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How to Wear Sclera Contact Lenses for Halloween



Halloween, a very famous American holiday, dates back to very ancient times. The rituals that people follow associated with this holiday date ago to the ancient festival of the Samhain. It is almost mandatory to come up with a creepy yet unique costume at this holiday, and perfect makeup looks along with that. While children extort treats from adults while threatening them to carry out mischiefs, adults, in turn, leave no stones unturned in scaring them to their wits. People decorate their houses with spooky decorations such as spider webs, fake blood, skeletal bones, witches, and ghosts statues. Children also love carrying out funny pranks on their friends and family. Halloween’s best thing is its parties where you can show off your creativity and look as glamorous and spooky as you want to.

There are countless unique and blood-curdling Halloween costumes that you can create with mini black sclera or mini red sclera lenses. As these lenses cover your entire eye, making it look bleak and empty, they can be incorporated in several Halloween costumes that require your eyes to look spooky. Mini red sclera lenses can also be used to recreate fiction horror characters such as Pennywise or Anabelle. 17mm mini sclera contact lenses can be used to create spine-chilling vampire and werewolf looks. These lenses are the best accessory to go with your Halloween costume and make it look a little bit extra!

Tips for inserting and removing your Halloween contacts

Even though contacts may seem daunting, they are actually very easy to use as long as you follow all the instructions. Before putting contacts in, wash your hands thoroughly with soap to remove bacteria and germs from transferring to the lenses. This way the lenses can last for a long time before you have to replace them with new ones. Every time you use them, rinse them with lens solution because it makes them stick better to the eye. After inserting, blink a couple of times to adjust the lens over your cornea. The same method goes for removing the lenses. Wash your hands and make sure they are very clean before you take them out. Place them in their container and store at a relatively colder place.

sclera lenses for your Halloween costumes

sclera contact lenses come in handy for many people who suffer from eye infections and diseases or even an irregular shaped cornea during Halloween. Such people are usually told that they can never wear contact lenses which can be sad to hear at holidays like Halloween when everyone is dressing up spookily and doing their best to look chilling. With the innovation in contact lenses, you do not need to depend on contact lenses for your costume to look amazing. Opt for sclera lenses such as mini black sclera or mini red sclera for a horrifying Halloween makeup look.

sclera contact lenses accentuate your eyes and your makeup look, giving you a much scarier look overall. If you have chosen for a vampire look, use mini black sclera or mini red sclera lenses to give your eyes a soulless and empty face. You can also go for white sclera lenses for a sugar skeleton or a skull look. For getting a realistic witch look, you can opt for a mini red sclera lens. Werewolves and animalistic looks can be achieved with yellow, green and orange sclera lenses, giving your eyes a gleaming look.

What makes sclera lenses better than normal contact lenses?

Since normal contact lenses do not work for a lot of people due to several reasons, eye doctors usually recommend sclera lenses to them.

sclera contact lenses not only provide comfort to people suffering from any eye infection or disease but also help them look however they want.

The space between the lens and the cornea is filled with artificial tears, amazing for people who face eye irritation while wearing contact lenses.

They are bigger and cover the entire cornea hiding any signs of infections.

These lenses are specially designed to allow oxygen through them for a better and comfortable experience.

sclera Lenses and Halloween Costumes

sclera lenses are so popular among the masses that even big makeup artists use them to add realistic and spine-chilling attributes to their horror movie characters. In turn, these characters become subjects for taking inspiration on holidays such as Halloween and events such as horror dress-up parties. There are many horror characters that you can take inspiration from this year at Halloween and scare everyone to their wits.

Creepy Skeleton Makeup

            For recreating a creepy skeleton look, all you need is black and white body paints to colour your face and add details to it. After painting a skull, add your mini black sclera lenses for a more deathly stare. You can be as creative and funny as you like and even paint your neck, which will make your entire costume come to life. A blonde wig and some red roses in your hair will pull the whole look together.

The Maleficent Look

Maleficent, one of the most famous movie characters, can be done quite easily with the most basic makeup skills and some mini black sclera lenses. Contouring your face with very dark and definite lines can give your cheeks and jaw a shape similar to her’s. Adding black sclera lenses seals the deals with this costume.

Pennywise Look

Pennywise is one of the most spine chilling horror movie characters to ever exist. Not only is this look super creepy but is very easy to achieve as well. For this reason, people love creating Pennywise looks. Adding coloured sclera lenses such as mini red sclera can introduce a more evil and chilly touch to your outfit.

