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How Was Bin Yousef Cargo Able to Consolidate Cargo From Various Suppliers During Pandemic?



In the past few months, the pandemic has rewritten the dynamics of every trade, and the international supply chain is also facing challenges. In a war with the virus, the world is facing new challenges daily, and cargo services are no exception. Global restrictions and nationwide lockdowns have delivered big blows to the air as well as water cargo services. Initially, cargo services shrunk to 35% of their capacity. At one point, many cargo service companies witnessed a situation with no loaders, no drivers, and no unloaders. It seemed that the $200 billion cargo and logistics industry had come to a standstill by March. Some feared the collapse of the entire industry. But in the course of due time, this industry started to spring back into action as the need for medical equipment started to increase. It was soon seen that to survive the storm, one of the biggest cargo companies, Bin Yousef Cargo, has re-engineered its ways to weather the storm with more stability.

Bin Yousef Cargo is playing the part of a reliable and efficient cargo service. It has become the forefront of delivering medical supplies across the world. Although this sector has one set of problems that get augmented due to the global pandemic, Bin Yousef Cargo is a perfect example of how it could consolidate cargo in this virus-dominant era.

Bin Yousef Cargo

Bin Yousef Cargo was established in 1985 in Doha, Qatar. It is a third party global logistics supplier that has its business centre around middle-east Asia and around different parts of the world. The company has been working for over 35 years to provide leading services in cargo shipment. It has chartered Boeing 777-200 freighter flights to deliver goods across the globe in the pandemic times.

Cost Efficiency in the Pandemic Era

When cargo services started functioning, there were a lot of restrictions and traffic changes at air and seaports that led to an increase in the cost of freight charges that reduced the cost efficiency of the cargo services.

Some of the factors that led to a decrease in cost efficiency are:-

  • Change in traffic of airports and water ports – Since many countries have stopped travel from different countries, there was a complete change in schedule.
  • Freight rates have increased abnormally – There wasn’t much fluctuation in freight rates, but with the increasing demand for PPE kits, rates got increased tremendously.

But even in this tough time, Bin Yousef Cargo was able to consolidate cargo and manage cost-efficiency. At the peak of the pandemic, when there was much constriction of the volumes of cargo, Bin Yousef Cargo adopted a more disciplined approach with its cost-cutting strategies and reduced air and water transport costs to maintain profitability. They kept freight rates stable despite the low demand.  To cope with the disruptions, shippers in the market adjusted various operations as per safety standards and the financial situation.

The company shipped critical medical supplies like gloves, face masks, sanitizers, and PPE kits in several air charters, giving price leverage to customers than in regular flights. To pacify costs further, Bin Yousef Cargo started regular services from Chinese ports to Doha and Europe.  Additionally, they also provided customizable freight options to shipments that were required to be delivered at a specific time.

How Bin Yousef Cargo was able to consolidate cargo services?

Jiju Haneef, director of cargo operations at Bin Yousef Cargo, said that when many freight forwarders were struggling to consolidate cargo services, they worked hard day in and out to keep their operations afloat. They also ensured to transport the shipments on time. From different Chinese suppliers, they consolidate cargo. Further, they arranged all the documents beforehand so that there is no delay in the shipment due to paperwork. The company played an important role in delivering over 1200 tonnes of medical equipment, PPE kits, medicines, and other such supplies to different countries through their collaborative relationships with airlines and extensive agent network. The company also paid proper attention to coordinating various cargo services on time, which led it to function properly.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the company was adhering to rules made for the pandemic. Since every country had different rules for the pandemic. This ensured the company working efficiently and delivering goods without any delay.

Air Freight and delivery of various goods

Another huge challenge posed in the pandemic was the delivery of certain perishables, pharmaceuticals, and other goods that needed to be delivered on time. The company was able to consolidate cargo to ensure that the below-mentioned goods reach the customer on time and in optimum conditions in a particular time frame. The goods are:-

  • Fragile goods like medicines stored in glass bottles and under temperature-controlled packings.
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Perishable cargo
  • Hazardous goods necessary for medical purposes
  • Oversized cargo

In this pandemic era where any business’s survival is quite difficult, let alone its growth in the economic debacle that all countries are facing, Bin Yousef Cargo flourished as a leading and consolidated cargo service that can deliver goods across the world in any scenario. Over the years, the company has provided its service with dedication and attention, and even in this virus-dominant era, it continues to offer flexibility, customization, and reliability. It has built excellent relationships with its clients by accommodating time-critical shipments.

