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The Drone Business in 2022. What will it be like? We are seeing the changes in FAA regulations, and we can even fly at night using LLanc a pilot app for permission to fly in extreme situations. As a Business owner of Chris Hyer Unlimited Specialties LLC Drone Service of Midland, Texas, I predict movement towards delivery becoming more common since the Regulations of FAA drone rule Part 135, which is delivery by drone. Everyone is trying to break into this area of BVSOL non sight flying to deliver goods to people at home or in remote areas. The FAA has given Aquiline Drones authority to fly for delivery soon after the next month or two. In 2021 the drone industry was basically in control by China run DJI and while under President Trump, he had banned DJI drones in Government use. That ban has been lifted I understand with the new administration.

With the band American companies are coming on strong in developing very nice drones to use for commercial purposes with a change of payload for the craft. To be able to change out payloads, have Hotspots on drones, and the use of the cloud-based services that Aquiline Drones uses in their business.  Hyer Unlimited Specialties LLS as we work along side as our own company is  using the cloud services and getting paid by Aquiline drones out of Hartford, CT. I am a pilot for this company as well and our flight to the future has not taken off the ground as of 8/15/2021. I am looking forward to the six-figure income and the autonomous drones working in the Internet cloud controlling my drone basically while I monitor the aircraft.

The training for Aquiline drones takes about 8 weeks if you already have your part 107 license. If not, then they provide training for a pilot license to be had. It’s a great, futuristic program and I learned a whole new ball game with drones and the place in society for them to be functional and help people. The AI technology I will be working with for the first time as a Remote Pilot for the Aquiline Drone company. We will see how many accounts they work, and the system is pretty much ready to go online. 

The online dashboard for this AD cloud system by Aquiline that Hyer Unlimited Specialties LLC will be using the exact same protocols while operating a drone, very soon. The control panel is where you get the jobs for the people that have signed up for Aquiline Drones. There are sceptics out there, however my business model for my drones can go either way right now. I have added Thermal cameras and two new American drones that I talk about in my other drone articles. 

Hyer Unlimited Specialties LLC spares no expense when it comes to Farming positions, Agriculture, or any of about 30 things I can think I can get paid to do by drone. It is a money making little smart robot now.

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