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Huawei P40 is value for money device

Welcome to another blog post of huawei gadget review another day another phone for review. Today we will review what could be the best value phone last year. It has amazing hardware components and pieces but the software side is limited because of the USB and if you’re eyeing this phone and you’re considering it. This review is perfect for you and if you already own it this is not a validation post but to ask the question is it still good in 2021. Today we will review the huawei p40 without Google services. Is it still worth it?

Design & Built

Let’s start with a design and you will be surprised how compact it is. I think smaller phones are going back this year. I expect a bigger phone but when I unbox it, it feels like our s10e or pixel 5. Huawei p40 has glass front and back and I did research on it and found no glass protection from corning.

So, I would be really careful and snap a case and screen protector. It has an aluminum frame and you have the power and volume button on one side of the microphone on top, nothing on the other side as you can see, and a sim card tray charging port microphone and speakers at the bottom.


It has a rectangular-shaped camera module that looks like s20fe 5g but flashier with that Leica branding and that pill-shaped camera module in front all in all. This is a masterpiece design without glass.


If there’s any other area of my review which you would probably be interested in this might be it. It’s running Android 11 on emui 11 and I just received the February security patches. So even though this is a stripped version of android, Huawei is still delivering timely updates. The downside is huawei p40 doesn’t have a google play store and no google apps or any apps that use Google services.

This phone with 6 or 8 gigs of ram I ran a geek bench test and it scored 726 on single-core and 2787 on multi-cores if you want speed comparison it is as fast as Samsung note 20 ultras i was able to play mobile legends GTA and call of duty in high-performance light games such as subway surfer and temple run are blazing fast

You will face no issue opening apps streaming services and using it for call stacks and camera use it has 128 to 256 gigs of storage that is sufficient in 2021 it also has the fast ufs 3.0 storage for faster read and write all in all this is a flagship spec without google services.


The screen is a 6.1 inch Oled with build shaped selfie camera that houses a time of flight sensor and a 32-megapixel camera the colors are accurate and has deep blacks it’s a typical Oled panel where you don’t see screen bleeding on the sides it has a tall 19.5 by 9 aspect ratio and the aspect ratio is good for reading multi-window and full-screen videos it is not as tall as other phones today with 20 by 9 aspect ratio but it also helps your fingers reach everything in one hand huawei p40 also has 531 nits of max brightness that is decently bright for outdoors you will see everything in direct sunlight but not as bright as an s20 or no 20 ultras, to sum up it’s a great screen not as bright as Samsung’s flagship phone but you will enjoy it.

I suggest you read this short blog thoroughly before reaching any kind of conclusion.

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