HR Function Is Irreversibly Important

“HR profession needs overhauling” or “In VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Challenging, Ambiguous) times, HR professionals need to pull up VUCA TRAINING COURSES  their socks” or “Is there a need for HR department?”

Such statements or questions appear often in Newspapers, Business Magazines, and even in leading HR Journals. Interestingly, such questions start appearing around October or November (in India especially) when the budgeting exercise kicks in. Most possibly because CEOs ask on the delivery gaps (activity, revenue, unspent budget, etc.) and reasons from all the Business / Function Heads. Nothing wrong with this. It is just that HR professionals, for reasons best known to them, turn vulnerable.

In 22 years of my professional career, I never felt uncertain about continuity of HR profession. Strangely, I have never seen Marketing Heads or Supply VUCA TRAINING COURSES in dubai Chain Heads or Production Heads or Quality Heads worry about continuity of their respective profession or answering connected questions. Why does it happen more with HR professionals and where are the roots?

Quantification as understood by CFO and Business Heads is present in the lesser degree, in the reports of HR professionals. Not that they do not have numbers. It is just that these numbers do not satisfy stakeholders. What to do? Only two ways, either convince or get convinced. Choice of getting convinced is not available. Therefore, HR professionals must dig out conventional as well as unconventional data points and share with stakeholders in the format they understand.

In addition, stakeholders ought VUCA TRAINING COURSES in london to be unambiguously informed on what cannot be measured, what can be measured, what should be measured, what should not be measured and the cost of measurement (in comparison to the cost of guesstimates). HR professionals must put their feet down and be firm on their full stops. Being carried away by the comas & question marks of CFO and Business Heads never serves the purpose.

Are marketing estimates right all the times? Does Supply Chain function work on 100% accuracy? ‘Production estimate never goes wrong’ – have you heard this? Then, why so much fuss over so-called inadequacy of quantification in HR Function?If the company does not sponsor the cost and time, should HR professionals stop learning? This question is actually for all the professionals, employed or self-employed. Whose need is it to learn and acquire new knowledge, skill, competence, etc.? Who gains more by learning continuously, the company or the learner?

If the train does not take the passenger to the destination, he/she can always exercise other options. Either choose an aerial route or move by road. For both these routes, there are options ranging from a premium seat to an economy seat, from a non-stop flight to a hopping flight, from a taxi to a luxury bus, from walking to running, and so on. The crux lies in realizing that when learning stops, professional growth lingers and it leads to a sense of insecurity and irrelevance.

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