In the market there are insurance for dogs and cats from $ 15 per month

Pets are increasingly important for European families, or at least this is demonstrated by the Fenalco figures, which indicate that six out of 10 households have an animal, with dogs being the most popular, although according to experts in animal services it is cats that are being acquired the most by people.

This has stimulated the interest of the owners in insuring those who are already members of the family. That is why the policies are a new line of business for different insurance companies in the country, such as Bivvy, which offer different services to insure different activities related to pets.

 Bivvy offers specialized policies for companion animals

With Bivvy, you can insure dogs or cats, a platform to do the process completely online. For your pet’s preventative and routine vet expenses, you can add Bivvy Wellness Care!

Among the services that this insurance covers is veterinary assistance due to accident or illness. In this, the company reimburses the expenses associated with hospitalization (including food and medicines), laboratory tests and diagnostic aids. Additionally, cremation or burial expenses, including the value of euthanasia, will also be reimbursed if they do not exceed the insured value

Bivvy is an innovative insurance on the market with which you will have your dog or cat insured in everything related to their life and well-being. The “Complete” mode allows you to access the rabies vaccine (except official fees), free consultations and reviews, establishing a very competitive list of franchises for the rest of the services.

  • Without exclusion of the animal’s breeds.
  • Once the animal has exceeded 9 years of life, the policy is maintained.
  • No health questionnaire or grace periods 2, the effectiveness of the insurance being immediate.
  • In the “Complete” modality, free rabies vaccine (except official fees). Free consultations and reviews and reduced franchises for the rest of the services opting for the “Complete” mode through a wide veterinary staff.
  • 24-hour emergency service: to enjoy this service, which is available 24 hours a day, you must call the customer service telephone number before going to any of the professionals or centers included in the veterinary chart. Service only included in the “Complete” mode.
  • The duration of the Bivvy Pets insurance is monthly. At the end of the month, the insurance is automatically renewed.

You decide how you want to pay it: you can choose between annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly payment methods.

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