Making a decision about a Facelift Toronto is not an easy one. You might find yourself flip-flopping about the decision and even drowning in a pool of questions. If you have gone as far as booking a consultation with a surgeon, you might be worried about what you should ask them. Undergoing a facelift procedure can make you feel excited and anxious simultaneously, and it is very normal to feel a range of emotions. When you are visiting your surgeon, it is essential you get all the clarification that you need. To help you get all the clarification, we have listed specific questions that you need to ask your surgeon.

Do you have an accreditation with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada?

You would essentially begin with a list of surgeons you are considering. When you begin to shorten the list, the first thing to check is whether they hold the right certification. The primary accreditation college is the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. This will help to ensure that they have distinct and have completed the specific education and are held to rigorous accountability.

How long have you been performing the facelift surgery?

A lot of surgeons have general experience in plastic surgery. However, this is not enough when it comes to facial enhancements. A general plastic surgeon has a different training than a facelift surgeon like a maxillofacial surgeon or neck surgeon. The surgeons who specialize in body enhancements rather than face surgeries will not have the needed experienced even though they have the credentials. Choose a surgeon who specializes in facial surgery and has years of experience with diverse patients. This will also help to create a customized plan to help achieve your aesthetic goals.

Can I please go through the before and after photos of your previous clients?

During your initial consultation, you should ask for some sort of proof for the surgeon’s skills. The before and after photos of the previous clients will help you get a better perspective on the surgeon’s results. Though you would be able to find some of the pictures online, in-office, you would be able to come across diverse cases and pictures.

Am I the right candidate for the facelift procedure?

Though you might be thinking that the facelift would be able to make you look younger and refreshed, however, it might not be the best-suited treatment for your needs. A great and experienced surgeon will give you honest and comprehensive feedback, which will focus on your needs and aesthetic goals. If a lesser invasive procedure would be able to help you receive your aesthetic goals, then the surgeon will suggest which one you should opt for. Your overall health condition and the condition of your skin also help to determine whether you would be a great candidate for the procedure or not. The surgeon will analyze your skin and give you a recommendation based on that.

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