Lost My Debit Card

I Lost My Debit Card! What Should I Do Now?

No matter where in India you are and in which bank you have your bank account. You will get a debit card that is linked to your account. This card is also called an ATM card in India. So you should never get confused between these two different names of the same card.

If you want you can request multiple cards for the same bank account. It totally depends upon your bank. If they have an option for multiple cards then you will get it. In case they don’t have that option you will not get a second card for your account.

There are a lot of good things about the debit cards like you can withdraw cash, shop online and offline. But do you know the bad things about the debit cards?

You heard it right. The major bad thing about this card is you losing it somewhere. And someone else gets your card. He or she who has got your card can use it without your consent. And when such things happen it is termed as the unauthorized transactions.

Now you might be wondering how can someone else use your debit card without knowing the PIN number right?

This is the most common question that comes in our mind when we hear about unauthorized transactions taking place. But there is a possibility of your card being used by someone else without knowing your PIN number.

You can read on Bank With Us, about how the tap and pay or the contactless payments work. There is no doubt that this technology is very good.

But the bad guys misuse this technology to use your card. All the person has to do is tap your card on the POS machine. And the money will be deducted from your bank account.

What to Do to Avoid Loss of Money?

Now you know what can happen with your lost debit card.

But let me tell you that there is no need to panic. Instead, you should take immediate action to block your debit card. Once your debit card is blocked nobody can use it further. Even you being the authorized user of the card can not use it once it is blocked.

Now you have got the answer to your question about what to do when you have lost your card.

But then this will raise one more question in your mind.

And that is how can you block your lost debit card?

Please Note: If you lost your card somewhere then you should immediately block it. It is not recommended that you wait for a few days or so to block it.

You can block your card by notifying your bank about the loss. There are different methods to reach your bank and tell them that you have lost your card.

You can go to any branch of your bank and let them know that you have lost the card. The people working at the bank will guide you through the process to block it.

But if you don’t want to go to the branch of the bank. Then you can make use of the digital modes to block the card. use the internet banking portal or the mobile banking app of your bank.

There will be a separate debit card management section in internet banking and mobile banking. Open that section, select your debit card and get it blocked immediately.

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