How We Used Google Ads To Promote Our YouTube Videos

Although relying solely on advertisements to grow a YouTube channel is not a good strategy, when videos provide high-quality content and advertisements are targeted to the right audience, AdWords campaigns can give your channel an extra boost and help it grow organically as a result of the campaign’s success.

You can create campaigns in as little as five minutes. Create a Google Ads account, a campaign, and reach out to your target demographic with your message.

The following are some ways to evaluate your performance: Investigate whether or not you’re communicating with the intended audience. Examine your Google Ads account to keep track of the number of views, charges, and budget allocations.

Let’s discuss how to use Google ads to promote your youtube videos step by step.

YouTube Studio                  

To choose a video to run as an ad, you have to start by going into your YouTube studio. Click on your profile picture of your YouTube channel and choose YouTube studio. You can also use a customized channel or manage videos option.

Choose Your Video

Once you reach there, click on content and find the video you want to promote. After finding, click on the options of that video; in the form of three dots. Select the promotion option. A new webpage appears and demands that you either login to your existing Google Ad account or make a new one if you don’t have any. At the end of this procedure, click on the button of “Get Started.”.


After that, you can select where your video should appear in the customization part. At this point, you have two options.

  • Choose option A, which means your video may run at the start. Middle or at the end of related videos.
  • Choose option B, which means your video thumbnail with a title or short two-line description appears on the homepage, at the top of search results, or beside the competitor or related videos.  

Where will these ads take the audience?

  • In the first case, the audience lands on a landing page of your choice.
  • In the second case, the audience lands on your YouTube channel.

After that customization, click on next.

Choose Location or Language

You know your video’s content, then in the next step, choose your targeted location. And don’t always try to choose English; if you target a particular area, try to choose the native language of that area.

Moreover, another amazing thing is Google’s weekly estimations of your ad’s success besides these alternatives. A look at the impressions, views, and average cost per view you may expect.

Target Your Audience

Next is to choose your audience, be careful because you are now narrowing down your selections.

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Parental Status

Choose more than one option or maybe all of them. But if you have a specific target, choose only that option.

Narrow Down Your Audience

You can further narrow down your audience by knowing their occupation and interests. Click on the available options and check the boxes. At this point, you may get the following options.

  • Banking and Finance
  • Food and Dining
  • Beauty and Wellness
  • Lifestyle and Hobbies.
  • Home and Garden

Keep an eye on the Weekly estimates at every point in the sidebar to become aware.

Set Your Daily Budget

At this point, select your budget per day. Now you can bound Google to spend your budget precisely. When you’ve used all of your daily allotment, Google stops counting.

Review Your Ad

Review your ad once again and click on the Next button. You can further change options by choosing your campaign’s “Edit in Setting” button. You can rename your campaign name and instruct Google not to show your ad in specific locations or on specific videos.

And at last, allow Google to advertise your YouTube video. 

Use Service to Run YouTube Ads

We know it’s a complicated process, and not everyone chooses to enter this field. Many people run Google Ads without knowledge, which results in huge losses. So, what should you do to promote your content without losing money? 

We used an agency that goes by the name of LenosTube. They have different services, and you may have heard of them before, but we used only their Google Ads Views for our videos. They make everything easy for you. Give them your youtube link, add some information, a little bit of targeting, and the rest magic will be performed by lenostube. They advertise your videos, and you will get likes, subscribers, and watch hours with complete security.

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