How trapezius is associated with an muscle pain

How trapezius is associated with an muscle pain

Trapezius is the muscle which is located at the upper back, shoulder and neck surface that stretches longitudinally from the occipital bone to the lower thoracic vertebrae of the spine. In simpler terms, it can be called as intercostal muscle strain

You can tend to develop this pain around the muscles that triggers along the bands of trapezius.

Trigger points are felt along the band of the muscle. 

To identify the intensity of the trigger you can find by two types of trigger points such as Active and Latent.

Active TTP – If you feel like a knot in your upper back, shoulder or neck then it falls under Active TTP.

Latent TTP – This can be felt only when the external pressure is lathered upon the muscle.

Let’s learn in detail about the Causes of Trapezius and ways to treat the muscle main.

  • Overuse – If your muscle band is overused and that specific part of the muscle is continuously coming in action like lifting heavy objects, or bending up and down or engaging into sports and swimming activity. This motion can lead to overuse of muscle ultimately developing trigger into the muscle.
  • Stress – Due to stress coming so early in our lives. We all tend to get stressed over the small issues which can lead to increase in muscle pain.
  • Poor posture – Posture is very important it helps in blood circulation. But if not taken care properly can lead to pressure on Trapezius. Main cause for trigger in pain can be inappropriate office chair and prolonged working hours.

Treatment for Trapezius Muscle pain

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There are three different methods to treat your TTP which includes Medications, Lifestyle Adjustments and Alternative treatments.

  • Medications– If you are suffering from TTP, don’t you worry because you have doctors to rescue. Doctors provide with the recommendation on oral pain, muscle relaxer or a sleeping medication to help pain from TTP. For more help, doctors can also give steroid injections.
  • physical treatment and other therapies for treating back pain and muscle pain
  • Alteration in Life Style– Change in Lifestyle can help in improvement of health and can also lower the TTP pain in the muscle. This adaptation starts from your daily routine. Simple home remedy such s applying ice on the affected area. You can also give steam through heating pads which can help in soothing the pain. To make a reminder, if you are indulged into sports activities, then you need to refrain yourself from performing it.
  • Top-up Treatments – If you want to look for methods of treatment which you can take along with your medications, then this can be very effective. This are also termed complimentary treatments.
  • Tramadol is used to treat moderate to severe muscle can order tramadol overnight

Few Complimentary treatments include:

  • Acupuncture
  • Dry needling
  • Massage
  • Cupping

Exercise for Trapezius Muscle pain:

  • Stretching comes first– The main aim of stretching is to help in loosening of the tight muscle. Stretching should not be hold for more than 30 seconds. While releasing your posture from stretching, it is important to resume back to normal position in a slow motion. This tip will help in avoiding Jerky movements. One more point to be observed is no excess or forcible stretching should be done. Below are some stretches to try for TTP.
  • Shoulder Roll – Posture for this to work is you need to stand straight with your arms down at your both sides. Next, you need to roll your shoulders in a circular motion, keeping it in a backward direction. This step can be done by completing your rotation five times. For better results use this 2- 3 time every day.
  • Overhead arm reach – You need chair for this exercise to work. Sit on a chair, facing forward with keeping your feet on the ground. Then extend your right arm up and bend slightly towards right shoulder. Repeat this exercise 5 times with one hand, then take another hand for both sides recovery.
  • Sitting on chair and Rotating your arms – Posture to begin this exercise is to sit sideways in a chair. Your right arm should be rested at the side of chair. Rotate your torso to the side which is right and reach for the backside of the chair with the help of your hands. Hold that position using your arms to stretch which will help in losing your tight muscles. Repeat this three times for 10 seconds each.

Let’s Summarize 

Trapezius is the muscle pain which is caused due to injury or soreness within muscle. Poor back posture and tight muscle can also lead to trapezius pain.

To overcome with this trigger, you need to practice the movements which can help in loosening the swollen muscles.

You can relief your body achethrough natural muscle relaxer exercises.

You can do the home remedies such as applying ice and heating pad on the affected area and anti-inflammatory medication are helpful for healing with pain.

Trapezius muscle strain can be treated at home without the need of professional help.

But if circumstances arise, then you should see your doctor for proper treatment.

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