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Importance of Website Design

In online business, many executive overlook the importance of web design in the overall marketing performance. However, this can make or break your campaign especially if you are marketing online.

Your company’s marketing may be the aspect that grabs people’s attention and gets them to take action. However, it is your web design that often decides whether or not they make the purchase.


One strong argument proving the importance of web design is the study that 75% of people see the credibility of a business based on the design of its website.

This means that credibility is directly related to how likely people are to make a purchase. It also means you are losing customers if your site has poor design.

You site needs to convey the information that you are a legitimate and trustworthy business. This is often determined by the quality of the web design.


There is also a co-relation that the web design has a direct impact on conversion. Simply changing the design elements of a web page for a marketing campaign can produce big boosts in conversion.

In advertising, small boosts in conversion can give you the edge against the competition. Getting more profits from advertising can give the power to buy higher volume of ads and win over the other advertisers.

Marketing efforts

As a businessman, you have to ensure that your web design reflects your marketing efforts offline as well. However, a disjointed visual presentation can make the marketing lose its impact. There is need to deliver a cohesive design and experience to continue the prospect’s conversation from the initial offline contact.

You need to make sure your web design reflects your marketing efforts offline as well. However, a disjointed visual presentation can make your marketing lose the intended impact. You need to deliver a cohesive design and experience.

Core message

Likewise, there is need to ensure that your brand’s message is clearly stated on your website. Since the visual presentation is part of the brand’s core message, have your web design communicate what your brand is.

And speaking of continuing the conversation, you need to ensure that your brand’s message is clearly stated on your website. Being that the visual presentation is a large part of your brand’s core message, you want your web design to communicate what your brand is about.

Aspects of design

Web design is also more than the visual presentation of a website. This consists of usability, user interface and site architecture.

Improvements on these aspects of design results in a lower abandon rate, higher time spent on site, increased referrals and improved conversion path. There is need to invest in quality web design if your website is currently not up to par.


Back in 2011, we published a blog post about Why Website Design Brisbane Is Important. Although the blog post is several years old, the information it covers is still accurate and, in some ways, even more, relevant today for B2B firms.

According to recent research, many online users said a website’s design is the number one criteria for deciding whether a company is credible or not. Since your website is often the first interaction with your brand, it is essential that it sends the right message and builds your firm’s credibility.

B2B elements

Before a website can drive leads and conversions, it must establish credibility. Let’s take a look at how these 5 elements of B2B web design are important to establishing trust and credibility.

These elements include navigation, brand consistency, SEO/user experience, content, and trust.


The navigation of a website can either guide visitors through your website with ease or cause major frustration that can force a potential client to bounce off your site.

It can be easy to get excited on flashy designs or typefaces. But in many cases, a simple and straightforward navigation gives the best user experience. It should be easy to manipulate even by the most illiterate computer user.

Brand consistency

Branding comes into the forefront if your firm has a recognized logo and brands that is used in signs, marketing materials, brochures and many other print materials.

Consistency is a major factor in establishing credibility. New and existing clients should be able to recognize easily your brand in all communications, marketing materials and in your website design.

Consistency in visual branding

When the website designer and the visual components of a brand are not saying the same thing, there will be potential and existing clients with negative views of your company.

The website designer should answer when visual components of a brand are not saying anything. They can make potential and existing clients ill-at-ease, confused and cause them to harbor a negative view of your company.

SEO / user experience

A major component of SEO (search engine optimization) is the visitor’s experience and needs to be calculated in the overall design.

If there are important information like service offerings, capabilities or benefits are in the bottom of a web design, the visitor can get frustrated and leave the site fast. This increases the bounce rate and tells search engines that your website does not serve up information.

The best practice in website design is to put the most important information towards the top of the B2B (business-to-business) web design.


The contents of a website contains both written and visual content which should work together to clearly communicate your brand message and main value propositions.

The writing content has to be concise. Concise content work better with the web design, it is quicker to read and easier to remember. The page is cluttered if there is too much written text and images.

A reader can rest his eyes when there is a negative space in the page.


The overall visual design of the website has so much weight in building trust in a website.

It will not be possible if your page is outdated, sloppy, poor or disproportionate.

An experienced web designer who understand your firm’s objectives and interested in catering to user experience is essential to building a B2B website design that engenders trust and builds relationships.

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