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Ideas for the Brands, Looking for Perfume Boxes



Customized perfume boxes are an innovation in the perfume industry, as they can use them to increase brand sales by getting the customers interested in your brand. These days, perfume boxes come in different:

  • Design
  • Size
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Styles
  • Combination

All these aspects help make the perfume packaging exciting and even adds value to the product. Premium catchy perfume packaging boxes have revolutionized the marketing of the perfume business through these unique customizations and eye-catching designs and turned these boxes from perfume containers to innovative and elegant marketing tools.

Although these specialized perfume boxes have been in use for quite some time now, they have preferred top perfume brands due to their unique styles and protective features. However, some improvements could be made to enhance their visual appeal further and get the most out. Here are some pointers:

  • One of which could be that you are using the proper placement and design of packaging that best suits your needs.
  • Another could be the use of user-preferred display styles so that you could catch the attention of your targeted audience.

Design Ideas for Perfume Boxes

Using Custom Attractive Designs

The performance and impact of any packaging depend on its design. It has been found that a large community of customers are interested in boxes with catchy graphics and unique designs. So, the main idea is to develop the most distinct design sand shapes for your packaging. that fulfills your packaging requirements while also standing out from the rest.

Using Appropriate Colors and Materials

Colors play an important for a design to be successful. It can do wonders for your packaging as using different vibrant colors, contrasting backgrounds, and captivating logos can truly make a box unique. These vibrant colors are the best way to be unique and grab the attention of potential customers.

And for materials, it is necessary to select top-notch materials as only high-quality materials can support high-quality custom printing, which allows our desired colors to get printed, just as we want. If we do not use high-quality materials, then the colors might not come out as we expected and can affect the appearance of your custom perfume boxes.

Taking Appropriate Precautions

It is essential to take measures to take the measures required to keep your products secure. For example, since perfume bottles are delicate items, brands must have sturdy and rigid packaging to make for the bottle’s lack of durability.

Perfume retailers can stand out in the market by using high-quality premium packaging papers to make premium perfume boxes. These materials could be:

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated

Using these could get you the following benefits:

  • First of all, you can keep the product secure are prevent it from breaking during shipping and other transportations.
  • Secondly, these materials help keep the moisture, dust, and other harmful elements out of the box, as these could affect the scent and quality of your products.

Use of Fillers

Fillers are extra packaging materials that could be placed inside the box with the product to cover the empty spaces. Using these could bring you the following benefits:

  • Fillers help keep the products in their place and prevent them from tossing around. This increases the safety of the boxes and makes the packaging more secure.
  • These fillers could be modified into customized shapes and made in your logo or any other distinct style.
  • Fillers are inexpensive and can be replaced easily. So you can get these made per occasion and make the packaging special.

Using Customized Stickers

Stickers are a useful and very versatile custom packaging option since these stickers are readily available and inexpensive to get.

  • These could be used to seal the boxes and make the packaging authentic.
  • You can also get them made in your desired design, making your packaging more exclusive.

You can even include extra stickers in your packaging to thank you or an appreciation gift to your valuable customers.

Including Promotions and Coupons

Another compelling perfume packaging idea to grab the attention of more customers could be to include promotional messages. These could be newsletters or other informational content.

Moreover, you can also include discount coupons to make your customers feel appreciated and proud of their purchases. This is sure to bring in more customers, as the customers know that they are getting excellent scents and getting a return on their purchase.

Including Customized Notes

You can go ahead and toss in a handwritten or any other customized note in the packaging. This can help make your customers feel special and help your brand connect with their customers. Customers will also feel good knowing that you care about your customer satisfaction.

Read More: Fresh Food Packaging Market Key Insights

Adding Gifts

One of the best ways to make your packaging popular and attract more customers is to include small gifts and testers in your custom packaging with the top products. These promotional testers do not cost a lot and help make your customers feel like they are getting extra without spending extra. This is a great way to promote your brand and increase your brand sales.

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What to Look For In Bookkeepers & Accountants for Amazon Sellers?




Accountants for Amazon

An accountant will look at the business’s monetary strength. They can break down your Amazon books and can discover patterns and disparities. They additionally set up the finish yearly budget reports. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right accountants for amazon sellers.

The initial step is choosing if you need a bookkeeper or an accountant. Remember, the accountant monitors pay and costs, measure bills, direct finance, and accommodate bank proclamations. An Amazon Accountant is better for monetary guidance and long haul arrangement.

After picking between the two, it’s an ideal opportunity to find the best one. The accountants can be held on a legally binding premise, low maintenance, or full-time premise contingent upon what you need.  Regardless of which choice you pick, an accountant should meet some explicit standards. It includes:

What Is Their Education?    

As they fill two distinct needs, bookkeepers and accountants may have a diverse educational background. You should look for somebody that has at any rate done some conventional coursework with a licensed foundation, as the experts at Interface Accountants do.

