Importance of Getting Your Aircon Serviced Regularly

Many of us immediately think about aircon when it starts to get hot outside. In Singapore, air conditioning is necessary during the summer months, and it can be hard to live without it! But did you know that air conditioning has other benefits besides being able to cool down your home or office? Regular aircon servicing will ensure that your system is running at its best and ensuring that you are getting all of the benefits from installing an aircon unit! Some of you may neglect and not aware that your aircon units should be regularly serviced. The truth is, you should engage aircon servicing regularly, based on average household usage would be once every 3 months, to keep the units in good shape.

Benefits of Aircon Servicing

  1. Health Benefits – Aircon units don’t just cool down homes and offices. They also have health benefits for people who have asthma, allergies, or respiratory problems. The air quality in our environment makes a big difference in how we feel and how healthy we are. With air conditioning, the air quality in your home or office will be cleaner and more beneficial for you to breathe.
  • Energy Saving – Another benefit of aircon is that it can save energy use since they run more efficiently than other cooling systems. Aircon units are designed to work with outside air, so there’s less reliance on electricity for a fan-driven system requiring constant power input and lots of refrigerant gas!
  • Reduce Repair Costs – Air conditioners also provide some noise reduction benefits because they don’t have any mechanical parts like fans constantly running when not needed, thus creating an additional sound barrier between rooms. Timely servicing and air-con maintenance will keep your air conditioner operating at optimum efficiency, which is the best way to reduce air-con repair costs by avoiding costly breakdowns when they’re most inconvenient.
  • Humidity Control– Air-conditioning is an excellent way to help reduce humidity levels in the air too. In humid environments, people are more likely to get dehydrated and susceptible to health problems like asthma or Legionnaires’ disease. Regular servicing can help to keep the humidity under control.
  • Reduce Carbon Footprints – Aircon helps you reduce your carbon footprint by making better use of electricity. When air conditioning is adequately maintained, it uses less power to cool the air and can be turned off more often when home occupants are absent or asleep.
  • The Cost Savings – there’s absolutely no reason not to get a discount on your electricity bill. In addition, frequent aircon servicing can lower your home’s energy costs.
  • Create a Comfortable Life – Air-conditioning not only keeps your home cool in the summer but also helps to keep you dry. Humid air can cause discomfort and trigger allergies or asthma symptoms for many people living with respiratory problems.

Air conditioning units have become an essential part of our lives today – whether we realize it or not. They help us cool down on those unbearably hot days with their efficient air cooling systems, which remove heat from the air by transferring this energy into water vapor via refrigeration cycle and then releasing cold air back again. This is where time aircon servicing comes in. This ensures that aircon systems function at optimum efficiency and helps them last longer while maintaining peak performance levels. Regular air-conditioning servicing can also help reduce the risk of air conditioning breakdowns by identifying potential problems early on before they become costly or dangerous to your home’s health and safety.

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