How to Stop Your Dogs From Destroying Your Miami Home

Dogs are man’s best friend, but they aren’t always the nicest house guests. Rambunctious pups, larger, more active adult dogs, and elderly canines who can’t properly chew or use the bathroom may all harm your home, especially the walls and furnishings. When it comes time to sell, many pet owners are startled by the cost of remodeling their Florida houses to put on the market. There are a few things you can do to prevent your dog from damaging your house in Miami while you’re away.

Training Your Dog To Avoid Destruction

When your dog is a young puppy, teaching him or her how to act is a lot easier. Even difficult adult dogs may benefit from professional dog obedience training in order to cease chewing and learn how to request permission to use the toilet. Basically, you’ll be paying for your dog not to damage your Miami house.

You may also help educate your dog at home. Many pet owners like to use a spray bottle of water to squirt a misbehaving puppy, or clap their hands and shout “NO!” in an authoritative voice. Teaching your dog what they can chew on is one alternative, as is providing them with a chew toy instead of the legs of your coffee table.

Providing your dog with enough exercise may assist to minimize the amount of damage in your home. Bored dogs might chew or cause damage to the house as a form of entertainment.

Common Dog Damage

Dogs love to chew, and their toys may sometimes pale in comparison to furniture and carpet. Dogs may gnaw on fence posts or wooden siding of the house when outside. Chewing is a popular alternative to chew toys, with cabinets and doors being particularly appealing options. Linoleum and carpets aren’t safe alternatives either.

Dogs, like people, enjoy digging. Your garden and flowerbeds may easily be destroyed by a tenacious dog. Dog urine can also cause your yard’s grass to die, leaving unsightly brown spots. Dogs can bring fleas or ticks from the outside world inside as well. All of these factors can harm your home and reduce its market value.

Accidents can happen to even the most well-trained dog. A sick dog cannot help but be ill indoors. Additionally, the sight and odor of pet messes may make many households unpleasant.

Selling Your House As-Is

Selling your Miami house “as-is” to a cash buyer is an option that many pet owners prefer. Cash buyers are investors who purchase houses as “fixer-uppers,” and they don’t mind if the property has to be repaired or even destroyed by fire or water.

Investors who purchase foreclosures have funding, so they can close on your house in as little as two weeks. For families who need to sell their property quickly and those with a lot of dog damage to the property, this may be an appealing alternative.

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