Vampire Look

With the help of the full eye 22mm black sclera lenses you can easily recreate Vampire characters from your favorite TV show such as The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. The things you will need are a bomb outfit, some fake long and sharp teeth, fake latex blood and full eye 22mm black sclera lenses.

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The Trendiest Shoes for Women this Seas




Shoes are… something of an obsession among some of us. Honestly, you cannot have too many. Like, ever. You need a pair for every outfit, a pair in every color, a pair in every style. Boots, sneakers, heels, all of them; a lot of us simply need multiple pairs. We need variety.

Any reason to buy a new pair of shoes is a good one, and one of the best reasons is the changing of seasons. As we finish up winter and head into spring, let’s take a look at the trendiest shoes for women this season.

Low Heel Booties

If you think about it, the low heel bootie meets at the crux of multiple different styles. A shoe that’s shorter than a boot, but higher than a sneaker, less of a heel than some of those pumps you wear, but definitely more of a heel than just flats. This marriage of the best parts of all shoes makes the low heel bootie arguably the best shoe.

Though they have been in style for many seasons and for many years, this versatile shoe keeps up with current trends and is capable of changing with the seasons. This is why they are, in fact, still in style this season.

For more on-trend versions of this classic shoe, look for low heel booties in leather or snakeskin (or vegan versions of these) and fun colors. Pale shades like light grey and even white are a great way to transition your booties from winter to spring.

Plus, you can wear these low heel booties with a wide variety of this season’s trendiest outfits; they look good with rompers, cocktail dresses, and fun pants.

Cowboy Boots

Yeehaw, partner. Believe it or not, these Western classics are projected to be very much in this season. They have the perfect mix of a comfortable classic, but with an eccentric, bold flair. They say “I’m down to look fashionable, but also I’m chill about it.” The right pair of boots looks laid-back but still fashion-conscious.

To rock these new stand-out favorites, try them in a classic tan suede or black leather, for a nod to the old Western days. Or, to spice things up a bit, try a fun, bright pattern, for a look that’s sure to make a statement at any gathering. 

These boots can easily be the focal point of a simple outfit like jeans and a t-shirt, or a more subtle addition to a flowy mini or midi dress.

Mary Janes

These old school staples are no longer just for schoolgirls. These adorable simple shoes are making their way onto the grown-up scene. This season, try out the cute, preppy simplicity of this throwback to your days back in grade school.

You can wear the same shiny, black, patent leather Mary Janes of yesteryear, or revamp them in white leather, or even a light color in suede. Designers are making these with kitten heels, flat soles, or the newly popular lug sole, so you can play with height, too.

Now, what to wear these Mary Janes with? Well, you could really lean into the classic schoolgirl vibe with a pinafore dress or even a plaid skirt. You can also play up the classic preppy vibe of these by pairing them with nice-fitting, tailored slacks, and a high-quality sweater.

Invest for Quality

No matter which of these new trendy styles you try out this season, keep in mind that your shoes face a whole lot of wear and tear on the day-to-day. If you’re in the market for a new pair to add to your wardrobe, it’s better to invest in a nice quality pair of shoes that can carry you through all of your adventures for a longer time.

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How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions In Thin Hair



Have you been facing issues with getting the best clip in hair extensions? Or are you having problems in applying the Remy clip in hair extensions you recently purchased? If your answer is positive, then this article is your guide to using real hair clip-in extensions.

It is understandably quite an issue trying to make use of clip-ins for your thin hair in a bid to make it look beautiful and natural. However, there are simple ways to get this done.

Before we delve into the application of clip-in extensions, it is best to note that Remy hair’s regarded as one of the highest grades of real hair clip in extensions and real human hair.

No wonder it is the preferred choice and look for hairpieces, wigs, and hair extensions. Remy hair will help you achieve a natural look without trying too hard. It is known as the finest human hair quality as its cuticles are not stripped but kept intact, unlike other hairs, you will find out there.

All through the hairs’ lifetime, it will remain shiny, tangle-free, silky, and of course, soft.

Steps To Applying Clip In Hair Extensions

You must note that applying clip-in extensions to your hair does not center on how you clip it alone. It is worthy to note that clip-in hair will assist in lengthening and increasing your natural hair volume swiftly.

However, the steps you will need to know when learning how to apply clip in hair extensions in thin hair or when you are making use of Remy clip in hair extensions include:

1.         Select the ideal number of pieces and length

Understand that there are diverse styles, weights, lengths, and brands of extensions. However, you are to shop for one that closely matches your natural hair color and texture.

The majority of the clip ins you will find range from being fourteen inches long to twenty-two inches long. Depending on the exact brand you are buying, some come with roughly six to ten pieces.

