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How To Tend To Marijuana Plant Like A Pro!

The use and benefit of marijuana plants is spreading like bushfire. The legalizing of cannabis Sativa allows more people to grow it in the herb indoors and outdoors. Growing marijuana is easy because like the name suggests, it’s a herb. Herbs can grow anywhere without any inhibitions. However, because you desire the maximum yield from your plants you need to provide the best medium for optimal growth and yield.

The Cannabis Sativa Seed

Once you put the seed in moist conditions, the seed will germinate. A young plant is delicate and shoots in days. Sprinkle little water because a lot of it will drown the seedlings. Water the germinating shoot once per day for the next 4-7 days. Tend the herb for the next 7 days by giving plenty of water, warmth, and water. Do not overdo any of these activities because the plants are young.

The vegetative stage

The vegetative stage comes immediately after the seedling phase. When all the requirements are optimum, the plant grows to its maximum height. The leaves become broad and may need to be taken to a more spacious room or transplanted to allow the roots to get well established.

Placing the herb into a large container allows the roots to go deeper into the soil thus, the plants become stronger, healthier, and stronger. The plants also need more water and nutrients. If you’re growing the plant indoors, you can apply the nutrient regimen of your choice. If you must transplant, mix the fertilizer with soil. The best fertilizer is one that’s rich in nitrogen because it maximizes vegetative growth.

Pruning is also necessary if the plant grows too leafy. Slim down the branches to allow light to penetrate and focus nutrients to produce bigger, healthier buds, thus more yields. Pruning allows outward growth instead of upwards. Pruning also removes dead and unhealthy leaves that eat up nutrients for the plant.

You can scrog marijuana plants to offer support. Setting up a screen exposes the plant to more light, better air circulation thus preventing bacteria and mold.

Tending Your Herb During The Vegetative Stage

If growing a pot plant, transfer it to a more spacious area before it enters the vegetative stage. You do not want to break or destabilize the herb in its prime growth. Flowering is a critical stage in the lifespan of cannabis plat. Before it begins flowering, ensure that you do the following:

  • Transplant the herb where it will grow to maturity and harvest
  • Do topping to encourage the plant to grow out and not up
  • Place in a trellis or scrog

The plants need plenty of water at this stage to allow them to pack on weight. The weight helps it to bud out. Water the plants more frequently because flowering makes them dry very fast.

If growing it indoors, apply bloom fertilizer or nutrients. Bloom nutrient is rich in potassium and phosphorous which are essential for maximum budding. If the plants are growing outdoors, apply top-dressing to provide nutrients. Weed your cannabis regularly to avoid nutrients competition.

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