How to use your menu to upsell and increase profits

With the outbreak of Covid-19, restaurants all over the world have been witnessing a sharp decline in footfalls. In the scenario restaurants have adopted different techniques such as contactless dining, digital menus and strict hygiene protocols to boost sales while using restaurant crm software’s to increase footfalls. Let’s check how you can use your menu effectively to increase sales at your restaurant.  

Tips to use your menu to upsell effectively


Place your expensive dishes on the top –

A diner spends hardly 109 seconds to go through the menu. Hence try to grab their attention in that short span. It’ quite natural that customers start reading from the top of the menu. Hence place the most expensive dishes on the top of your menu.

Have a well-written description –

It’s the description in the menu that speaks more about your dishes. Hence, it all depends on how you project the various items. Make it irresistible for your diners with mouth-watering explanations and details on ingredients.

Make use of smart insights –

With digital restaurant management platforms such as Inresto restaurant billing software, now easily identify the dishes that are most popular among your customers. Highlight those items in your menu using a box, a different shade or typography. It will prompt your diners to try out those dishes. Also identify the non-performing dishes and remove them from your menu.

Display the prices rightly –

Never make the mistake of printing the prices on the side of your menu. It will make it easy for customers to compare the prices and order the cheaper ones. The right strategy would be to place the prices just below the description of dishes. It will prompt them to order the dishes in terms of value offered, but not price. 

Use high-quality photos –

A major advantage of a digital menu is that it lets you upload high definition images and videos of dishes. It definitely makes a lot of difference when your customers are able to view the high resolution photos of the exotic dishes. 

How to suggest customer orders?

When a client orders a thing of the list of options, train your server to propose a variety of additional that goes well together with what the client ordered. This is an excellent plan to increase the generally price of the menu. When you teach server about the true time to up sell things on the menu, you are growing the possible for make extra income.

How to train your servers?

The nature of up-selling is as well the basis why server has the responsibility to hold it perfectly. Make clear to your workers what up-selling is as well as explain them which things it concern to. Give them information on how to recommend serving dishes and beverages to clients so that they are more eager to instruct them. This will facilitate you raise efficiency of their performance in restaurant selling.

Increase your cheap replacement

Up selling in eating place selling strategies do not only involve suggesting the most costly items from the list of options. Clients are not inexperienced; they will fast see that your major aim is not their fulfilment but fairly your profit. If your clients don’t desire to use a chance on a bottle of liquor, you can still present them a less replacement.

Parting Words

With the 5 tips discussed above, now you can upsell the dishes at your restaurant pretty easily.

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