Note that these strips of hair are known as wefts. When selecting the right length, you must opt for extensions that are just inches or more longer than that of your natural hair, so it blends easily.

More so, if you are shopping for extensions to style and cut with your natural hair, select a longer length that can be easily trimmed.

2.        Application of the larger weft to the ideal position

If you want a gorgeous finish, you are to part and section your hair and apply the real hair clip in extensions piece by piece. The larger weft will be placed correctly on the widest part of your head.

In a bid to do this perfectly, you are to let down a section of your real hair and create a horizontal part. When the part is created, clip the larger weft in it. You are, to begin with, the middle clip and spread it all around.

Note that this is the correct position to put in much more natural hair clip-ins. You are encouraged to make more volume for your hair.

3.        Application of the shorter weft to the ideal position

You can easily section off the lower points for those with thin hair and need more wefts on their hair. You can do this by adding a little weft that has roughly two to three clips closing to your nape.

Note that a shorter weft with up to three clips is ideal for the large wefts above. You can choose to create a horizontal line right above your ear and simply bun the other parts of your hair.

You can clip a two clip weft on your hair just right below the line. Do this on the other side as well.  For those with thin hair, you can use thin elastics to tie small parts of your hair and place clip in hair extensions with little size in them.

This will help keep the extensions better so that the weft does not fall out.

Tips For Using Clip In Hair Extensions With Thin Hair

Now that you know how to apply clip in hair extensions in thin hair, we will be providing you with the best tips no one will tell you about. The tips include:

•          Choose an ideal or the best hair extension company/brand

Since you know how to apply for clip-in extensions, you will need to patronize the best clip in hair extensions company you can find. The aim of this company or brand is to provide you with quality hair extensions.

For this reason, you can rely on Remy clip in hair extensions as they are the finest quality of the Remy human hair brand. Remy hairs are carefully sorted so that the cuticles will be of equal length.

They are regarded as the best due to the care used in handling them and the time it takes to sort out the hairs and their quality.

•          Design your extensions with either waves or curls

Although Remy hair will look amazing while straight, you can always use the wavy or curled style to have a natural look. You can design your extensions with waves or curl to hide the divide between your short natural hair and the long extensions.

To achieve this design, you can wrap your normal hair and the extensions together on a curling iron to ensure they flow into each other.


We have successfully provided you with steps to apply clip in hair extensions and the tips you will need to get the ideal extensions. Note that Remy hair extensions require that you wash and care for the hair to keep it shining and silky.

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Top 5 Luxury Watches To Check Out For Active Lifestyles




     Unbeknownst to many, luxury and active lifestyles often go hand and hand together. The world of timepieces is not exempt from this as many watch brands cater to even the sportiest of people. Whether you are going out for a deep ocean dive or revving the engines to an F1 car, there is sure to be a timekeeper perfect for you. Here is a list of the top 5 luxury watches for active lifestyles.

1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN Black

Best for: Gentlemen who are just dying to start their engines.

Rolex is synonymous with more than just wealth. With timepieces that last generations upon generations, it is no surprise that the company has dominated the watch market since its conception in 1905. Its product variety caters to more than just the savvy businessman; take the Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN Black, for example.

This particular timepiece was designed with professional racers in mind. Fitted with Rolex’s ever-reliable chronographs and a tachymeter scale that can accurately measure up to 400km/hour speeds, the Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN Black is a must-have for the speed junkie on the fly. As if that were not enough, its beautiful silver-tone hands and luminescent finish make for a marvel both in the race track and at the office.

2. IWC’s Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Spitfire

Best for: People ready to soar through the skies.

You cannot go wrong with Swiss engineering, and IWC is a testament to this. Yet another big name in the watch game, this company’s timepieces have quite literally soared above others in its ability to make quality avian watches. The luxury watch company’s Big Pilot’s Watch Perpetual Calendar Spitfire is no exception to this as it takes inspiration from pilots of the 1948 Royal Air Force.

Using precise in-house machination that can be seen through its sapphire case back, this timekeeper is a true beauty to behold. It also features a dual-hemisphere perpetual moon phase that displays the date, including the month of the year. Additionally, it has small “hacking”

seconds and a seven-day power reserve, perfect for long periods of flying. All of this is cased with an olive-green dial, bronze case, and leather strap, making this watch a perfect tribute to the fliers of both present and past.

3. OMEGA’s Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Chronometer Chronograph 40mm

Best for: People shooting for the stars.

