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Incredible Jobs in the Blockchain Industry

Crypto is efficient, decentralised, and programmable money with no borders. Far more than being simply better money, it’s different money – and so perhaps it’s no surprise that blockchain has also given rise to a new way of doing work, and created new approaches to employment.

A job in crypto can be exciting, rewarding, and fun – but there are some roles that, for one reason or another, stand out from the competition. And if you also stand out from the competition, you might find yourself in the running for one of them…

The best places to find your dream crypto job

Looking for great opportunities in crypto doesn’t need to be too different from looking for any other kind of job. If you search on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other major recruitment hubs, you’ll find lots of blockchain and crypto-related jobs.

Of course, this is only one route into the rabbit hole that is a career in blockchain, crypto and DeFi (decentralised finance). Dig around a little on the web and you’ll find more informal opportunities, bounty programmes, part-time roles and gig work of all kinds – which can often be a way to get your foot in the door for more interesting and permanent roles. Check out company websites, Crypto Twitter and social media, The Coolest Jobs in Crypto

There are plenty of ‘regular’ jobs in the blockchain sector. You’ll notice the same roles coming up over and over again. There’s a shortage of qualified applicants for particular positions, and the salaries can be appropriately competitive. Some of the jobs you’ll see on regular recruitment sites include:

  • Blockchain developer
  • Blockchain engineer
  • Smart contract developer
  • Blockchain data scientist
  • Blockchain Marketing

There’s nothing wrong with these. Any of these regular roles is likely to be well paid and interesting. But there are other opportunities in the weird and wacky world of blockchain, and if you have the right skills and disposition, you might be able to pick up something that’s insanely fun, flexible, well-paying, and frankly simply awesome…

Head of Meme. Yes, it’s a thing. If you’re a Meme Lord, you might just be able to monetise your skills in crypto. And even if memes specifically aren’t a part of the job description, marketing in crypto is different from any other sector. If you don’t so much think outside the box as live there, and are willing and able to try new strategies to engage the crypto community, this might be somewhere you can thrive.

Indie dApp dev. If you’re a talented developer then sure, you can hire out your skills to the highest payer. Or maybe, if you’re really good and have original ideas and an entrepreneurial streak as well as exceptional ability, you can strike out on your own. Create a new DeFi service, sell or drop tokens to the community to bootstrap it, and build your own business on the blockchain. It’s not easy, but hundreds have already done just that, creating a new financial sector out of nothing but code.

Crypto trader. A risky but potentially lucrative way of becoming the master of your own destiny. There’s no shortage of crypto traders out there. Truly successful ones? They’re fewer in number. You’ll not only need to be good at reading charts but have outstanding risk management, able to adapt your approach to market conditions and remain unemotional when price action goes crazy. If you’re one of the few who master the necessary skills, you can set your own hours and place of work.

YouTube broadcaster/influencer. If you know crypto well, have useful insights to share and the ability to entertain people, if you have both charisma and business skills, then there’s an opportunity to put that to work with your own podcast or show. You’ll need to amass a large following before it starts paying you a decent wage, but it could be a strand of a wider business or side-gig from the outset.

Five top skills for crypto jobs

  • Software development. It’s an obvious one, but also the one that is likely to open the most doors in the blockchain world.
  • Communications. If you can articulate complex ideas in a simple, clear way, your value will immediately be obvious in this highly technical field.
  • Social media management. So much crypto information goes out over social channels. If you know how to get the most out of them, that’s a valuable commodity.
  • Initiative. Not a hard skill, but important nonetheless. You’ll need to be motivated, curious, and a self-starter who takes the initiative and goes the extra mile.
  • People skills. In a sector full of techie types and high stakes, there’s a role for anyone good with people and the ability to keep teams functioning smoothly.

Carve your own path

Just a few years ago the crypto sector didn’t even exist. Now it’s a thriving multi-billion-dollar industry. It has spawned jobs that had no equivalent before the rise of blockchain, as hard-working and imaginative developers and entrepreneurs seized the opportunities available in this new frontier. While the sector is growing up and becoming more professionalised and formal, there are still grassroots opportunities there to be created and enjoyed by anyone with the right mixture of talent and initiative.

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