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How to type fast?

People thought that practice can make your typing fast. But somehow many of us failed to increase our typing speed even after practicing a lot, So what are the factors that prevent you to make your typing speed faster? in this article, we are going to discuss these factors that affect your typing speed and make it slow.

Many of us thought that expensive keyboards could make typing speed faster. It is not completely true. Yes, of course, expensive keyboards can make your typing experience better, but it is not necessary to have an expensive keyboard to type fast. If you know how to type fast and practice in the right manner you could achieve 100 words per minute speed with your regular desktop keyboard.

Key factors

1. Typing method

Here the most important thing is the typing method. Following the right method is essential and that’s why you need to follow the way professional typist follows. Almost every professional typist uses the touch typing method to type. It is a scientific way to type fast. Here people use all of their fingers to type and as they use ten fingers the typing speed automatically gets increased.

But there is also some limitation to using the fingers. You can’t hit any key with any of your fingers. First, you have to understand what key should be pressed by which finger.

If you look closely, you will find a small plastic bump over the key “J” and “F”. This plastic elevation helps you to identify those keys without even looking at them. Place your index fingers over these keys and the middle finger over “K” and “D”. Now place your ring finger over “L” and “S” and the small finger over “A” and semicolon keys.

This finger position is called the home position and the middle row of keys is called the “Home Row” because you have to get back your fingers over this row after every keystroke. That means if you are going to press the “R” key, you should use your left index finger to hit the button and then get back your index finger over the “F” key.

touch typing method

Initially, you may find it difficult to follow these steps of the touch typing method. But once you practice regularly you will automatically memorize the process and your typing speed will increase a lot.

To practice typing, you may use MS Word or any online typing test application that calculates your word per minute speed and accuracy too.

2. Body Gestures

Another main factor that affects your typing speed is your sitting position. If you are not sitting properly in front of a computer and start practicing, your typing speed will never increase after a limit. Your body gestures must be in the proper position while practicing.

Keep your back straight and keep the keyboard parallel to your hand. Use a chair that has a hand rest and if possible use a height-adjustable chair.

3. Keyboard

It is the only tool used in typing. So obviously keyboard affects typing speed a lot. Using a good keyboard is beneficial. Try to use a full-size mechanical keyboard. I’m not saying that membrane keyboards are not good to practice typing but a mechanical keyboard can give you a great typing experience and make it a little fast.

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These are the simple steps that could make your typing skill better. But remember one thing, practice makes a man perfect, so you need to practice more and more to make your typing fast.

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