OMEGA is quite literally an all-star as far as luxury watch brands go. Being one of the few watch brands that can boast about having been to space, it is no surprise that their timepieces are sought after. The OMEGA Speedmaster Racing Co-Axial Chronometer Chronograph 40mm is a superb example of this.

Featuring a classy steel bracelet and a casing covered by solid steel and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, this timepiece is a beauty to behold whether you are riding a rocket or casually taking a stroll to the mall. More than just this, this particular watch also features a small sub-seconds dial, a 30-minute recorder, and a 12-hour recorder, and is powered by the famed Co-Axial caliber 3330 system. An out-of-this-world experience packaged in a wrist-sized memento, this watch is a must-have for astronauts and space lovers alike.

4. Zenith’s Defy Classic Carbon

Best for: For the runners who want their gun-start.

Zenith is another big name in the watch world, having made thousands of luxury watches since its conception in 1865. It comes as no shock that they would come up with another revolutionary line of watches in the form of the Defy Classic Carbon.

Weighing at a mere 65 grams and made of lightweight but sturdy carbon, the Zenith Defy Classic is perfect for both general use and for running given its almost weightless stature. More than just this, this timepiece exhibits beautiful open-worked movement shaped like the brand’s logo, the Zenith Defy Classic is a definite buy for its futuristic design and practical specifications such as its 100-meter water resistance and its 50-hour power reserve.

5. Panerai’s Luna Rossa Submersible

Best for: People who want to find Nemo.

Panerai is one of the world’s finest Italian luxury watchmakers, and their Luna Rossa Submersible is a definite testament to this. Inspired by Luna Rossa, Italy’s bid for the American Cup, this watchmaking company’s line of submersibles have stood the test of time.

With that said, the Luna Rossa Submersible is no different as this timepiece features Carbotech material made of non-corrosive and tough carbon fibre. More than just this, however, the watch’s biggest appeal is that it can be submerged to almost 300 meters or 1000 feet, perfect for the diver on the go.

What did you think of our list? Are there any other luxury watches you can think of? Let us know!

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5 Facts About Derma Roller to Make You Believe it WORKS!!



With the increasing availability of medical devices and beautifying kits at our disposal, the need for visiting a dermatology clinic has reduced over time! A derma roller is one such device that has several benefits for both men and women. Earlier, women used to receive derma rolling treatments to enhance their skin lustre and texture. However, recent studies reveal that these rollers are also efficient in helping hair loss infirmity in men. Yes, if you have been thinking, “Do derma rollers truly work?” science and practical studies say it does! Many men have reported a considerable improvement in their hair growth after using this magical device.

What Is A Derma Roller?

Derma rollers are small handheld devices, looking just like a razor, with a tiny needle roller instead of a blade. The needles on the device are usually made of titanium. If you roll in over your scalp or skin, it will cause controlled wounds to your skin. This damage is just like the one you get by pricking a small needle in your hand. So, there is nothing to worry about here! When the skin cells bear the damage caused by these rollers, your body gets the signal to replace them with new skin cells. To understand how it helps, let us know more about the uses and benefits of derma roller.

5 Essential Facts About Derma Rollers

You must be thinking, what makes these rollers so effective? Well, many people have the same query, but there is no rocket science in it. It merely works on the universal principle of tissue regeneration and boosting blood circulation in the treated areas. The process is called “micro-needling” in medical terminology. It damages the existing dead tissue cells to cause their removal and replacement. The effect of this treatment is amusing on hair and beard growth. Men are using it increasingly to combat early baldness. Let us understand how it works and everything you need to know about it!

1.   The Size of Its Needle Matters

The size and quality of the metal used for making the needles of the roller play a massive role in its effectiveness. Our skin is made up of different layers and the top-most one is called the epidermis, and the one below it is the dermis. To stimulate collagen in your body that will lead to the generation of new skin cells, you need to penetrate through the epidermis to reach the dermis.

There are four popular sizes of needles used for this purpose; 0.225 mm, 0.25 mm, 0.5 mm, and 1.00 mm. Depending upon the area of your body you will perform micro-needling on, you have to choose the appropriate size to make it work! You can pick a suitable one from any of the given sizes to make things work. For instance, you will need a maximum of 0.5 mm needle for treating your scalp. Contact a health specialist to get an idea of other treatments.

2.   It Facilitates Scar Removal Treatments

Scar tissues have a high level of collagen but thick to penetrate! Dermatologists use 0.50-3.00 mm rollers for carrying out scar removal treatments. This process can be painful, and therefore, one must always perform under medical supervision.

