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How Touch Screen Kiosks Are Redefining The Future Of the Retail Industry

Imagine having an employer never taking any breaks or requesting leaves! Wonderful, isn’t it? But sounds impossible? Not really! A touch screen kiosk can be your in-store shopping assistant that functions 24*7 or as long as you want it to. 

Since 2020 the pandemic has changed the entire shopping scenario. And the keyword in this entire pandemic was “digital transformation”

The entire retail shopping realm needs to adapt to newer post-pandemic concepts, including omni channel presence, personalized and customer-centric experiences, round-the-clock/real-time presence, etc. 

And touch screen kiosk solutions have sharing as useful tools for fulfilling the evolving market demands. 

But why is touch screen kiosks gaining so much popularity? Do they have the power to reshape the future of the retail industry?

Let’s find the answers!

5 Ways Touch Screen Kiosk Is Shaping The Future Of the Retail industry

Empowers Customers To Call The Shots

Digitisation has completely changed the shopping landscape. No want wants an ambitious salesman pressing them to make a purchase. Instead, customers are looking for information and guidance based on which they can call the shots. Touch screen kiosks Australia exactly does that. 

As the consumer’s expectations grow and shopping habits tend to evolve.

  • With the urgent requirement to innovate, a touch screen kiosk offers a unique opportunity for your retail business to deliver both in-store and online experiences. 
  • It helps you concentrate on individual customers and provide a unique, immersive in-store journey. 

In fact, 50% of consumers revealed that interactive touch screen kiosk influenced their purchase decisions. Thus, kiosk solutions are not just widely accepted by the consumers, but when used correctly, they can increase your ROI. 

Round The Clock/ On-Demand Service

It is not feasible for a single human employee to work round the clock or always be present for on-demand requirements. Additionally, certain laws might prevent opening physical stores 24*7. 

This is where industrial touch screen kiosks can be extremely beneficial. 

  • Your touch screen kiosk can function as a 24*7 service that never takes a break or falls sick. 
  • It saves you considerable time and resources that you might need to spend on soft skills training for employees or searching for the right candidate.  
  • You can enjoy multiple physical presences at car parks, train stations, subways, airports without actually opening a physical store. 

Ensure your touchscreen kiosks are suitably designed for unattended locations. A touch screen enclosure can safeguard your digital kiosks from physical damage, vandalism or theft, thus providing you with peace of mind. 

Reputed kiosk solutions such as InTouch kiosks can provide quality touchscreen for your retail business. 

Enhances In-Store Experiences

Let’s face the fact. Cool and innovative technologies excite shoppers. And there’s no denying that Touch screen kiosks perfectly fit into the definition of “cool“. 

  • In the 21st century, the majority of the population loves interacting with cutting-edge artificial intelligence. When consumers visit your retail store and notice digital touch screen kiosks, they are bound to have a good impression of your brand. 
  • It goes to show that you care for your customers and want to make their shopping experience seamless.  
  • Thus, a touch screen kiosk will help boost your brand’s reputation.

Industry giants such as Mc Donalds, Starbucks, and even leading financial institutions are already leveraging touch screen retail kiosks and data-rich content to attract modern consumers and enhance their in-store/remote experience. 

Reduces Staff Recruitment And Maintenance Costs

Touch screen digital kiosks empower you to provide your customers with constant (24*7) service and assistance that saves you money and improves customer satisfaction.

  • The best part about touch screen kiosks is that you don’t need to plan for a monthly pay-cheque. Consequently, your brand saves money on payroll. Those extra savings can be used for marketing and outreach programs to expand your customer base. 
  • With self-service kiosks equipped to do the job of a shopping assistant place, you save on staff expenses. In fact, shops operating 24/7 need to pay night allowances to their employees working on the night shift. You can save that extra expense. 
  • During generic operational hours, you can free up staff to deal with operations that require face-to-face attention, thus providing your customers with a genuinely enjoyable experience. 

Ensure to choose a reputed touch screen kiosk supplier for your business requirements. 

Provide an Owned/Primary Source of Customer Data

In the era of digitisation and numerous online shopping platforms, it is not always possible to collect primary or owned data. In fact, a substantial portion of consumer data is gathered through third-party services and sources.

Self-service touch screen kiosks Australia can help generate direct, owned data for customer interactions. Digital kiosk interactions help to extract measurable data for marketing touchpoints. 

  • When customers engage with digital kiosk services inside your retail store or in any public place, the data they generate can prove indispensable in analysing which marketing messages/approaches are most impactful, which product offerings are driving sales, and even if your sign-up forms are intricate and lead to a hurdle while shopping. 
  • Kiosk browsing creates a digital trail that you can trace to extract measurable insights on things like your customer’s browsing path, time spent on each page, and even the compelling efficiency of in-store offers.
  • The simplest way to capture data on kiosk solutions is having a sign-in page or a page asking for personal information (name and gender). A consumer interacting with a digital kiosk can more comfortably, readily and honestly provide this information. It can also become a great tool to eliminate siloes between online and offline shopping experiences. 


Leading kiosk manufacturers such as InTouch screens offer high-performing, aesthetically appealing digital kiosk solutions for your business. Reshape your marketing, redefine your services and refine user experience through engaging touch screen kiosks.

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