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ID Verification Solutions: A Godsend for Online Businesses?

The authentication of identity information of customers for online businesses has become crucial since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ordering from behind the screens may be easy for customers but not the businesses trying to legitimately onboard each user. Fraudsters can easily take up the identity of someone or make a counterfeit identity document. To quell the criminal advances, online businesses in the online space are increasingly acquiring the services of digital ID verification systems.

Working of Traditional ID Verification Practices

Conventional identity verification processes were carried out in two ways which are manual or partially digital. Indeed, the totally manual verification process which was carried out at the place of verification was tedious, time-taking, and highly error-prone. This involved the practice of waiting in line at the place of verification for hours. Right now, this option is unfeasible in the current pandemic environment anyways.

Conversely, the partially digital ID authentication measure also involves the component of human intervention. This interaction isn’t robotized and the current situation requires a completely digitized ID verification system where clients can go through the security checks from the comfort of their living room.

The Utility of Remote ID Verification for Online Businesses

Health is a human asset that we can’t compromise on. Amid the CoronaVirus pandemic, the social distancing measures have bound people to their homes and reduce human contact as much as possible. As a consequence, online businesses are facing a serious dilemma as to how to conduct business activities.

The only option that seems practical for them is to conduct their business activities online. As the businesses move their operations to the digital space, the identity verification process also demands to be undertaken remotely. Therefore, for online businesses, the perks of employing a digital ID authentication solution are outlined below.

Work From Home

As the shopping activity takes place online, the need for a presence of in-store employees is eliminated. Now, the employees can work from home. This is because the officials responsible for the customer onboarding process are assisted by the remote ID verification solutions. Here, the privacy of user information; reliability of security checks, and the accuracy rate of the results are the factors on the most priority of online businesses. As the fraudsters are saturating the digital business space, digital identity authentication solutions come up with efficient tools and strategies to tackle their advances.

Contactless Mobile Payments

The exchange of physical money has become one of the primary carriers of COVID-19 and understandably so. Thus, it is high time that the conventional practice of physical currency exchange is rid of as much as possible. So, to take their place, credit and debit card payments should be encouraged. As some of the online businesses are still new to contactless mobile payments, this is incumbent upon the payment services to devise a convenient and secure online payment mechanism. This need is readily addressed by remote identity verification services. They make the checkout process ultra-secure and swift for users and businesses alike.

Contact-Free Identity Authentication

When the business operations are completely shifted to the internet then digital identity verification remains as a final piece of the puzzle. This is a factor that online businesses cannot afford to overlook. Well, it may seem that validating customers’ IDs from behind the screen may not be very accurate and secure, but the reality is completely the opposite. This is because the digital services provide an accuracy rate of over 98%. Moreover, submission of documents is done remotely to make the process completely contact-free. These documents are stored on highly encrypted servers to ensure the privacy and security of customers’ information.

In Consolidation

It would not be wrong to say that the online ID verification solutions have proven to e a Godsend for online businesses. Their AI-based document validation services coupled with biometric verification readily make the customer onboarding process foolproof. With their utility, online businesses can also improve their market value and brand image because of the smooth and secure customer onboarding process.

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