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How to Write a Good Bidding Proposal?

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If you’re looking to grab a good government contract, there are two things that you must pay attention to – first, finding tenders at the right place and secondly, writing the best bidding proposal to get the contract. 

While the former job is the foremost, i.e. to look for a tender in the right place, the latter requires all the more expertise. You could be looking for an MP tender in the Public Works Department or any other type. 

One option is to go to the Madhya Pradesh government website for e-procurement and spend a huge amount of time trying to find which tender to bid for. Or, you can go smart and simply head to web-portals like BidAssist and get all the relevant tenders under one roof. These websites have expertise in listing various types of tenders, be it a state tender like Haryana Tender or a global tender. All you need is to type relevant keywords in the search bar. You may also use the various filters available to narrow your search. 

Now, as you land yourself with a tender of your choice, here comes the mammoth task – writing a bidding proposal! 

Elements of a Tender Proposal

The following are the elements or components of a bidding proposal that you must know of when writing one: 

  • Supplier’s Identification Proof (Aaadhaar, PAN, etc.)
  • Supplier’s Contact Information (Company’s address, Mobile Number, Email-ID, etc.)
  • Income Tax Return details of the last 3 years
  • GSTIN (if applicable)
  • Bank Account details with IFSC 
  • Details of services and goods to be provided by the supplier or contracting agencies
  • Price information
  • Estimated Project Timeline
  • Documents supporting your experience in the field (past tasks undertaken and completed)

How to Write a Winning Bid Proposal?

The key to writing a winning bid proposal is to stand out from the crowd. Yours will not be the only proposal that the authorities will be getting. There will be a plethora of bid proposals that the authorities will have to sift through to find the one that best suits the job. To make sure that it is yours, keep the following things in mind: 

  • Know the Task: Before drafting the proposal, know what you’re in for. You must have a complete understanding of the requirements of the project and how you plan to solve the same. Go through the requirements mentioned in the tender, the job description, the material that will be required and more. Once you’re done with your research, you can start drafting the bidding proposal.  
    1. Proper Greeting: This is the first thing that the authorities will read in your proposal. Make sure to correctly address your client. Do proper research about the client you want to impress. Go through your client’s website for proper evaluation. 
  • Give correct contact details: This is the biggest turnoff if you’ve accidentally added the wrong email ID or mobile number. Please understand that your proposal will be sidelined if the basic information is not correct. Be diligent here. 
    1. Do not forget your competition: You’re in competition with many other suppliers bidding for this contract. Do a thorough analysis of your competitors so that you can draft a proposal that makes your offer stand out in the crowd. 
  • Quote a Competitive Price: This is a tricky part.You need to find the right price to quote for the project. Research well about the previous tenders in the same field, check the rate at which others have been doing the job for and then take into account your profit margins. Once you’ve taken into account all these things, quote a price which is not too high but at the same time, should not land you in losses. 
  • Proofread your Draft: Before submitting this proposal you’ve just drafted, ensure that you proof-read it, from start to finish. If required, take professional help from companies like BidAssist that assist in writing bidding proposals, catalogue writing and more. Doing so shall ensure that your bidding proposal is minus any technical errors and no elements are left unturned. 

Public Portals that Help in Writing Bidding Proposals 


If you’re new to the bidding game of gaining government tenders for domestic tenders like Haryana eProc or global contracts, getting yourself an assistant in drafting proposals, finding appropriate tenders, etc. shall prove to be highly beneficial in the long run. 

There are many independent companies nowadays that offer various services related to tendering, like BidAssist.  

These portals offers the following services to make tendering a smooth process for the suppliers like you: 

  • Creating supplier profile with eProcurement government websites
  • Getting digital signature required for submitting bidding proposals
  • Financing projects (if you don’t have enough funds, you can apply to BidAssist and get unsecured loans up to Rs 5 crore to kickstart your project; T&C apply)
  • GeM & Bid Advisory 
  • Expand your business multifold by getting the relevant partners based on their ongoing & past projects. BidAssist helps you identify potential buyers, partners, suppliers, project financiers and can even help you refine your pricing strategy based on bidding histories


To conclude, drafting a winning bidding proposal is no cakewalk but with the help of web-portals like BidAssist, it can surely become one. All you need is thorough research about the tender you’re hoping to get, information about your competition and  the appropriate rate to quote for the job.  

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