How to WOW Your Customers With Creative Product Packaging

The Importance Of Quality Packaging
Think about your own experience in the marketplace. When you buy something that has cheap or lackluster packaging, subconsciously, you’re likely to think the product itself has less quality. Even though this isn’t always the case, it’s a sort of psychological prejudice more people will be guided by than not.

A farmer’s market in your local town is likely full of individuals selling products that are much more qualitative than those distributed among national chains of grocers who must transport produce for hundreds of miles and use pesticides to keep insects from larger crop yields. Even so, packaging for the sort of produce that’s produced on a large scale looks official.

Just because there’s solid packaging doesn’t mean the products within that packaging have the same quality. But the brain doesn’t care; it sees the bright colors and professional production values, and may well buy an inferior product based on superior packaging. That’s why you must have quality packaging in anything you produce.

That said, you want to go even a step beyond that. You want to have packaging that legitimately “wows” your customers. There are a number of ways to do that, we’ll cover a couple of them here.

1. Top-Tier Label Design In Coloration And Layout
Right off the bat, you want packaging that looks good. Certain colors are associated with food. Certain design schemes are associated with refreshment. Some have a professional veneer. Consider the difference between water bottle labels and soft drink labels. Soft drinks are almost always more “exciting”, while the idea of bottled water is to be “pure”.

You want whatever labeling you put into play to in some way reflect what your products are all about; especially for those online buyers who don’t expect you to take these sorts of pains in product management. When you’ve got sensible labels that are complimentary to what you produce, there’s a “wow” factor there.

2. Coupons Printed Inside Varying Labels
Coupons printed inside bottles can make it so people buy more products or services from you. Soft drinks are worth bringing up again here because they’re downright skilled at this tactic. They’ll put “buy one get one free” coupons in the bottle caps, and they’ll put QR codes and online URLs with coupons on inside labels.

When customers can get a discount just by buying your products and putting the labels to use in a promotional way, that’s another “wow” factor.

  • Labels That Can Be Used For Multiple Things
    Labeling and packaging don’t need to be disposable. Think of candy tins that are used by your aunt to store things in the back of the pantry. Those tins initially just had candy. The same is true of many large popcorn tins. What about the satchel around crown royal bottles? Dual-use packaging is quite intriguing, you can find options like that at

4. Packaging That’s Creative And Worth “Unboxing”
A big trend these days is “unboxing” videos where YouTubers record themselves removing something or other from packaging. Unboxing videos are great free marketing if you’ve got customers who do the videos on their own. Additionally, you might as well give a few people incentives to do so.

Here’s some more info on unboxing videos to help give you an idea what works, and what isn’t going to serve you as well as you’d like.

Making The Most Of Your Packaging
Unboxing videos are free marketing; packaging or labeling that lends itself to this purpose can be very worthwhile. Multiple-use labels also have their place in the “wow” category, as do coupons hidden within labels, and overall quality in design.

Assure labels match the sort of “branding” of your products or services. Combining these tactics will give your packaging a notable “wow” factor that should, all things being done properly, positively influence profitability. Consultation can be helpful.

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