How to use body spray

There is a correct way to use body spray. To ensure that your son doesn’t offend innocent people by spraying too much or too little, here are some tips you can share with him.

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Before teaching your son how to use body spray, he must understand the difference between body spray and deodorant. Boy tends to look for shortcuts to everything. So he might be asking, “Can body spray be used as a deodorant?” Of course, body spray shouldn’t be used to replace or substitute deodorant unless he has it handy. But it’s certainly better than nothing.

While deodorant (natural or charcoal) effectively prevents odors by killing bacteria, body spray is more cologne-like and can be used to complement the use of deodorant. However, it is less overwhelming. Deodorant and body spray are similar to the shampoo and conditioner combination of body odor.

These are the tips.

1. After shower, spray time

The purpose of body spray is not to mask his poor hygiene. Your son should start applying body spray after he has washed and applied deodorant. He can reapply throughout the day, but if it’s just for covering up body odor, he will only be able to get used to the scent. Gross.

2. Look for spray spots

It is just as important to choose the right scent as it is where you apply body spray. Body spray, unlike deodorant, can be applied to many places on the body to keep it smelling fresher and longer. It would be helpful if you targeted these areas: his neck, chest, and inside of his wrists. We don’t recommend hitting all of these points. If he is covering himself with sea salt spray, even the mildest fragrances can become overwhelming. To make the body spray last longer, he should use a few pulse points to give his skin a light spray.

With PrepU Body Spray, he can spray it on his clothes, in bags for the gym, and anywhere else he may need it.

3.Find your fragrance

You don’t want to use a body spray that smells like cologne or “cologne body spray,” as these scents can be too strong for teens and boys. Instead, you should look for a mild scent that is noticeable but not overwhelming to provide freshness for your son’s belongings and body.

We recommend an all-natural body spray that will give off a pleasant scent. This is due to the all-natural ingredients such as essential oils. For example, you can spray frankincense, lemon, lavender, and Eucalyptus all over your skin to create a delicate scent that doesn’t contain chemicals or irritations. His body spray should say, “Stand next to me and inhale my natural-smelling goodness!” Not “Make way, my body spray will come through!”

4. Body spray

Body spray is not meant to replace deodorant and should last for between 2 and 4 hours. They are formulated with essential oils and don’t contain synthetic chemicals, making them last longer. The choice is yours. Would you prefer a body spray that’s non-toxic and safe to use, but you have to reapply every few hours? Or would you prefer to spray on a lot of chemicals to save having to reapply? You probably know your preference.

These simple steps will help you keep your son’s hygiene in check. Ah, those were the days.

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