 36 are selected and then it decreases to the top 18. 

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