How to use T-shirts as promoting your business

T-shirts with your company’s name and logo prominently displayed on them are an amazingly creative way of gaining attention. If you even create different t-shirts featuring specific products or services to encourage your audience to seek more information. Also, T-shirts can only be used to promote your business if they are worn by people for others to see.

Here you will find out how to use t-shirts as promoting your business-

1.  Hold a Contest

A contest is an amazing and efficient way to get the attention of your target audience. Many local radio stations hold contests to promote their business. You can consider calling a radio station and asking them to partner up to run a contest.

You can set your custom t-shirts as a prize and this will help you to get free airtime with your business mentioned as a sponsor. You can make the prize a package to get more attraction. You can include-shirts, a cap, a bag in the package.

2.  Create a Website

A website for your business will give you the chance to be visible to your target audience. You can easily create a website for low cost or even for free. After creating one, direct all of the company’s social media accounts to your website.

On your website, you can portray amazing t-shirt designs that your company sells. Add discounts or coupons to make the sale even more appreciable for your customers. Make sure to optimize the website and make it mobile-friendly. You can even try content marketing on your website. In this way, you can create unique content that will also attract attention to your t-shirt business. This can be a great method that goes a long way to promote your t-shirt business.

3.  Ask For Referrals

Using the word of mouth method is one of the best ways to gain customers. This is an old-fashioned and effective way of making more people aware of your company. You can ask your customers to give referrals for your company and products. If your customers really liked the product, there is a huge chance they will recommend it to others.

Another way of getting referrals is to use business cards. You can ask your customers to write their name on it and give it to someone else. If a new customer brings in the card, you can give a discount to the current customer on a future order. This is a simple and amazing way to get customers to refer to your products.

4.  Make a Press Release

You must have some newsworthy material regarding your company that can be showcased with the help of a press release. You can write a press release and send it to a local newspaper, radio station, tv station, or magazine.

This is a cost-effective way of gathering more audiences and making them know about your brand. You can also find bloggers who are influenced by your specific business niche and ask them to promote your business through custom t-shirts.

5.  Old Fashion Advertising

It is good to use some innovative and new advertisement techniques but it does not hurt to use the techniques that are already working. You can make great use of old-fashioned advertising techniques and get access to different customer bases.

Create attractive flyers for your business and display them at places your target audience will see. You can hand out flyers at malls or other public places. You can even create car magnets and bumper stickers for your audience to see. In the end, ask people from your team to wear various designs like long sleeve t-shirts or custom hoodies from your company outside the workplace too. There might be a chance that people stop and ask you where you got the t-shrits from.

6.  Create Videos

Online videos are watched by millions of people every day and the numbers are growing. You can also use this marketing technique to put out your t-shirts and grow your business even more. Create a YouTube video or upload short videos on social media to attract new customers and build a connection.

You can use videos to show the process of how you create designs for t-shirts. Or, you can show different varieties of t-shirts for particular occasions. Try giving out as much as valuable information you can through videos. You can even create text and image-based content.

7.  Get on Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools to promote your business in today’s time. It does not cost you anything at all but offers plenty of benefits. You just need to take time to create interesting and engaging content and then share it with your followers. If you create amazing content, your audience will show you love and your business gets rightly promoted.

You can even encourage your followers to take pictures and share themselves wearing t-shirts of your brand. Also, you can create a poll on your designs, and t-shirt designs that get high votes are the ones that you should promote even more.

8.  Be a Sponsor for Events

Next, you can offer free or discounted custom t-shirts in support of events. There are plenty of walk-or-run events that are hosted in communities. You wl find that there are businesses that give participants t-shirts or freebies that the walk is finished. You can grab this chance to portray your business and promote your t-shirts. Moreover, you can impress your target audience as they get to hear about your philanthropic efforts

You can ask event organizers to hand the t-shirts and they will also give you the chance to give out business cards, coupons, or brochures. Make sure you create custom shirts with your custom logo on them. This will help in promoting your business beyond the day of the event. You can also do offers for local sports teams and other local community groups too.

9.  Email Newsletter

This is an effective way of getting an audience to which you can promote your t-shirts and make huge sales. For the email newsletter method, you need to collect email addresses on your website. You can get emails from your potential customers by giving away discount codes, e-books, coupons, or other enticing and valuable offers.

Once you get the email, you should start mailing important and valuable information along with promotions. This will create a better chance of any purchase in the future.

10.              Dress Staff in T-shirts

You can provide custom t-shirts to your staff with company name and logo design on them. It should be prominently displayed on both the front and back of t-shirts. Also, you can try to incorporate the website address of your company if it is useful in marketing for your company.

Furthermore, you can ask your staff members to wear them daily as a uniform or to any special events to spread particular messages. You can get these t-shirts for anyone who is marketing your brand. Give t-shirts to people who are handing out flyers of your brand, or asking people to get into your store. It will improve your branding efforts effectively. Moreover, you can focus on showing the variety of t-shirts that you can offer like custom long sleeve t-shirts, custom ¾ sleeve t-shirts, custom tank tops, custom hoodies, etc.

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