3.   The Treatment Is Not Painful!

If you take the standard micro-needling treatment for growing thicker beard and aid hair loss, using a 0.5 mm needle will be enough. This procedure is neither completely painless but nor extremely painful as well! Yes, you will feel a slight sting of an ant bite while rolling it. If performed as per expert instructions, you will experience a difference soon after.

4.   Uses For Hair Growth or Hair Loss

Men use derma rollers for treating early baldness, thickening their beard, or stimulating hair growth. Rolling the device on affected areas can help get the desired results. But you have to ensure using the best and reliable product as there are plenty of them available in the market. Go through the rating and reviews of all the available rollers to choose the most reliable one.

5.   Acne Removal Is Also Possible

Before you think of using derma rollers for acne removal, you must know it can cause bleeding and redness. So, do not panic about the effects as they are quite normal. However, if the condition persists, you must consult a doctor. The best and safest call is to use these rollers for hair growth and skin regeneration.

Many people believe the prevailing misconception that derma rollers are harmful to the skin and can cause adverse side effects. However, if you use it strictly as per the instructions of health care experts without exerting a lot of pressure on the skin, it will do its work effortlessly! Also, using a branded and well-known roller is crucial. Do not compromise with the quality of the device.

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The Specialty Of Argyle Pink Diamonds




The Argyle Diamond mine in Kimberley, Western Australia, produces approximately 90 percent of the rarest and desirable pink diamonds worldwide for almost 40 years now. The mine belonging to a Rio Tinto If the color of stones mined in West Australia is distinct although stones from other mines typically have more of a bubbling gum color sound, red, purple, and blues influences. Aside from having such unbelievable color tones and hues in these stunning Argyle diamonds, Rio Tinto has become the leading brand for pink diamonds. Thanks to their brilliant branding and their incredible diamonds, pink diamonds now have to build a highly regarded diamond grading system.

What is the standard of Argyle’s colors?

Although the Light-Fancy Dark GIA Diamond records the grade of color, the color grading method of Argyle is it’s own. This unique system of ratings makes Argyle more precise to minimize color tonality and intensity than GIA.

Why are Argyle pink diamonds now so famous?

The sum has gradually decreased over the last decade, or so Argyle is mined with pink diamonds. The supply of such goods is steadily but certainly deteriorating, and the annual Argyle Tender also shows smaller items and less clarification. This reduction in supply, combined with more excellent knowledge of these phenomenal stones, has made them extremely famous. Today, many private individuals and collectors are searching for Argyle Pink diamonds because of their forecast capital value.

Why Should You Buy Them?

If you’re thinking of buying a pink Argyle diamond, this is probably the moment. Although the average carat price is now higher than ever, these prices increase sharply with the imminent closing of the mine and even more once the argyle diamond mine has closed. Limited amounts of diamonds had been discovered in Australia by gold prospecting since the end of the 19th century. Then, in 1969, Western Australia was systematically exploring and in the Argyle volcanic pipe in the Kimberly Area; on 2 October 1979, diamonds were discovered.

Argyle diamonds rightly come by their name: they are from Western Australia’s unique Argyle mine. While some of Argyle’s diamonds are pink, they are not all – pink diamonds are extremely rare. The name of Argyle is a brand in a certain way. You even prepared your grading study for rosy diamonds and a single Fancy diamond color map. A volcanic pipe is a widely recognized composition of Argyle diamonds. The Argyle pipe—made from a lamproite olive tree. Owing to an explosion in the formation of minerals such as zeolite, mica, kaolinite, and clay, they communicate with the diamonds.

Most Argyle diamonds contain low numbers, but the bulk of their color is related to crystal grid structural defects. Although the 4Cs (Colour, Clarity, Cut, and Carat) are Argyle diamonds, the company has created its color grading system. The rose diamonds have four diamonds: PP (purple rose), P (Pink), Pink rose (price rose), and PC (Pink Champagne). And so, based on their color strength, the diamonds are in grade. This stuff is between 1 (most) and 9. (The lowest). The pink Argyle diamonds contained in the mine are more like rose bubblegum with a refined look. But Red is Argyle Diamond’s rarest color.

RARITY of ARGYLE Diamonds 

More than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine. However, only one million tons of ore mined in the mine every two and a half million produce a pink diamond. In the last few years, Argyle pink diamond production has decreased considerably, and it seems that it is still increasing.

While Argyle diamonds have a distinct color, they are much more expensive than rose diamonds because of their perceived prestige. In Fancy Paint, Diamonds color is by far the most critical price factor, which is certainly true of the Argyle mining. Rose is one of the rarest and perhaps most popular diamond colors available.

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