How Many Years Of Experience Do They Have?

However significant as schooling may be, there’s not a viable replacement for decent years of experience, particularly with regards to Amazon. It’s anything but somewhat extraordinary to deal with the books for an Amazon business.

Discover a bookkeeper/accountant who has past experience working with Amazon. Your most ideal choice is to discover an Amazon Accountant. Recruiting an individual with no involvement in Amazon is simply requesting inconvenience.

How Much Attention do They Give To Detail?

Any monetary work requires cautious thoroughness. You should hire an accountant for amazon who has a conscientious character. Assuming somebody you are thinking about appears to be disordered, this is a major warning that they will not be able to deal with the work. On the off chance that they are extremely coordinated and appear at a meeting with a lot of data and assets, they could be the best individual for the work.

What Technological Skill Do They Have?

You certainly need somebody who feels comfortable around a PC when maintaining an online business, like on Amazon. Fortunately, numerous accountants have a decent handle on innovation as accounting itself is presently generally computerized.

Along with the experience of Amazon, the individual additionally should know how to use bookkeeping programming like QuickBooks, Xero, Freshbooks, and so on. Read: Reddit frugal male fashion

What Are Their Charges?

Cost is a fundamental factor with regards to picking an accountant. The amount it expenses to employ one relies upon what you need them to do. The more work they have, the more it’ll cost to enlist them.

Remember, bookkeepers and accountants for amazon sellers will probably expect you to buy or buy into bookkeeping programming that makes it simpler to figure monetary numbers. For example, cost of products sold, income, benefit and misfortune, the outline of records, deal volume, and so on.

These are some of the major points that we recommend you consider before you hire an accountant to handle your finances for the Amazon business. We hope you find this guide useful.

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BizOp-An Ultimate Guide to Start Business



To understand BizOp first need to understand the Business, Business is defined as the process of producing goods or providing services and gaining profit from the market. In short, business is comprised of people, production, marketing, and profit.

 BizOp came up with the handy guide of establishing a small business, gives step by step direction from analyzing customer idea of opening up the business to execution of it in the market with the digitization of a business as the new business world demands nowadays.

Why is BizOp for?

BizOp shows the organized way of setting up a new business in addition to digitizing the whole business process. They come up with the digital solution to grow business and increase profit as well as help in the popularity of business through digital marketing. For small businesses, they provide an in-depth process guide.

The person with little knowledge and a big dream of establishing their own business is now become possible with BizOp helping hands.

How BizOp works –

Some important things which are essential in setting up a new business on its feet.

  • To craft the business first need to set a name and logo this gives identity to the business. The identity of the brand must be unique and defining the business. Lots of work is to be done to get the idea in workable mode. Find the audience and their requirements, to make a proper structure for employees who are going to work for the company. All these works require effort and time, BizOp makes it easy and clear the way to Step Up in the new business.
  • BizOp provides financial suggestions in terms of how to manage the accounts on ones` own. Keeping every amount balanced while expanding it. Also to check the company`s expenditure that could meet its profit goals.
  • A business plan should be ready what would be the business, who will be the consumers of the product or service, how the business idea is unique than others already in the same market.
  • BizOp says the business person must have an aggressive but informative attitude.
  • When the name finance arises, everyone thinks of investing, and gaining profit through investment after deduction of expenditures, but BizOp deems the necessity of savings finance, so it will save us from sudden hassles in business.
  • BizOp`s Idea of smart financing- through understanding the simple formulae of calculating profit that is (Revenue-cost=profit) and tax deduction. If one can keep track of it and skimps finance where it can be.

Vision of BizOp

BizOp not only gives the vision to see bigger aspects of the business but makes a business person focus on nuanced things like focusing on product quality, how one can deliver products on time, in what way a person can remove the barriers between the customers and the product. Revising the old idea of marketing and using online platforms like websites, social media marketing to grow business and make reaching out easy for consumers. BizOp assists the business dreamer now and then and shooting stars do work with the sincere efforts of helping through their amazing ideas of setting a new business, franchise it, and brand the business.

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5+ Best Ways to Promote a Website Online




Best Ways to Promote a Website Online

Social networking, e-commerce, newspapers, and Internet sites, and video streaming, it may be that your competition is to promote your website on the Internet. Everything on the Internet is to fight for the attention of the general public. How can I make sure that they are in their proper place, and not from your competitors?

Let’s say we have a website that needs to follow the best of design and typography for practice, it is now time to take stock of materials. Content is king, and just as in the game of chess, it is essential to play the game, even though it may not be read in isolation. You will need some other pieces to do the heavy lifting on the offer.

