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Hydra Gameshop Free Fire Diamond top up

Hydra Gameshop Free Fire is one of the best battle royale games available on both Android and iOS platforms. When PUBG Mobile Bangladesh was banned domestically, the popularity of the war situation soared.

 However, most of these items can be obtained using in-game coins called diamonds. Players can complete various events to earn diamonds, or someone can spend real money to buy diamonds. This article will cover Free Fire’s in-game currency, how to raise it, how to use it, and more. 

Free Fire Musical Top-Up Event

Hydra Gameshop hosts a limited-time event called Free Fire Free Fire Musical Top Up 2. The company has revealed that players who have replenished at least 100 diamonds will receive a Slash Goth loot box.

In addition, those who have replenished at least 500 diamonds will receive a slash metallic glue wall.

How to get unlimited free diamonds on Hydra Gameshop Free Fire

Free Fire Diamond Top Up  that acts like in-game coins to buy cosmetics to make your character more attractive and different from other players. Freefire offers a wide range of cosmetics that are very difficult for users to ignore, as players generally have to spend real money to buy these diamonds.

 But this time, the company was given the opportunity to collect free diamonds by participating in the Advance Server bug reporting program. Here are some simple steps to register yourself and earn free diamonds.

Register now with your Facebook ID. If all slots are full, you will have to wait for the program to restart.

When the account is closed.

Next, you need to use your account to report bugs throughout the game on your website.

Earn up to 100 diamonds in a single bug report.

How to make diamonds top with Free Fire?

Hydra Gameshop Freefire allows you to restock diamonds from the in-game store. Also, you have the option of using a third-party website to restock your diamonds. In this article, I’ll show you two ways to refill your diamonds with Free Fire.

How to replenish diamonds using the in-game store?

You can easily restock your diamonds using the in-game store. Here’s how to buy or restock diamonds in the game:

 Alternatively, you can tap the diamond icon at the top of the screen.

When complete, you will see some additional options. Players can choose the amount they want to buy for in-game diamonds.

The player is then asked to make a payment using the Google Play payment mode. Anyone can pay by adding a debit/credit card to the payment page on Google Play.

Upon successful payment, the player will receive in-game currency in their account.

When it’s free, Free Fire knows how to please players with free prizes and items.  The redemption code is a set of 12 letters made up of letters and numbers.

How to replenish FF diamonds?

Select the number of diamonds.

Enter your Free Fire Player ID.

View and select your payment method.

Once the payment is complete, the purchased diamonds will be credited to your FF account shortly.

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