How to use CatEight to apply for courses? is highly rated by those looking for a variety of educational courses in Australia and New Zealand. The ease with which seminars can be discovered on this online scene is the undeniable goal behind its growing prominence around the world. Moreover, it also provides visa application administrations through specialists to help students get a study visa without much hassle.

Applicants will have the following Opportunities

That an applicant only needs to complete the online application structure was planned based on different types of applications in New Zealand and Australia. The courses designed for creativity through the online step are designed to provide innovative answers to the course and the visa application and the advising client. He will have practical experience in course research, educational organization research, and specialist research and course application.

Convenient Course Finder

CatEight Course Finder is a great online step to easily find courses for students looking for their courses. With the help of CatEight, students, specialists and institutions can communicate with each other via the internet while submitting equally acceptable course and visa applications. As CatEight offers foundations as well as liners to collaborate online at all times, it is increasingly known among students to seek courses in Australia and New Zealand.

Step By Step Guide:

This step will allow you to sign up for different courses from different countries and facilitate the application. If you need a try, you can follow the ways below to sign up for the online course:

  • Open a program and enter
  • Click on “Course Application” to enter the site where the application interface found.
  • Tap “Create New Profile” to create your profile with the applicants’ subtleties, teaching basics, English skills and other details. If you have already configured your profile, you can press “Choose an existing profile” to choose a reasonable profile.
  • Choose a course to apply to. You can view “My Favorites”, “Course Finder”, “Course Guide” or you can choose “Edit Course” if you cannot find them on CatEight.
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