Below you will find more than five of the best ways to promote your website online. And the best part is they are free!

  1. Connections

It went through all the trouble to get people to your site. What needs to be done in order to get them to stay there?

There are two ways to do this.

In-house communication. Technically, this is a part of SEO, as this will affect the site’s ranking factors. It is the purpose of an internal link, it is to generate interest and get you more clicks to your website, which will lead to a good bounce rate. This means you can keep your new posts to your site, to your old one.

Incoming call. You can also force the other party to link it to your side when you have a reliable internet connection. It would be of great help to all online users to determine whether or not your site is trustworthy or not. The main goal of the inbound links to increase the ability to attract people to your site, which, in addition to the search engines.

Link building should be substantial content in a bank, so that you can use to promote any of the old content is in each new post). It looks like the anchor text, and interactive links should blend seamlessly with the text.

Start creating links by submitting your site to the following web pages:

Also, it will only be relevant on the left and use the right anchor text, it is because you don’t want your page to look at if from spambots. You can use it to attract more visitors for your site “”, while maintaining a reliable connection, with the number of online users. Keep them up-to-date, as well as, perhaps, trending, by just clicking on simple links.

  1. How to optimize Your Site for SEO

You may not be able to determine how well your site will rank in the agricultural look, but you can get a chance to fight for the good, old-fashioned, on-page search engine optimization, or SEO.

Set keywords for your site use in title, meta description, tags, and most of the content in a natural way. Write for people, not for it to shift. In the era of the games in the search engine, the keywords are long gone.

Make a checklist of the basics of SEO, and to make sure that every page on your site that has been flagged by the fields. It can be a pain, especially since it will take some time to see the fruits of your work. SEO is a long game.

  1. Going into society

The importance of social networks as an information distribution channel, it can’t be stressed enough. For example, some brands prefer to concentrate on their digital marketing efforts with a social media assets and opt-out ‘ of the website.

To begin with, what your target audience is located in. You don’t need to have a presence everywhere. Choose the social media platforms that you need to have, and focus on them. It Is a brand on Tiktok, or you can share your content on Linkedin will be in place?

When it comes to promoting your web site, you can do more than just sharing the URL. Repackage your content to fit the platform. What works on Twitter and does not necessarily have to work on Instagram. The last but not the least, to come back to your side, it’s often. The ultimate goal is to drive traffic to your site.

  1. – Click On Your Lan.

While a green light from a star or an influencer, it is ideal for the creation of an online buzz, and don’t forget to look for support in your area of influence, whether it be for your own website or online website, where you can use it for the brand. ?????????? Doesn’t have to be a dirty word. If everything is right,

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How to appreciate your employees more



5 Key Tips for Boosting Employee Morale

Showing your employees that you appreciate them isn’t always easy, but here are some ideas if you’re struggling to think of what to do. 

Praise them

If your employees have been working exceptionally hard, show them that you appreciate all of their dedicated work by praising them. 

You can either do this in private by arranging a short meeting or mentioning it in their next development discussion, or you can make the whole team aware by announcing it at the next weekly briefing. 

Be sure to read the room and do this in a way that could avoid embarrassment for your employees, as a shout out in the next meeting might be a bit much for some people. 

Be pleasant

Say ‘thank you’ often, and don’t forget to say ‘please’, too. Maintaining pleasantries at work makes the day much nicer for everyone and keeps the atmosphere polite. An employee is going to be much more inclined to do some work that they have been asked to do nicely, rather than an order that has been barked at them. 

Introduce a reward system

Reward systems don’t only work well with children. They work well with adults and employees too when done correctly. 

You could set goals and targets for your employees, such as sales incentives. When they have sold so many products, they can be rewarded with a longer break, an early finish, or a gift voucher or bonus. 

Reward systems help to keep productivity rates high and helps your employees to feel valued and appreciated. 

Give a personalised gift

For the employees that consistently hit their targets, work incredibly hard, and are an overall pleasure to be around, you can be sure to give them a personalised gift to say thank you for all their dedication. 

You can also do this at Christmas and for birthdays, as it will show your employees that you do think about them and value their efforts. If you can’t afford a gift for everyone, then a personalised card will work just as well. Make sure it’s handwritten to show that you have actually put thought and consideration into it and try to include something personal relating to their progression on each card you write. 

Provide opportunities for progression

Employees that are going above and beyond for your company deserve recognition and a chance to further their progression. 

Offer these employees the opportunity to take on more responsibility in the form of a promotion and ensure that their revised salary reflects this. 

Promoting from within instead of outsourcing a new employee means that the training will come much easier due to the candidate already having business and workplace knowledge, and it will also give them a sense of achievement and a new goal to work towards. 

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